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11 Best Packaging ideas for Bakery Products

Do you run a bakery and you are considering what type of packaging ideas to use? If YES, here are 11 best packaging ideas for bakery products.

Bakeries are quite popular in the United States, and they allow you to express your culinary creativity while also serving a unique market. Individuals with non-culinary backgrounds can easily get into the industry by starting a home bakery. Starting a bakery offers many unique challenges that are different from other types of businesses.

If you are a bakery owner who specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries that are often ordered to-go, presentation and bakery packaging are of great importance. Have it in mind that your packaging is very crucial especially to ensure that your baked goods and pastries reach their destination looking as stunning as they did in the display case, while also boosting your business brand.

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Also, your packaging is expected to be the perfect shape and size. For instance, a round cake box is likely to be a better solution for round cakes than a square or rectangular box that leaves too much excess room. Since modern cupcakes are topped with a variety of edible and decorative embellishments, you are expected to consider cupcake packaging that protects the specialty décor when it arrives at its destination.

By investing in very good packaging, you can build the same reputation for your brand amongst your local consumers — by adding signature features to your packaging. This could be something as simple as a signature colour, signature graphics, or signature method of decorating the box — such as tying satin ribbons to all boxes.

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However, you should always consider what you want your clients to think and feel when your bakery comes to mind, or when they think of your signature baked goods. Since most of your sweet treats are packaged to enjoy when outside of your bakery — it is your product packaging and designs that will deliver the vibe you desire.

There are many types of packaging that can be used to attract consumers or enhance sales and product uniqueness. Here are different packaging materials, coatings and systems used for packaging of bakery items.

Best Packaging ideas for Bakery Products

  1. Paper Bags

Bread is mostly packed in poly bags but some artisan bakeries customers prefer more environmental friendly paper bags. These paper bags could be plain or can have printed material on them. Paper normally are used for baguette and it is convenient for carrying such product.

  1. Baking Trays

Baking trays are an efficient way to present, protect and cook food products including breads and cakes. Paper based baking trays are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or foil trays. These trays are made from corrugated, solid board or folding carton.

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Baking trays are made from a renewable resource and can be recycled depending upon liners selected. Suitable for direct food contact, the trays are heat resistant and can be used safely in ovens. This provides maximum convenience for consumers who are able to cook the product in its packaging.

  1. Zip Pouches

These are introduced with resealable pouches meant for products to be carried over to a distance or to be kept for longer period. Have it in mind that these pouches have zips integrated in the pouches so as to open and close it whenever required thus keeping the product crispy and prevent moisture from entering the bag.

  1. Bake Oven Paper

Bake oven paper is used as a tray liner for flat baking application. This paper withstands multiple baking. It has high resistance to heat.

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This paper has high density, stability, and heat resistance properties. Suitable for conventional baking application and microwaves, sustains the temperature up to 230°C and can be reused up to 4 times for multiple baking. It is mostly used as a multiple baking application, as a tray liner for cakes and confectioneries, Pizza’s etc.

This paper eliminates the greasing of tin and trays allowing very rapid turn – around of batches of baked goods. It eliminates utensils cleaning time.

  1. Cake Boxes

Cake boxes offer protection for cakes and other bakery goods whilst in transit from the bakery to the consumer. Solid board and folding carton cake boxes are more or less used in bakeries and available in one and two piece designs. This box can be opened from two sides allowing the cake to be removed horizontally rather than upwards.

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This avoids any difficulty removing the cake from the box and ensures there is no damage. Corrugated cake boxes are also available for large premium cakes that require maximum protection. All cake boxes can be custom printed with your logo, brand or decorative designs to ensure premium presentation of the product.

  1. Display Boxes

After primary packing is done by flexible wrappers, these packets are arranged in display boxes manually and then these boxes are shrink wrapped. Consumers can see the products through these transparent films.

  1. Vertical Pouches or Sachet

These have also been experimented by many bakery manufacturers mainly biscuits.

  1. Greaseproof Paper       

Greaseproof paper is made under hygienic condition from pure wood pulp which gives excellent grease resistance and oil hold out properties.

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This paper is known to prevent penetration of oil and fats thus keeping the original flavour and taste intact. No negative effect on original quality of food since paper has good breathability. Greaseproof paper is suitable to withstand wide range of environments, from hot oven to deep freezer & humidity.

It is mainly used for fast food items packaging like Burger, French fries, Snack Rolls, & other oily food products rapping of meat, fish and cottage cheese.

  1. Flexible Packaging (Laminates, Wrappers)

These are the most common method of packaging material used to pack bakery products today. Few manufacturers are providing tear tape at the top of packing which opens like a thread and helps consumer to open a pack to required packet length.

  1. Greaseproof Slip Easy Paper

Greaseproof slip easy paper is specially designed for conversion to moulded cups. Main requirements of paper are good grease/fat resistance, oil holdout and easy cup to cup release (denesting) during bakery process. Mainly used in the baking of cupcakes and muffins etc.

  1. TDL (Titanium Dioxide Loaded) Poster Paper

TDL poster paper used for various packaging applications is manufactured from premium quality pulp with addition of pacifying agent like Titanium dioxide. The paper provides good printing quality, high opacity. The TiO2 maintains good opacity when the paper is wax coated for packaging application. Typical uses are packaging of Burger and fries.