Do you want to know where beauty stores buy their supplies? If YES, here are top 10 places online you can shop for beauty products at wholesale price.

Beauty supply stores are stores that sell beauty products. These stores can start up in a small or large scale depending on their capacity and spread. Beauty supply or retail stores are known to stock a variety of beauty products from different brands.

For a beauty supply store to run the business effectively, they ought to have a steady supply of beauty products in their stores at all times. Since these stores don’t typically make these beauty products themselves, they need to find ways to get steady supplies.

Purchasing large quantities of beauty supplies is a commitment because you are often purchasing greater quantities. Of course there are advantages to this, such as lower prices and time saved, but it is a little scary to commit to purchasing products in bulk, especially if you’ve never used the brand before. But since your store needs it, you have to get the products.

What certain beauty supply stores worry about is where to get their beauty products for sale. There are various places a beauty supply store can get their products and these places include;

Top 10 Places Beauty Supply Stores Buy Their Products

  1. From Distributors

Beauty product distributors are the major people that supply beauty products to beauty supply stores. They carry in bulk from beauty product manufactures or wholesalers and then sell to retailers. A beauty supply distributor usually gets to work independently, and there often can be travel involved.

You essentially will become a middle man between big beauty brands and the salons and spas that purchase equipment and products from them. Becoming a beauty distributor is an exciting career, perfect for someone who loves beauty but likes to work independently.

2. From Manufacturers

Manufacturer are another place where you can buy beauty products for your beauty supply store. Instead of going through the middleman (distributors), you can go to particular beauty manufacturers that appeal to you to make one on one negotiations with them. If you play your cards right, you will get better rates.

3. From Online Distributors

A lot of beauty product distributors have taken their businesses online for one reason or the other. Due to the nature of the web, it is a good place to host and run a business. For this reason, there are a lot of beauty product distributors online. One of them is Amazon. You can order you different products and have them shipped out to you. Here are other online beauty products wholesalers and distributors.

  • HJ Closeouts

This particular wholesale site is the one-stop solution for all beauty products. The site provides you with an endless selection of items for you to choose from. They also provide you with free shipping on all your orders. The best thing about the site is that the prices of the products are unbelievable low.

The site is nicely organized so that you can view each of the products with convenience. You can also check out their best seller, new products and sale items section in order to get better offers and items. The site provides you with all types of beauty essentials that you may be looking for. Also, they deal in branded products so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products at all.

  • Marlo Beauty

This is yet another great wholesaler site when it comes to ordering beauty products. Starting from hair products to skin care, you can get all sorts of different beauty products on this site. You can also avail the option of free shipping if you can order above $99.99. The site also provides you with various offers and discounts.

However, the one thing that you need to know about this site is that they only sell their products to licensed professionals and to their clients. In order to start ordering, you will have to first open an account on the site. This will only take you a few minutes after which you can start placing your orders. By ordering from this site, you can actually save a lot of money.

  • Image Beauty

The next wholesaler site that we have on the list is the Image Beauty. For branded products, at affordable rates, you should definitely visit this site. The site is very user-friendly so you won’t have any problems in searching the products that you are looking for. The site also has a just arrived section where you can check out the products that have been newly added to the site.

The prices of the products are also quite affordable. The products are categorized under different heads which makes it easier for you to browse through different categories of products on the site. On this site, you can find all types of beauty products which include cosmetics, hair care, hair styling tools, fragrance etc. To conclude, it is a one-stop solution for all your quality beauty products.

  • Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. They have global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries. It offers full catalogs, including boutique clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that total more than 500,000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals are added every day.

It’s a very considerate supplier for covering low-end to high-end products lines at wholesale price. If you purchase beauty products from this wholesale distributor, you can buy from $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40.

Besides, with every purchase in the site, you receive CB points as rewards, and you can use it as cash on your next buy. If you register as a member, you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize your cost and help you make more profits. What’s more, Chinabrands provides extra valuable services.

Chinabrands also offer SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores like Amazon, Ebay or any other online shopping platform. That will save you time that you would have used to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better.

Also, Unlike Alibaba, it is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers. Chinabrands has well-trained Quality Check teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

  • Jinny

Jinny is considered to be the best and the largest multi-cultural and ethnic beauty supplier in the world. For quality beauty products, you can definitely visit this site. Here on this site, you can get all types of beauty products. It is said that the seriousness of the business is revealed by the quality of their website.

Well, in that case, Jinny has a very attractive website as well. This particular wholesaler company has over 37 years’ experience in the field. If you want to provide your customers with the best of products, then you should definitely consider ordering your items from this site.

All the products that are available on the site are of A-class quality and are branded. Overall, it can be said that this is indeed one of the best wholesale beauty suppliers in the world.

  • Lala Beauty Wholesale

If you are looking for some unique range of beauty products, then you simply cannot ignore visiting this site. On this site, you can find all types of beauty supplies that you need. If you wish to grow your business, then you should consider ordering your supplies from this site.

The site also provides you with discounts on your shipping. Here on this site, you can find a wide range of products.  Starting from styling tools to beauty salon products, everything can be found on this one site.

4. Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are another way you can get beauty products for your beauty supply store. These sales representative are either affiliated to manufacturers or distributors and they make independent supplies. You can affiliate with a number of them from different brands so they they always keep your store stocked.

How to Shop for Wholesale Beauty Products for your Store

Your first step to go is to ensure that you have everything you need to be able to purchase products from a wholesale vendor. For salon and spa owners and managers, this isn’t a problem. You must have a business license in order to purchase wholesale, and most vendors will ask for your business license and tax identification information.

If you are just starting out in your salon business, you may not have these things yet. It’s important that you make your business official. It is something you need to do anyway, so now is the time.

  • Search Out Vendors

Finding vendors isn’t always easy. Finding quality vendors is downright difficult at times. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers out there, so finding them isn’t a problem, but you need to find vendors who have the products you need, in the quantity that you need and the quality that you need. This is where things often get overwhelming for people.

Finding the right vendor may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it to find products that offer quality, good prices and great service. It’s also a good idea to choose more than one vendor as a backup in the event that your first choice vendor is out of something that you need.

You can search online, but another good way to start is to get referrals from people and businesses that you know. When searching online be sure to make sure they have a good reputation. Check reviews and references, as well as the Better Business Bureau. Trade shows are another great way to find wholesalers. They will have booths and you’ll get an opportunity to sample products and learn about the company.

  • Determine Order Size

One of the things to remember when purchasing wholesale beauty supplies is that the more you buy, the deeper your discount. Purchasing in volume is a big commitment, but you can start smaller and work your way up. Your vendor may have minimum order requirements.

If you aren’t sure about a purchase, you can always ask for a sample before you buy. Go through your records to determine how much product you go through at a certain point in time, and use that as a guide to determine your order size.

Now, place your first order. Over time you’ll build relationships with your chosen vendors. Once you get the hang of ordering beauty supplies wholesale, you’ll never want to go back to buying retail again.