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How to Sell Mayvenn Hair Extension (Become a Distributor)

Do you want to start a business selling Mayvenn hair extension? If YES, here is everything you need to know about Mayvenn hair extension & weave brand. Diishan Imira took an exclusive look at the $6 billion U.S. hair extension and wig market in the U.S. and felt something was amiss.

A good majority of hair extensions used in salons – about 95% – were purchased by customers online or at retail stores, who then bring those products to stylists who use them to service the customer. Salons themselves are not the point of sale, often because of the high cost of human hair.

However, to simplify that dynamic offered an opportunity that Imira seized with the launch of Mayvenn, an Oakland-based provider of real human hair from India. He founded it in 2012 with COO Taylor Wang.

In the past few years, the company has generated a cumulative $80 million in sales of hair extensions by partnering with hair stylists whose businesses depend on styling with such products, and who direct their customers to buy hair from the company—essentially recruiting stylists as salespeople by building them websites, offering online support and a 15% cut of each sale, as well as sales incentives like store credit.

Owing to these innovative moves, Mayvenn Hair has become a popular hair extension brand in the United States. This brand has utilized a unique business model of connecting their product with hair stylists. Diishan Imira, Mayvenn founder, and CEO poured his experience of witnessing family members in the hair industry.

Building an empire and creating a consistent flow of revenue using high-quality products from the hair and beauty industry was his mission. Mayvenn has become Diishan’s supporting tool to bridge gaps in the hair community.

Steps to Sell Mayvenn Hair Profitably

Looking for companies that can provide your business higher quality hair while still letting your business make good profit is critical if you wish to be successful in the hair industry and especially if you want to compete with the other local businesses in your area that are selling weaves and related items.

When looking for such a supplier, Mayvenn Hair should without doubt be on the list of companies you consider buying from in wholesale. Mayvenn Hair is very popular and trusted by thousands of customers in the United States. All their products are not only purchased and used by customers, but also by some top hair stylists.

When considering Mayvenn Hair for wholesale purposes or for the purpose of supplying your customers with high-quality weaves, frontals and closures, you have two different options to choose from. The option you choose would essentially depend on the type of store you own.

1. Buying in Bulk

The very first option is to buy from Mayvenn Hair in bulk and then sell the products to your customers in a store that specializes in weaves.

Note that this is not the most common way for businesses to buy from Mayvenn Hair, but is still a wonderful idea if you are looking to have an inventory of weaves on hand. Have it in mind that you will be able to supply your customers with the weaves of their choice instantly without having them wait for a delivery.

2. Mayvenn Stylist Program

This second option is most suitable for hair stylists that either provides private styling services or for those who own a salon.

Note that with this option, you simply sign up to become a member of Mayvenn Hair’s stylist program. Immediately you get signed up, which does not cost the stylist any money; you obtain a special store link where customers can buy their weaves from.

From that point, you can easily refer your customers to your own store’s link, where they can purchase the weaves they would like you to install.

Note that after they have placed an order and their weave has arrived, they can take the weave to you for the installation. You will also receive special offers, as well as commission, on every sale made through your Mayvenn Hair store.

7 Key Things to Know About Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn’s mission is centred on empowering the next hairstylist with the tools to sell directly to their clients. Have it in mind that the first important step to becoming a Mayvenn Hair Distributor is establishing your-self as a licensed hairstylist.

Another important thing to know about becoming a distributor is that it is costless, needing no out-of-pocket fees in joining. This process all starts by visiting Mayvenn’s welcome page and filling out a simple form to get in contact with someone to get moving on the next steps.

This company makes it explicit on how becoming a hair distributor for Mayvenn can benefit you including earning more money, becoming a part of an influential movement that will positively affect the hair industry and, lastly, a 30-day guarantee on all products if they don’t meet customer satisfaction.

Have it in mind that Diishan Imira and his marketing team have carefully connected the dots in skillful ways to expand their business and benefit entrepreneurs and consumers within the industry. Here are few details to keep in mind when analysing Mayvenn Hair for business.

i. Mayvenn Hair Extensions

The theme for the Mayvenn hair is that they sell Virgin hair. Most of their products come with the label “virgin.” This means that the hair they sell is not processed with chemicals. Their inventory varies between straight styles, curly styles, closures and frontals.

Although it all depends on what you choose, you can have up to 28 inches of length. The team at Mayvenn strives hard to make sure that every of their products are of high quality. This company also offers pre-coloured extensions that are dyed for you.

It’s still the same high-quality hair, just coloured. The only issue is that the colours are limited. For example, at Private Label Extensions, we offer a variety of colourful extension options.

ii. Mayvenn Hair Wigs

Mayvenn hair offers plenty of wig options. Note that for every bundle style they offer, they also offer a wig style. All the wigs Mayvenn Hair offer come in limited colours from natural black to natural brown. They also offer full lace, and lace front wigs. There are plenty of Mayvenn wig reviews for you to watch and get acquainted with the Mayvenn brand.

iii. Mayvenn Hair Reviews

The company has received a mix of reviews since they’ve become popular. As with any company, especially a hair company, you can expect a variety of reviews. Howbeit, Mayvenn has good reviews but most of those will also be from those selling the hair.

A lot of people have expressed their love for the softness of the hair, and how easy it is to style. While some negative reviews buttress the issue with the stiffness of the hair after using it.

However, no matter the amount of bad reviews, don’t be discouraged from buying. There are plenty of different reasons why hair becomes tangled, and it’s best to try and see for yourself. Even the best hair will get bad reviews. It’s just part of the industry, unbelievably.

iv. Mayvenn Hair Coupons

One wonderful thing about Mayvenn hair is that they are always having a sale! Acquiring their hair is easy because their prices are more or less very affordable. Most times, Mayvenn Hair offers coupons for first-time customers, which allows them to spend a little when buying their first set of Mayvenn bundles!

v. Mayvenn Hair Shipping

Even though there are mixed reviews on shipping when it comes to Mayvenn Hair. However, some people mention receiving their hair in a few days, while others have complained about having to wait for weeks. It’s a mixed concept, but the reviews generally tend to lean on the good side.

Just like any other company, every customer can’t be satisfied, but every company can try to do their best to satisfy every customer.

vii. Mayvenn Hair Instagram & Other Social Media Accounts

If you want to stay current with the Mayvenn hair brand, you can follow them on all their platforms. Note that the company’s Instagram has over one hundred thousand followers, and they are always engaging with customers on their twitter.

Here’s a full list of their info! Instagram: @mayvennhair Facebook: MayvennHair Pinterest: Mayvenn Google+: Mayvenn Twitter: MayvennHair. Follow any one of their platforms to see how they’re showcasing and promoting their brand.


Starting and managing a local business that sells weaves in the United States means that you have to compete with many other similar companies in your area.

It also entails that you have to get the best quality hair at the lowest prices possible to ensure your products are the best in the local area and also some of the more affordable ones. Hence, by aligning with Mayvenn Hair, you can find high-quality, real human hair weaves, closures and frontals, without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a single bundle of hair.