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Top 12 Places Hair Stores Buy Their Products Wholesale from Distributors

Buy Hair Products Wholesale

A successful hair store needs two major things: excellent service and great products. Let’s imagine you’ve got the service covered with your amazing staff, but getting great products into your store can be a bit trickier.

A good supply vendor needs two major things: quality products and reasonable prices. The best hair product wholesalers will provide the brands and items you need at the lowest prices. A low-priced vendor will help your hair store see more profit.

Buying from a wholesaler that offers discounts is a great way for hair stores to buy products and also save money. If there are certain products you love, you can buy in bulk for even better savings.

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Have it in mind that different wholesale suppliers stock different products, so you may need to shop around a bit to find the right selection. Once you do, you may be pleasantly surprised by the savings you can get. For a small business owner, moving from purchasing your supplies from retailers to purchasing from wholesalers is a milestone.

It can be quite overwhelming. This is indeed true when you are making purchases online or through a sales rep that has come to your establishment.

Indeed, there are benefits to this, such as lower prices and time saved, but it tends to be scary to commit to purchasing products in bulk, especially if you’ve never used the brand before. Shopping retail allows you to buy in smaller quantities, and you often make your purchases in-store, which entails that you are able to physically hold and sample the products.

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For those in the hair business, products are hugely important. You often find yourself acquiring the products you yourself use and are familiar with. If you are a hairstylist or a spa or hair store owner, you tend to stick with the supplies and products you know are high-quality.

When starting, the very first step is to make sure that you have everything you require to purchase products from a wholesale vendor. You are expected to have a business license, and most vendors will ask for your tax identification information.

Finding quality vendors is downright difficult at times. There are a lot of wholesale suppliers out there, so finding them is not a problem, but you need to find vendors who have the products you need, in the quantity that you need, and that offer you the quality that you need. This is where things often get overwhelming for people.

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Note that finding the right vendor may be time-consuming, but it is worth it to find products that offer quality, good prices, and great service. It’s also imperative to choose more than one vendor as a backup in the event that your first choice vendor is out of something that you need.

Where Do Hair Stores Buy Their Products Wholesale?

To get started in the hair industry, you are expected to be familiar with the products available in the market. You may find various types of hair from different manufacturers and distributors, depending on your location. To find the best manufacturers or distributors, you are expected to have a legitimate business license and some knowledge of the industry. Nonetheless, here are some top hair supply wholesale distributors;

  1. Dollar Empire

Dollar Empire is ideal and advisable if you’re looking for very low-cost hair accessories. They specialize in supplying dollar stores, so they offer a wide variety of items besides hair products. This is a good resource for clips, combs, hand mirrors, mixing bowls, and other accessories that keep a salon running smoothly.

  1. Kole Imports

Kole Imports provides many items at closeout prices. They’re another good place to find hair accessories like combs and clips. Note that you will get discounts and rewards points when you join their mailing list, and they have a clearance section on their website for even more savings. Kole Imports also has a lot of very positive buyer reviews.

  1. Buy-Rite

Buy-Rite prefers to focus on salon furniture and large salon equipment. They offer furniture packages that provide a significant discount per item. Note that their financing options and lease-to-own program help ease some of the pressure of salon start-up costs. They also offer consultation services about what equipment to buy and salon layout ideas.

  1. PinkPro Beauty

PinkPro Beauty supplies many brands of hair products and hair accessories. This company also carries products specific to salons, like appointment books and capes. PinkPro offers lots of sale items as well as discounts on different kinds of start-up kits. They provide free shipping on all orders of $50 or above.

  1. I Trade Beauty

I Trade Beauty tends to focus on discount hair products, styling tools, and accessories. They also offer a selection of salon furniture as well as other beauty items, like skincare, nail care, and fragrances. Just look at their current promos for additional savings, and see why they are considered as another site where you need to apply as a professional in order to see a lot of their stock, but it’s free to join.

  1. Bi-Lo Distributors

According to their about page, Bi-Lo Distributors offers over 6,000 items in a wide variety of categories. They have a large selection of hair products, from shampoos and conditioners to treatments and color. Have it in mind that they also sell a respectable variety of styling tools.

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In addition to their generally low prices, they offer regular closeout deals. Orders must be at least $300, and orders over $500 get free shipping.

  1. SalonCentric

SalonCentric remains one of the most popular beauty supply wholesalers out there.  They have a huge catalog featuring the most current and well-known brands on the market. Their website offers tons of hair care products, hair color, treatments, and styling tools.

Note that they even carry some salon furnishings and replacement parts. SalonCentric offers regular sales, clearance events, and free gifts with certain purchases for extra savings.

They have a loyalty program so members can earn rewards points. In addition, you can get $20 off your next purchase when you refer a friend. SalonCentric provides free shipping for all orders over $250.

  1. Marlo

Marlo provides a ton of well-known brands at discounted prices. This company has been around for 35 years, and they only sell to licensed professionals. They carry everything from styling tools and salon furniture to hair color and shampoo.

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However, most of their hair products are available in economic sizes. They also have a large selection of skincare and nail products. Marlo has regular sales and closeouts, so be sure to check their page often for new deals. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99.99.

  1. Mi Hair Distribution

Mi Hair Distribution provides a varying range of products at low prices. This company specializes in hair extensions (synthetic and human hair), and they have many other hair products.

They carry styling tools, hair color, shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, and hair removal products. Mi Hair Distribution also has a great selection of ethnic and multicultural hair products. Buyers are only expected to spend $100 per order, which is less than many other distributors.

  1. Jinny

Jinny is a well known multicultural and ethnic beauty supply company that has been around for 38 years. They offer over 400 well-known hair care brands. Jinny is a partner of JBS Hair, a company known for its high-quality human hair products.

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This company also only sells to licensed professionals, so you must have an application approved before you can browse their selection.

  1. Image Beauty

Image Beauty provides a full range of well-known brands of hair care products and styling tools. This company has provided beauty products for the last 30 years. Note that they have been recognized for excellence in publications like Philadelphia Magazine and The Courier-Post. Image Beauty also has a reward points program and offers free standard shipping on any order over $55.00.

  1. Minerva Beauty

Minerva Beauty offers styling stations, shampoo equipment, manicure and pedicure equipment, and other salon furniture. Note that the selection of salon essentials includes reasonably-priced towels, lighting, storage, and more.

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Minerva Beauty has a free 2D planner on its website to help you visualize how its products will look in your salon. They offer financing options through Quest Resources.


There’s plenty of stress in managing a successful hair store. Finding a cost-effective wholesale hair vendor doesn’t have to be another chore. If you are to buy wholesale professional hair supplies, then you need to first make sure that you are choosing a reliable wholesaler who is going to provide you with authentic products.

You also need to check the prices of the products charged by the wholesaler. These are the two most important things that you need to look into while ordering professional beauty products from a wholesaler.