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Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pennsylvania

Are you interested in doing business in Pennsylvania but you lack ideas on what business to start? Then below are the top 20 small business investment opportunities in Pennsylvania, United States. Before I go ahead to tell you the 20 hottest “>business ideas for Pennsylvania United States, I would like to address a very vital question that people always ask, which is “How do I start a business in Pennsylvania?”

Well, starting a business in Pennsylvania, United States is a fairly easy process. All the paperwork and licensing requirements could be done within a few weeks. Rent and operational costs are also relatively cheap.

The department of revenue in Pennsylvania put together an e-book which is a complete guide for potential investors. It contains all of the necessary information you need to be armed with to start your business. However, these are the top 20 businesses you can do in Pennsylvania-:

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pennsylvania

1. Gas Station

Although starting a gas station is a capital intensive business, it is very lucrative and the good thing is that you would never run out of customers because gas is an essential item that car owners need to keep them moving.

2. Dry Cleaning Services

You can also start a dry cleaning business in Pennsylvania. If you would prefer a kind of dry cleaning business that requires minimal supervision, you can start a coin-operated laundry.

3. Senior Care

Senior care involves taking care of the aged, running errands for them as well as taking care of their health needs and this is an essential service in Pennsylvania.

4. Pizzeria

Starting a Pizzeria is a simple enough process. You can either obtain a franchise or start from the scratch. The most important thing though, is that you learn how to make good pizza and find a good location for your business. To gain more customers for your business, try taking your business online and offer mobile pizza delivery services.

5. Employment Services

You can start your own recruitment agency right away. You can start from helping kids with after-school job placement or summer jobs. To get clients to patronize your business, you would have to create awareness for your business by writing professional introduction letter to different companies in Pennsylvania and also schedule business meetings with them so that you can introduce your business to them and get them to patronize you.

6. Equipment sales

You can also consider starting an equipment and tools sales business. Your business would involve selling several equipment, tools and materials needed by construction engineers or builders, plumbers, farmers and handymen. You should also consider adding equipment hire to your business.

7. Music Training Center

You can become a music teacher and teach people to use musical instruments and also offer vocal training lessons.

8. Errand running services

This is another easy-to-establish business. It involves running simple errands for busy residents and making money from it.

9. Candy Making

Snicker and M&M’S are American big brands today that started from somewhere. You can be the one to start the next big candy brand . Candy making is not too difficult and you can even start from home.

10. Talent Management

You can become a professional talent manager. This involves scouting for talented people who are looking for exposure and help them achieve this. This could either be musical talents, beauty talents like models and beauty queens or even potential actors and actresses.

11. Doggie daycare

Doggie daycare is also a very lucrative business. All you need is a very conducive space, some grooming supplies, pet toys and a whole lot of patience and love for dogs. Doggie daycare involves taking care of people’s dogs while they are away.

12. Crowd funding Consultancy

Due to the economic recession, crowd funding has become very popular. It involves people pooling their resources together to start a business and share the business profits. You can become a consultant offering people advice on how to get crowd funding for their business and help to manage such investments.

13. Security Services

Protection of lives and property is very important. You can start a security outfit offering security protection to individuals as well as business owners in Pennsylvania. You can also start selling security gadgets and equipment.

14. Phone sales and repairs

You can start a mobile phone sales and repair services. Your focus should be on how to repair smart phones because almost every adult owns a smart-phone in Pennsylvania these days.

15. Natural Healthcare

Natural healthcare is becoming more popular these days because it is seen as a safe and healthier alternative to orthodox medicine. It is also used a lot for preventive healthcare. If you are knowledgeable and passionate about natural healthcare, you can start a natural healthcare center.

16. Waste Management

Waste Management is another cool business idea. You can start making money just by recycling waste material.

17. Handy Man

Handy men are always needed for repairs and other jobs around the house. If you don’t mind running a business that is physical-intensive, you can consider becoming a handy man.

18. Bakery

There is so much money you can make from starting your own bakery in Pennsylvania.

19. Moving /Haulage Services

Another business you can start in Pennsylvania is haulage or moving business. Haulage involves transporting equipment or a range of other items from one location to the other mostly for business owners while moving services on the other hand involves helping people move their furniture and household items when relocating.

20. Arts dealership

You can also start selling art works in Pennsylvania. These could be your personal artworks or works of other artists which you could sell for profit.