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20 Best Effective Security Tips for Restaurants and Bars

Do you run a restaurant and you are concerned about the safety of your staff/customers? If YES, here are 20 best effective security tips for restaurants and bars.

If you are always saddled with work every now and then, one of the ways to let your hair down after working so hard may be to hang out with friends in a restaurant or bar. However, care must be taken as you hang around these places as there has to be adequate security measures in place, or else it might be a harmful place to be.

Over the years there have been several stories about folks who were shot dead whilst having a nice time at the restaurant and bars.

This is not to say there may not have been good security measures in place. It may only mean that the measures that were put in place weren’t enough. This singular act could in one way hamper profits in business, as the management of these places may begin to lose clients.

If you own a restaurant or bar and you want to continue to have your repeat customers throng your place of business, then you may consider following some hard and solid security tips that can help assure you and your customers of security.

If you really want to make these tips yours, then you have to first have it at the back of your mind that security is one essential part of business. So, here are winning tips on how to secure your restaurant and bar.

Best Security Tips for Restaurants and Bars

1. Be Alert

This is one of the most important tips that are to be taken seriously. You have to be aware of those who move in and out of your restaurant and bar. Be sure to note those who are just hanging around the door, how they act and what have you. You must also let your team also be alert to capture all that happens should in case there are folks with shady plans.

2. Do Not Keep Too Much Cash Around

One other security tip that has to be really adhered to is making sure that cash is deposited frequently in the bank. This means that you have to always leave only a few cash in the drawer.

3. Install a Surveillance plan

Having a surveillance program installed, like a CCTV, makes it really easier to pick up a culprit. On the other hand, when folks who have plans to rob your restaurant see that there are cameras all around, they may be discouraged.

4. Install Bullet proof Windows

Installing bullet proof windows and glasses that close automatically between transactions can be a good way to prevent robbers.

5. Open and Close Together

It is very vital that your employees avoid opening the business for the day alone, there is safety in numbers as some security experts have said.

6. Run Audits Frequently

One of the ways to prevent internal theft is by making sure that audit is being performed frequently. That way loop holes are identified if there is any.

7. Plant Security Camera in the Kitchen

If you are concerned about how to prevent some internal theft, like preventing the foods, beverages, drinks, as well as eating unnecessarily what belongs to customers from getting missing, then you may consider planting a surveillance camera in the kitchen.

8. Install 360 degrees Cameras

If you do not want to miss out on any happening around the restaurant and bar as they unfold, then you may consider installing a camera that can capture in full view all that occurs at your business place.

9. Hire Unsuspecting Workers

If you are looking to employ some team members, you have to ensure that you run a proper interview before you hire anyone. There is some very vital information that you must have in mind to ask your interviewees, like a referee, home address and what have you.

10. Let Guards man The Door

You may also consider hiring a body guard, who would double as the man who opens and closes the door. This is so that you do not leave any security stone unturned.

11. Always Crosscheck

The liquor storage, as well as the stockroom has to be checked regularly. This is so that you can regulate all that leaves the storage at all times and rule away theft.

12. Supervise the Location Well

Managers should be alert to play a dynamic role in operating procedures within the restaurant. This goes a long way in helping to fight theft. It can also help to checkmate the employees.

13. Ensure the Place Is Well Lit

Ensure that the place is well lit-this is both inside and outside the bar. Thieves thrive is a poorly lit area and your employees might feel unsafe. You may also want to consider some energy saving bulbs.

14. Reward Employees Accordingly

When you take it upon yourself to reward your employers every now and then, you reduce the likelihood of being robbed by them. One other very important step is that it deters your team from stealing is profit sharing.

15. Limit Who Goes To the Cash Drawer

It is very imperative that you limit the number of people who go to the cash drawer. This is so that you are able to account for who and who that may have gone there. You may also consider assigning only one person or two the right to go to the drawer.

16. Do Not Expose Pin

Ensure that your customers who may want to use the POS machine do so in a private area of the bar. This is so that you protect them from exposing their pin which could lead to theft.

17. Ask That Clients Receive Business Calls Privately

This applies, especially when people around look suspicious. It is better that these clients receive calls in private. You may consider them using the lounge, as this is a secluded area to pick calls.

18. Report Suspicious Moves

If you and your team have suspected some fishy moves, then it becomes important to report to the police as fast as possible. This is because delay might be dangerous.

19. After Closing Make Sure Everyone Leaves

It is needful that you and your team stay behind to ensure that everyone leaves the restaurant and bar after the close of the day’s business.

20. Do Not Allow Suspicious Gatherings

You may consider declining the proposal by clients to use your restaurant and bar for a gathering or meeting by suspecting people.

These tips are such that should be taken seriously. One of the mistakes you don’t want to make is not taking adequate precaution in the security aspect of your business.