All over the world it is the wish of businesses to become successful and have an avalanche of loyal customers. Customer loyalty one way in this instance, has to do with loyal customers that will always choose your company’s products over similar products any time and any day. You need to treat your loyal Customers as the best, while you work towards getting other new customers into the loyal customer’s circle.

One of the ways to reward and increase customer loyalty is by offering them bonuses and discounts on purchases they make. Bonuses mean giving them more value for their money. These aren’t just any type of bonuses but such that are irresistible and can cause a turn around. There are several benefits your business derives from offering rewards to your loyal customers.

Offering bonuses and discount is a sign that you value your clients, because offering them reward is a clear indication that you find them worthy and also is a means of showing appreciation. This act means that your clients will always come back to a place where they are valued.

This also goes a long way in helping you to advertise your business. Here are the steps that you need to increase your customer loyalty.

How to Increase Customers Loyalty by Offering Bonuses and Discounts

1. Maintain Top Quality

After a customer uses your product for the first time, the factor that will determine whether they may come back for more is the quality of your product. If a customer feels that your product is below quality when compared to similar products, he or she might not come back for more. So, the very first move towards customer loyalty and retaining Customers is to offer a very high product. Remember, to always give people more quality for their money, it will help your build your business brand over time.

2. Device a Loyalty Scheme

A loyalty scheme is a plan towards rewarding your loyal customers by offering discounts and bonuses. Customers love loyalty schemes because it shows you are offering them rewards for choosing your products in place of similar products in the market. It indirectly shows them that you value them. The loyalty scheme should be easy to follow through; for instance, in running a nail salon, you can offer a discount for every tenth visit a customer makes to your salon.

3. Data Collection

An effective way to implement your loyalty scheme is through data collection to track Customers and their purchase. However, most times, it gets difficult to keep track of your customer’s purchase especially if your products are being sold in shops nationwide. If you have an online store, it will be easier to keep track of buyers via your data base of customer profile activities.

You can also notify customers of your loyalty scheme for your offline business for them to put down their details after they use your products and services. For instance; you can ask each customer that comes to your nail salon to get her nails done to drop her details in the loyalty scheme register.

4. Adopt Various Loyalty Schemes-: Remember, the idea is not just to reward existing loyal customers, but to increase your customer base. You can incorporate the following loyalty schemes to achieve this goal.

  • Reward for First Time Shoppers-: You can provide bonuses and discounts to reward your first time customers; the excitement of being rewarded as first time users can make them come back for more.
  • Reward for Referral-:  Since the aim of your loyalty scheme is to reward existing customer and still increase customer base, referral reward is a good way to go about it. You offer a discount or bonus to any of your existing customers that successfully get a new customer to use your product. This reward system will motivate your Customers to refer their friends and relatives to your product; and that will turn increase your customer base.
  • Holiday Reward-: You can take advantage of the holiday seasons like; Christmas, Halloween, New Year and reward your existing customers for being loyal to your brand; you can offer major discounts on your products.

5. Show Appreciation

This is in addition to the discounts and bonuses; you can show direct appreciation to your customers for being loyal to your brand. A simple ‘Thank Your for your Purchase’ to your Customers email for every purchase they make from your site is a good way to appreciate their gesture. Mailing Seasonal cards from your Company during festive periods to your Customers for staying true to your brand will go a long way to warm their hearts towards your brand.

No doubt that the steps stated here are such that have worked for a lot of people and would surely work for you when you take these steps really seriously.

Ajaero Tony Martins