Do you want to start a business taking care of women with natural hair? If YES, here are 7 best small natural hair business ideas targeted at women with natural hair. The beginning of the natural hair movement can be traced back to the early 2000s in America when Black women started to embrace their given Afro-textured hair. As more and more Black American women chose to ditch the chemicals that altered their authentic hair texture, their actions encouraged other women from around the globe to do the same.

Nowadays, there are movies, documentaries, and PSA’s that send positive messages about the movement. Influencers, thought-leaders, and celebrities are behind this phenomenon. Books, groups, workshops, and festivals are held locally and globally. There are untold resources available to black women as they navigate their new normal.

The natural hair movement has affected girls, women, the young, and more mature, in all industries and sectors of society. All have been influenced by the change as to how black women treat, process, and care for their natural hair.

Note that the decline in the use of relaxers and straightening products has been significant in the last two decades owing to the massive and adverse health issues women have faced when using the treatments. The implications are far-ranging and have been highlighted in research studies.

A good number of modern women who no longer straighten their hair by chemical processes tend to attribute some of their decision making to simply not wanting to “relax” their hair, some the cost, others the associated health risks, and some sheer relief from the harmful effects of the application of relaxers.

There are various trail-blazers, women who have gone before, whether they are celebrities or the lady beside you at the check-out whose natural curls, styling, or color you admire. The thing that you’ll probably notice most is her quiet confidence or regal stature, because she is being who she’s meant to be.

Natural hair is huge. This niche is a multi-million-dollar industry, and there’s a lot of profit to be earned. If you are considering starting a business as a woman with natural hair, here are few ideas to consider.

7 Natural Hair Business ideas Targeted at Women With Natural Hair

  1. Natural Hair Product Manufacturing

Many naturals love to buy products from small, independent manufacturers because they feel like they’re supporting the greater good and getting something pure in return. However, when starting this business, just be ready to give away a lot of free products in the beginning.

It’s a good idea to beta-test your product first, by having a few friends try it. Then, send it to some YouTube beauty vloggers and have them review it. Products you can make from home and sell include shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, hair growth oil, and detangler. Nonetheless, ensure to adhere to home cosmetic safety standards by following the Federal Food & Drug Association (FDA) cosmetology guidelines.

  1. Develop a Natural Hair App

If you are technology savvy, then you can design apps for natural hair businesses or you can also create your own apps to sell. Develop an app that can provide the following services

  • Tricks and tips for growing hair,
  • Sharing DIY video
  • Sharing hairstyles
  • Buy and sell a product directly on the app
  • Help create regimen
  • Create hair journal /calendar and more
  1. YouTube Beauty Vlogger

Have it in mind that Millions of women rely on video for tutorials, entertainment, and advice about their kinks and curls. Beauty is a popular topic because it’s what every woman wants. The biggest beauty bloggers on YouTube earn a whopping $15-40K per month. Even just a fraction of that could make an attractive side income.

Note that with YouTube, Google pays you when viewers watch and click on the ads that appear before and during your video. The more views and activity you have on your video, the more money you’ll stack into your Ad Sense account.

In addition, you can earn affiliate income on your videos by putting affiliate links in the description box below the video. Have it in mind that creating excellent infotainment is the key to making a steady stream of income on YouTube.

Your videos must be informational, yet entertaining. People will follow you when you deliver top-notch quality. Having lots of followers means YouTube will market the videos on your behalf, so always advise your viewers to subscribe.

  1. Natural Hair Stylist or Consultant

Have it in mind that Naturals too need someone to do their hair. You can get started by attending a school of cosmetology or just does it willy-nilly, depending on which state you live in. Check with your state to determine whether you’ll be able to style without formal training.

You could even do phone or email consulting if you don’t want to open a brick-and-mortar shop. Everybody in the community wants gorgeous hair, and it will be your job to advise clients on how to get it.

  1. Natural Hair Accessories Manufacturer

Natural hair accessories are just cool and lucrative when done right. These days we see creams and shampoos all over the place, but when you see that special satin-lined beanie…it’s impossible not to smile and feel happy inside.

Are you skilled at sewing? Anything satin works. Pillowcases, beanies, scrunches, scarves, and whatever else you can think of will be ideal for a natural hair accessory product. This type of manufacturing is probably one of the easiest to get started in. There’s no need to consult with the FDA or hire a chemist since the product won’t be consumed or applied.

In addition, you don’t have to have an e-commerce store for accessories because you can sell on mega-platforms like Etsy and Amazon. Naturals also prize wide headbands and jeweled clips that are big enough to hold thick hair. Use your imagination and make it look pretty.

  1. Natural Hair Blogger

Are you camera-shy? It is understandable. Commenters on YouTube can be rude and senseless. Not everybody wants to put themselves out there for the world to pick apart. Howbeit, a blog is forever. The last thing you want to do is start a blog with no monetizing plan.

When times get tough, your blog will be the first thing to go, especially if it is stealing your time and not producing an income. Plan the money part early so you will continue to blog successfully for life. As a blogger, when your articles gain traction, you can make money by selling affiliate products. The natural hair community adores products. The easiest affiliate program to do is Amazon. It’s quick to sign up and get started.

You can place Amazon ads on your site and get paid when people click on them. Or, you can write entire articles about natural hair and mention the products. Both ways will earn you a nice stream of income. Beware though. Being a blogger is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s more like a slow and steady wins the race thing.

  1. Online Beauty Supply for Naturals

Starting an e-commerce store is quite more challenging than it looks, but you can do it if you have the determination to see it all the way through. Nonetheless, you will need to do product and market research before you begin, and you will need a strong business plan to guide you. It is imperative to establish relationships with vendors and to do lots of creative marketing before and after you launch the store.

Have it in mind that owning an online store is a long-term establishment, as you will likely see profit 2-3 years down the road. You will need lots of investment capital for this one. However, if you can get some of your suppliers to dropship, you won’t have to spend as much up-front money to give people what they want.

Dropshipping only means that when you order the goods, they send it to the consumer, and not you. Learning the technicalities of having an e-commerce store can be quite hard. Shopify and Magento are two of the biggest players in the e-store world, and they offer tons of guidance.

Natural hair is massive, and the community needs lots of help. There are without doubt struggles that are unique to being natural and having a related business. The struggles or pain points can be overcome with quality products or services and a good understanding of the natural hair industry.

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