It is a norm to find dedicated hair washing sinks or stations in beauty salons, but there are lots of portable options in the market, too. These are useful for mobile hairdressers, and they are also great for keeping shampoo out of children’s eyes.

In addition, portable sink offers a practical solution for the elderly or those with limited mobility, as they can be used bedside, thanks to their clever drainage options. Portable sinks for hair and beauty salons usually come in the form of an inflatable shampoo station so hairdressers can provide clean, easy, professional hair washing in a home or facility.

As a matter of fact, you can’t effectively run a mobile hairdressing salon business without a reliable portable sink hence the need to have them as part of your business tools. Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best portable sink for your hair and beauty salon can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 12 of the best portable sinks for your hair and beauty salon.

What are the Best Types of Portable Sink for Hair and Beauty Salon?

  1. Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon

Mobile Salon is a salon chair replacement rinse basin, perfect for washing and cutting hair at home, so there is no need to leave the house. This revolutionary patented rinse tray is a shampooer for the elderly staying at home, professional stylists, caregivers and more.

The all new adjustable flaps create even more dexterity to channel water and hair down the drain or into a container so there’s never a big mess. Mobile Salon can adapt to a large variety of sink or basin shapes, giving users the flexibility for all situations.

Mobile Salon inflates in just two quick breaths and is easy to wipe clean so you never have to stop moving. It comes with a handy travel pouch so it can be stored anywhere and quickly packed in any bag. Mobile Salon’s design ensures a perfect hair washing experience sitting up or laying down, every single time.

  1. DONNGYZ Shampoo Sink Mobile Basin 

This extra-large capacity bowl is lightweight and economical, yet loaded with professional features, easy to clean and portable design, comes with all accessories and fixtures. Fully angle adjustable bowl can swivel front and back, accommodate any reclining or normal chair to meet needs of different customers.

The shampoo hair basin has a plug to prevent the water gushing out. A flexible, ribbed drain hose connects to the underside of the basin, it’s easy to empty out water. The perfect choice for beauty salons, spas and barbershops for a professional use.

  1. Betty Dain Neck-Eez – Shampoo Bowl 

The Betty Dain Gripper neck rest offers superior comfort and a pleasant salon experience for every client that walks through the door. The easily sanitized, sealed foam rubber is designed to take pressure off the neck at the shampoo bowl. It provides premium comfort with extra padding to contribute to the feeling of a spa-like environment throughout the whole salon process.

The Shampoo Bowl Neck Rest is waterproof and easy to keep clean, offering a sanitary solution whether in the salon or in your home. Innovation is the Stamp of Betty Dain. Current with the latest trends, Betty Dain designs and manufactures stylish salon apparel and hair color accessories that cater to the functionality and fashion preferences for today’s hair professional.

  1. Portabelles – Hair Cloud

Hair Cloud is designed to keep customers dry during the shampoo process while funneling water directly into the sink, basin, or bucket. It can be used in professional salon settings, homes, hospitals, or nursing homes; it’s comfortable and makes for a stress-free hair washing.

Designed for washing hair in an upright position, it is an alternative to other hair washing devices that tend to leak or be uncomfortable. The inflatable side tubes prevent the water from splashing and spilling over the edges. It is easy to use and clean! Can be disinfected after each use. Quick to set up.

Inflate either by mouth or with the pump that is included with purchase. Are you a traveling hairdresser, nurse or certified nurses assistant? It can easily inflate and deflate in seconds to fold down and throw in your beauty bag to travel with you. It can also be kept inflated for frequent use.

Note: When first inflating, pull both sides of Hair Cloud from the valve to make a pocket for air to easily flow into.

  1. Gads Inflatable Hair Washing Tray

This lightweight, blow up sink tray fits around any chair or basin, allowing the user to remain upright during shampooing or haircuts – reducing the risk of back strain or discomfort for all. You can then watch the water flow away from the head and directly into the sink with no splashes.

  1. YSAJ – Foldable Mobile Shampoo Bowl 

This shampoo basin is made of high-quality PP+TPE environmental protection material, high temperature resistance, durable, safe to use. The hair wash sink folds right up for easy storage. It comes with accessories for cleaning sponge and hanging such. The basin drains right into the sink or backed up to the kitchen sink. No water on the floor. The front buckle and back buckle design make it easy.

  1. FILFEEL – Shampoo Neck Cushion

This is a good quality shampoo bowl cushion that is appealing to customers. The silicone material is acid resistant, corrosion resistant, and durable for long term use. It has exquisite workmanship, which is hard to damage and breakdown providing guarantee with no need for repair. The unique design conforms to your shampoo bowl to prevent customers from slipping. With suction cups, it can be easily attached to the shampoo bowl without moving, which provides stable and firm support.

  1. AW Shampoo Bowl Hair Sink 

Shampoo bowl with hair trap and vacuum breaker, can be mounted on walls through T-bar, with 2 convectors for altering 1/2″ faucet waterline to 3/8″, ideal for using in beauty salon. It has larger bowl for larger work area; with 47 1/4″ shower hose for washing hair from any angle easily.

It also has waterproof silicon gel neck rest for supporting head comfortably, making a better shampoo experience. The CUPC certified Vacuum Breaker prevents sewage from flowing backwards, keeping the water safe for the pipes of the house.

  1. Beauty Salon Shampoo ABS Plastic Bowl Sink 

This product comes with classic square design – advanced style with draining basket provided. It has durable plastic and heavy duty steel accessories. Stain resistant and easy clean-up; High-quality stainless faucet and vacuum breaker.

Cold and hot water supply inlets too. The sink comes with silica gel neck rest, vacuum breaker, faucet, shower hose, white drain hose, drain hair basket and plastic bowl.

  1. Maddak In-Bed Head Wash System 

This plastic, hollow, double-walled basin has a comfortable neck rest and internal collection system for used water. The basin has a drain plug that is opened after shampooing and allows the water to drain into the hollow section between the walls. After the drain plug is tightened, the entire unit can be picked up and carried away to be emptied. Drain system holds over two gallons (8 liters) of water.

  1. Vruping – Shampoo Neck Rest Cushion

This high grade PVC cannot be deformed by either high temperature or low temperature. It will not also be deformed by either smashed stones or small sands. Item provides guarantee with no need for repair. Unique siamesed design conforms to your shampoo bowl, which not only can prevent clients from slipping, but also provide your customers extreme comfort when doing a hair washing.

Concise and portable style is easy to be used and convenient to remove for cleaning. Perfectly fit for professional salons and also ideal for those who prefer to have their hair washed by lying down. Suction cups can be easily attached to the shampoo bowl without moving, which provides firm support.

  1. Chromium Square Salon Sink Shampoo Bowl

This lightweight and durable plastic will last through years of use, cleans up easy and is simple to sanitize between us. It works in any salon or Barber shop setting, and for a wide variety of clientele. Easy installation doesn’t require professional service and installs quickly. Features integrated check valve back-flow prevention device for safety and confidence.

Safety: cUPC Certified Bowl & cUPC certified Faucet

Joy Nwokoro