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How to Become a Hair Weave Distributor for Free in 2024

Do you want to become a hair weave distributor without spending money? If YES, here is a 7-step guide on how to become a hair extension distributor for FREE.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can start a hair weave distributor business, even with little or no money. Having no money is no longer a showstopper in this age. There are a number of hair wholesale suppliers that are in need of distributors; in many cases they look for collaboration with salons or beauty firms to broaden their number of sales contacts.

But if you plan to only resell hair extensions and you have an interesting clientele, hair weave distribution will work for you too.

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According to reports, over $1.37 billion worth of human hair was imported to the U.S. in 2016. Learning how to become a hair weave distributor can be a profitable business, with an abundance of weave wholesalers in the United States market.

A lot of hair wholesalers have a presence on the internet and are actively seeking distributors and resellers. With salon or beauty business owners as the most obvious distributor prospects, those with a broad network of beauty-minded women and men might also profit.

7 Steps to Become a Hair Weave Distributor for Free

The wig and hair extension market has enormous business opportunities, and more and more people are striving to get involved in the market. If you are also striving to venture into this thriving market but have no spare money at hand to invest, do not panic, here are detailed steps to consider:

1. Explore The Market To Learn Hair Knowledge (NO COST)

Once you decide to join the hair business, it simply means that you must already know something about wigs, hair extensions, virgin hair bundles, etc., but this is not enough. If you already have a reliable human hair supplier, you can also obtain more comprehensive information from your partner.

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Note that the easiest way to become a hair weave distributor is to check on the internet. But it is important to properly research these firms before you indicate your interest, and also check if you are allowed to offer your clients other brands, better to know before you start than after you are a distributor for some time and you want to expand your hair business.

For some hair wholesale suppliers you need to be a licensed cosmetologist, so be sure you have your license. Howbeit, most wholesale suppliers also offer marketing and ready-made websites to support their distributors.

Do not forget to ask how much freedom you have to personalize this website, after all, you want the customers to do business with you and not with simply anybody who is a hair weave distributor of that particular hair. You should also research your prospective clients and understand their needs.

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You can analyze their needs rather easily. Start with your friends, go out shopping, and listen to remarks when you enter a beauty and hair store.

For instance, when you go to the salon, talk with the other ladies about their hair needs. Where they buy their weaves and what they like and do not like. Carefully write everything down and define your ideal client. This valuable information is all yours even if you have no money.

2. Formulate Your Marketing Plan (NO COST)

After you must have understood the market and products, determine your customer base and sales channels (no money for advertising and promoting is your goal), develop regular sales goals and action plans to ensure that all work is done can be completed without missing and analyze the factors that affect the achievement of the goal.

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Note that if you are going to be a distributor, you will have a lot of colleagues within the network who will all compete with you.

You can beat them if you perform some marketing on your own, this is beyond the marketing material you might receive from the distributor. A great way to attract new customers is to start a separate hair blog. It offers you an advantage above your competitors within the distributor’s network.

3. Get FREE Inventory

Finding a trusted hair supplier is very important if you are looking to start this distribution business without money. Note that what you want is a no-cost investment, which means you don’t want or have no additional funds for an inventory.

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What you can do is that: order the product from your hair vendor after receiving the payment from your customer so the hair supplier you need is who can drop-ship the product to your customer in time.

Search the internet; make a long list of all possible hair wholesale stores. Write as many suppliers down as possible. Later you are going to contact them and ask them all questions you can think of. Only those who answer in a swift and polite manner will end up on the shortlist. This list is what you can use to discuss your first order.

4. Get Free Product Information

Note that many wholesalers or suppliers in the industry will be happy to provide this information to you, you only have to save it for online store merchandise display, advertising, and introduce the product to customers.

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5. Create your Own Online Store FREE

Due to the advent of the Internet, anyone and everyone can create their own online store without any investment. You can open shops on large B2C platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and create pages on Facebook. These can all be your online stores for displaying and selling hair products.

6. Do a No-Cost Promoting

In addition, social media is a cheap and free marketing tool but it is the key to the success of your hair business. Note that effectively promoting your products through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) and online stores can produce unbelievable Sales results.

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Take your time to know the main influencers in your industry on various platforms and contact them for cooperation; or you can create explosive topics yourself to attract unlimited attention, such as free competitions.

7. Do a No-Cost Customer Maintenance

Once the registration is done, you can start to order hair. But before you can start to earn money, you need to build and grow a network of people with an interest in your hair extensions, that you can turn to become loyal clients. Always ensure you keep in touch with them, meet them and drink a cup of tea, spent time with them.

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Indeed you can’t meet all your clients if you are an online re-seller but if they live nearby or when you visit their hometown, why not make an appointment and have a chat. It’s important to understand their needs and to be really interested in their wishes.

You can also consider offering discounts to specific long-term loyal customers (such as salon bosses, and beauty students) to obtain stable, repeat business. Always treat customers’ inquiries with utmost compassion and patience, impeccable service can always retain customers.


Now you did all the preparation needed for successful hair business. You understand who wants to buy from you, you know the hair they like, and you have your social media up and running. The final step is to see if you can start selling the hair to a bigger audience.

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To improve your sales, make sure you understand and make use of any performance tool the hair wholesale supplier provides. Note that if you measure the impact of your activities you can improve your sales and grow your hair business.