Do you run a retail shop and want to stop theft or shoplifting by customers totally? If YES, here are 20 guaranteed ways to prevent shoplifting in retail stores.

If you are a retailer who has once had issues with shoplifting, then you may want to agree that such challenge could in fact eat deep into your profit and at the end of the day you may be grappling with balancing your accounts, records and what have you. This challenge isn’t peculiar to some clime; it is a major one all over the globe.

This is why it is really imperative that you put in place all security measures so that you aren’t found wanting at all. Those who have had their fingers burnt at some time for not putting in place great security measures know that security should be an indispensible part of any business.

It is for that reason that this article proposes to proffer solutions on how you can get a hang of security challenges. So, if you are looking to start a retail store, or are already in the business, then you may want to make the following tips yours. If you are ready, now here we go….

20 Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Shoplifting in Retail Stores

1. Install a Security Camera-: It is highly needful that you work at installing a security camera. This is so that you may be able to capture all the activities of the day on camera. This way; whenever something goes wrong, and then you are able to track what went wrong and how.

2. Be Sure It Works Properly

This is interwoven with the first step that was given. You have got to be double sure that the video surveillance system is in topnotch shape to work. You have to always check to see if the camera is properly fixed to give you maximum coverage. Also, be sure that all plug-ins are properly fixed.

3. Ensure there are no Obstructions-: It is very important that you check to see that all that you have displayed at your retail store isn’t obstructing the set off motion sensors or video camera. This is very important so that no detail would be left off un-captured.

4. Verify employees-: It is important that you verify every employee you hire. It possible let them have access cards that allow them in only during their working hours. This is so as to avoid unnecessary loitering.

5. Keep Money Away-: If you are running a retail business that is booming a lot, then it is expedient that you have all cash stashed in the bank at intervals so that you do not risk being robbed.

6. Talk to Your Team-: You do not have to leave all the duty of security consciousness to your camera alone. You have got to sensitize your workers on what to look out for and the products that suffer most from theft.

7. Ask That Bags Are Kept Out-: If your customers walk in to make purchases, be sure to ask them to put their bags outside- this is especially if it is a bulky one.

8. Move Around Frequently-: You and your team must make it a habit as you take turns to move around the store once there are lots of shoppers. This is so that you do not leave any stone unturned.

9. Keep Store Organized-: Shoplifters thrive even more in a disorganized store. It is for that reason that you may want to make sure that your store is tidy and organized. Let every product be neatly kept in its space.

10. Let Your Team Welcome Buyers-: One way to checkmate shoplifting for instance is by allowing your attendants to welcome your customers as they walk in. This gives the buyers the impression that they are on their toes.

11. Hire the Right People-: You have got to make sure that anyone you hire meets the standard you want. This isn’t only about skills, but also character. You can run background checks, as well as contact the referees they have provided.

12. Perform Audits-: One other security tip that can prevent you to run at a loss is performing audits. Checking your company’s financials will allow you to spot any distrustful behavior.

13. Tag Products-: One very easy way to run at a loss without putting security measures in place is not tagging products. Doing this is very needful.

14. Routine Inventory-: Routine inventory is very key for the survival of any business. This would go a long way to put some check on the items you have got.

15. No Display near Cashier-: One of the ways shoplifters may want to beat you to it is by distracting the cashier. Therefore, be sure that you minimize any display near the cashier.

16. Lock Main Entrance-: It might be a very wise decision that you allow your customers buy and pay for any product from a particular angle at the time of the night. This is so that you can attend to them yourself or your team.

17. Install Bright Lights-: Be sure that your retail store has bright lights. This is so that you and members of your team can see around well.

18. Put up Prosecution Signs-: Putting up a sign saying that shoplifters would be prosecuted when caught is one way to deter anyone who may have the intention to steal at yours.

19. Personally Attend To Customers-: You may also want to personally attend to customers as they come in. This is so that you keep track of the activities.

20. No Conversations-: It is important that you tell your team to avoid personal discussions amongst themselves during working hours. This is so that they do not get distracted and as result get beaten to it.

When you put all these measures in place, then you can be sure that you would have curbed some challenges that may cause you to run at a loss. Those who have done this have only had success stories to tell. Therefore, you too must join this league of people and stay happy by tracking the success rate of your retail store.

Ajaero Tony Martins