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Organizational Structure of a Software Development Company [Job Description Included]

Are you starting a software company and need to structure it? If YES, here is a software development company organizational structure and job descriptions.

We know how important it is to have the right business structure for our software development company as getting it right from the start will eliminate most hitches that will crop up relating to our structure during the course of running the business.

For this purpose, we intend to hire only competent and professionals in the available positions in our company. Due also to the fact that we intend to run a wide range of services, we intend to ensure that we employ those that are capable of filling in these different positions.

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All our employees are those who understand the industry well and who are attuned with our vision and are committed to ensuring that we attain these goals and objectives.

We are also prepared to ensure that our workers are well paid and have welfare packages that are the best in similar categories across startups such as ours in the industry. We will also ensure that the working environment is not only conducive but is one that will enhance their skills and make them more productive. Below is the intended business structure for Doodle Tech Inc.;

Our Business Structure

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Software Development Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Accountant
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • Security Guard
  • Cleaner
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Job Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer

  • Develop overall policies that would provide the right direction for the company
  • Ensures that strategies are implemented and weak strategies are removed
  • Meets and negotiate with high powered clients on behalf of the company

Software Development Manager

  • Ensures that new software is developed and tested for bugs before being released to the public
  • Develops new software for existing software so that clients can upgrade without running into hitches
  • Carries out constant tests on software released to find out weak points and work on it.
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Business Development Manager

  • Researches on new businesses that will generate more revenue for the company
  • Reviews company’s current products and services and decides how to make them better
  • Works with the software development manager to give feedback on what the market trends are


  • Prepares the budget on behalf of the firm and liaises with the owners to ensure that budget is reviewed and correctly implemented
  • Prepares all the financial information and statement on behalf of the firm
  • Ensures that tax is prepared and filed correctly to the correct authorities
  • Ensures that the company’s books balances with that of the bank at the end of every month and accounting period
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Human Resources and Admin Manager

  • Ensures that the right employees are recruited on behalf of the company
  • Carries out orientation and ensures that employees are assigned the right tasks for their responsibilities
  • Ensures that all the administrative functions of the company are performed smoothly without any hitches

Customer Service Executives

  • Ensures that all customers enquiries as well as complaints are well attended to and promptly resolved
  • Keeps an accurate customer database on behalf of the company and ensures that it is regularly updated
  • Carries out other duties as determined by the human resources and admin manager

Marketing Executives

  • Conducts a marketing research on the software development industry to identify new markets for Doodle Tech Inc.
  • Drafts strategies and reviews weak strategies to ensure that ineffective ones are removed
  • Conducts direct marketing on behalf of the firm
  • Meets and negotiates with high level clients on behalf of the firm
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Security Guard

  • Ensures that the premises and all the properties are secured after work hours by conducting patrols
  • Monitors the surveillance cameras in line with securing people and property of Doodle Tech Inc.
  • Keeps updated about the security information in the locality and pass along important security tips to staff


  • Ensures that the premises is kept clean before work resumes
  • Keeps the staff and guest conveniences clean at all times
  • Ensures that cleaning supplies are always in stock
  • Carries out any other duties as directed by the admin manager