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How Much Hair Makes up a Bundle (Wholesale & Retail Price)

What is a bundle of hair, how much hair make up a bundle and how much do bundles of hair cost? Here are 5 factors that affect the price of hair bundles.

What is a Bundle of Hair?

A bundle of hair is a collection of high-quality hair extension wefts that have been tied up together (usually with a ribbon) and sold to be used for weaves. Most commonly sold by hair vendors specializing in virgin hair, this type of hair normally originates from Asia, where most virgin hairs are procured.

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Depending on the size of the head and the length of hair, a single user may need about three bundles of hair that’s 18 inches and shorter, or three to four bundles for hair that’s longer than 18 inches, for a complete sew-in.

There are about 3.2 – 3.7 wefts in one bundle of hair and the standard weight of bundles is 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The common length of bundles range from 10” – 32” long while celebrities are seen wearing as long as 40”. A single bundle’s origin can vary from Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and more.

Note that most hair bundles are a dark brown/black colour also known as a 1B. Other bundle colours vary from lighter shades of browns, reds, and as light as a platinum or Russian blonde. Three bundles of hair are generally referred to Bundle Deals.

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5 Factors That Determine How Much is a Bundle of Hair Cost

Many people would want to know how much hair bundles cost in the United States, however, the cost of the hair bundles tend to vary because different vendors have different prices, and some factors will also influence the price of the best human hair bundles. These factors include…

1. Hair Quality

Human hair has different quality grades; the different grades have different prices. Most fashionable quality grades in the market are 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A grade. Among these four types of quality grade, 10A remains the highest quality grade with the highest cost. Most affordable Remy hair is 8A and 9A grades, the cost of these two grades are lower than 10A human hair bundles, and the Remy hair quality is high.

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2. Hair Length

Also note that the length of the hair is an important factor that will influence the cost of human hair bundles. Have it in mind that different people have different length demands. They tend to choose the right hair length they want according to their preference, but the different lengths have different costs.

For instance, the cost of one bundle natural colour human hair, 8 inch is $43.88, 10 inch is $50.46, and 12 inch is $59.72. Different inch has different price, this price is for one bundle straight human hair. Different length straight human hair bundles groups are also different.

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3. Hair Texture

The texture of human hair bundles is another crucial factor that will influence the price of the hair bundles. Straight human hair bundles and body wave human hair weave are regarded as the commonly popular hairstyles.

Curly human hair bundles, loose deep wave human hair bundles, natural wave hair bundles, and other curly hairstyles are regarded as the fashionable human hair weave bundles. The cost of human hair bundles differ by texture even if the bundles have the same hair colour, same hair length, same hair quantity, etc.

4. Hair Colour

Some women love to wear natural coloured hair, while others love to wear variously coloured hair, such as blonde, hombre, etc. Different colours of human hair have different prices. There are 3 kinds of popular coloured human hair bundles, 613 blonde human hair bundles, T1B/4/27 hombre human hair bundles, and T1B/Grey coloured human hair bundles. Let’s take one bundle straight 10-inch human hair weave as an example.

  • The cost of a 10 inches one-piece T1B/Grey hombre human hair bundle is $60.78.
  • The cost of a 10 inches one-piece 613 blonde human hair bundle is $58.50.
  • The cost of 10 inches one-piece T1B/4/27 hombre human hair bundle is $60.78.
  • But the cost of a 10 inches one-piece natural black colour human hair bundle is $50.46.
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Natural coloured human hair bundles is usually cheaper than coloured human hair bundles.

5. Hair Quantity

Note that different people have different demands for hair. For individuals who only want to add to their hair volume, they might only need one or two bundles, but if they want to sew in human hair wigs by bundles with closure, then they may need 3 or 4 bundles. If, for instance, a client wants to buy natural colour 8-inch curly human hair bundles, the cost of one bundle is $43.88, but the cost of three bundles group is $66.63.


In conclusion, the prices of hair bundles tend to be affected by the factors analyzed above, however, the cost of the 100% Remy human hair bundles is around $40-$150. But note that specific prices will be changed according to people’s different demands.