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15 Best Portable Ultrasound Machine for Physical Therapy in 2023

Do you want to buy a portable ultrasound machine for physical therapy? If YES, here are the best portable ultrasound machines for physical therapy you can buy. 

If you are looking towards opening and equipping a standard physical therapy center, one of the major work tools or gadgets that can’t be found missing is a portable ultrasound machine. Portable ultrasound systems, whether carried by hand or wheeled, are used for doing cardiac, vascular, radiology, endocrinology, pediatric, and OB/GYN studies.

They are available in 3D and 4D versions. Portable ultrasound machines are particularly useful in settings with limited space or where being mobile is critical.

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Getting the best portable ultrasound machine in your physical therapy center will go a long way to make sure that your physical therapy center is well-organized and highly efficient. The truth is that portable ultrasound machines are mobile ultrasound systems designed to be used in small spaces, at a patient’s bedside, or in the field. They can be cart-based, tablet-based, or hand-carried.

Considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best portable ultrasound machine can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are the best portable ultrasound machines for your physical therapy center that you can get today.

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Best Portable Ultrasound Machine for Physical Therapy

  1. SonoSite Ultrasounds

Created with real-world uses in mind, SonoSite’s wide range of ultrasound probes enable unsurpassed image quality with optimized contrast resolution and increased penetration. SonoSite ultrasounds are about improving patient care while offering portable, durable solutions, delivering the speed and image clarity you need for a broad range of clinical applications.

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From Point of Care to full diagnostic applications, SonoSite ultrasounds provide many benefits beyond what’s offered by conventional systems. SonoSite ultrasounds are some of the toughest machines on the market and were created for a diverse range of locations, from modern hospitals in big cities to rural clinics.

With the goal of accelerating examinations, every SonoSite ultrasound is created with intuitive settings, giving you the options that you need, when you need them.

The range of SonoSite ultrasounds meets several clinical needs while offering multiple user access and a no-nonsense interface. Therefore, whether you have a single application or several, you can find an ultrasound optimized for every exam.

  1. Philips CX50 Ultrasound Machine

The Philips CX50 is a shared service ultrasound machine largely used in radiology and OB/GYN practices for cardiovascular applications. The CX50 launched in 2009 as the first Philips portable ultrasound and soon became recognized as one of the most advanced portable systems in the world.

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The Philips CX50 continues to this day to be one of the only premium portable ultrasounds that supports both PureWave single crystal and xMatrix transducers. The only major imaging capability the CX50 doesn’t have is 4D imaging for OB/GYN applications.

However, the CX50 can offer 4D imaging for cardiac applications using an X7-2t xMatrix probe. The compact size of the CX50 means it fits well in surgical, emergency, and point-of-care practices where space is tight and mobility is important. All versions of the CX50 except the initial A.0 revision are stable and reliable.

In terms of the average price, a refurbished Philips CX50 ultrasound costs between $27,000 and $42,000, depending on its age, degree of past use, optional features, and whether it comes with transducers. If you are looking for a powerful portable ultrasound with high-quality imaging and advanced features built-in, then the Philips CX50 is worth considering.

  1. GE Vivid q Ultrasound Machine

The GE Vivid q portable ultrasound machine is a more powerful version of the Vivid i that adds further quantitative features including ICE, Auto EF, AFI, TVI,TT, TSI, Blood Flow and Blood Flow imaging. The Vivid q is the pinnacle of GE’s portable cardiovascular ultrasounds.

  1. Samsung UGEO HM70A Ultrasound Machine

The Samsung UGEO HM70A is the first fully Samsung designed portable ultrasound machine and is the successor to the MySono U6. It is the only shared service portable ultrasound that offers both cardiac and 4D for OB/GYN and it does both very well. It is positioned at a midrange price point.

  1. GE Voluson i Ultrasound Machine

The GE Voluson i portable ultrasound machine is one of the most advanced portable 4D ultrasound machines for women’s health in the industry today. It offers the widest range of 4D transducers, and GE’s class-leading 4D imaging as well as proprietary GE efficiency technologies that speed up workflow.

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The Voluson i ultrasound machine is focused on women’s health but it can also support general imaging and vascular applications. Those familiar with the famous Voluson 730 will find image quality and speed similar in the Voluson i even though it is only the size of a laptop.

Key technologies from the more expensive Voluson E8 like SonoNT, STIC, SonoVCAD heart, SonoAVC follicle, and SonoVCAD labor are all available either standard or as options on the Voluson i.

Ultrasound Supply, one of the largest distributors of diagnostic ultrasound equipment in the world, offers the GE Voluson i for sale in the US and internationally. The Voluson i price ranges from $14,000 up to $25,000 dollars depending upon the revision (BT), condition, years of use, and the probes included.

  1. GE VSCAN Ultrasound Machine

GE VSCAN is the smallest portable ultrasound machine. It’s only the size of a mobile ultrasound! This innovative pocket-sized ultrasound is the first to house two transducers in one probe – enabling a non-invasive look inside the body, with both shallow and deep views.

  1. GE Venue 40 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Venue 40 is a hand carried ultrasound machine with a unique touchscreen integrated monitor that makes cleaning simple as there is no keyboard to clean. It is light weight and can be mounted on a wall or cart.

  1. SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine

The SonoScape A6 is a low-cost black-and-white system. Two active probe ports are available and internal battery allos to scan for up to 3 hours on a full charge.

  1. GE Logiq e Portable Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq e is perhaps the most well-known and best-selling portable ultrasound in the world. It is a midrange to an economy-priced system with a good balance between features and affordability.

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The average price range for a refurbished GE Logiq e portable is between $8,100 and $14,100, depending on the age of the system, the degree of past use, and its present condition, among other factors like which transducers are included. The Logiq e portable is a shared service system with GI, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications, although no 4D imaging.

GE introduced the Logiq e as a replacement to the GE Logiq Book but with a more standard laptop-style form factor. If you’re interested in purchasing a Logiq e portable ultrasound, scroll below for more information or contact us today. You may also rent this model from Ultrasound Supply.

  1. The ADR Model 2130

The ADR Model 2130 marketed in 1975. It was a big hit in the United States and had sold over 5000 units worldwide, including Germany and other European countries. The machine was marketed in Europe under the Kranzbuhler label. The display had only 16 shades of gray.

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In 1980 a new 3.0 MHz variable focus transducer was added on to the 2130. The new transducer contained 506 crystal elements, boasted both mechanical and phased focusing, improved gain and reduced noise, much quieter transducer operation, and switchable focal zones. The image had twice the number of data lines and probably the best real-time resolution in the industry at that time.

  1. The ME8 Ultrasound System

The ME8 Ultrasound System has been thoughtfully designed to overcome the obstacles clinicians face in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

With a sealed user interface and revolutionary, software-based beamformer technology, the ME8 Ultrasound System combines best-in-class image quality with an intuitive user experience to help ensure reliable and efficient diagnosis during the most challenging exams.

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With a weight and thickness of just 6.6 lbs and 1.7 in respectively, the ME8 System’s main unit is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop ultrasound machines in the industry; and the Magnesium Alloy shell makes this System ideal for withstanding any scenario.

In addition, this compact, durable, and powerful System houses advanced hardware built to maximize performance in all modalities.

  1. The Z.One PRO Ultrasound System Emerald Edition 2.0

The Z.One PRO Ultrasound System Emerald Edition 2.0 is a powerful and portable advanced point-of-care imaging platform. Powered by software-based ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the Z.One PRO System provides optimal B-mode and Doppler imaging for patients, regardless of body habitus, helping ensure a reliable diagnosis.

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With a full family of transducers (from 2 – 20 MHz) and a wide range of applications, the Z.One PRO System is the imaging answer to your difficult clinical cases.

The Z.One PRO System’s ergonomic and lightweight design, coupled with an on-board battery, enables clinicians to make a rapid diagnosis anywhere in the department. An optional simplified user interface (with 38% fewer buttons) is also available to cater to a wider base of physicians.

  1. The TE7 Ultrasound System Crystal Series 2.0

The TE7 Ultrasound System Crystal Series 2.0 is the system of choice from routine point-of-care exams to extreme situations when every second counts.

With best-in-class image quality, a sleek form factor, and breakthrough needle visualization advancements, the TE7 System is designed to provide superior performance for rapid, confident exams and procedures in the fast paced, point of care environment.

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The TE7 System incorporates an intuitive touchscreen and focused point-of-care protocols designed to standardize and reduce exam times. The System’s second generation iVocal voice recognition technology and new programmable-button transducer technology allows for a hands-free scanning experience, ideal for sterile environments.

  1. The DP-30Power Ultrasound System

The DP-30Power Ultrasound System is the perfect combination of image quality, easeof-use, and extreme mobility. With a focus on user experience and flexibility, the DP-30 System enables seamless scanning from room to room and patient to patient.

  1. The Z60 Ultrasound System

The Z60 Ultrasound System is a versatile, hand-carried Color Doppler System that successfully blends powerful software packages, transducer technology, and ease of-use. This ergonomic and compact solution makes it possible to examine your patients anywhere and anytime, without compromise.

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In today’s demanding environment, it takes innovative technology to achieve rapid diagnoses with high levels of confidence. With exquisite design utilizing the latest technologies, the Z60 System expands clinical capabilities and meets your evolving professional needs now and into the future.

With powerful user-defined presets, auto image optimization, iWorks (scan protocol), and patient information management system, the Z60 Ultrasound System makes it fast and easy to complete exams. The System also provides onboard reporting and DICOM 3.0 which greatly improves your workflow without compromising diagnostic accuracy.