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4 Best Rage Rooms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is no doubt one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the world. As a matter of fact, Las Vegas is considered to be one of the leading entertainment hubs in the world.

Aside from casinos and nightclubs, rage rooms are beginning to gain prominence in Las Vegas. With the increase of stress amongst the working class and youths, a place like a rage room is just suitable for offloading frustrations and stress. In this article, we will look at some of the leading rage rooms in Las Vegas.

Aside from the fact that the rage rooms discussed in this article are established brands, it is important to note that an aspiring entrepreneur who is interested in starting a rage room in Las Vegas, can still go ahead and start one, and with adequate planning and strategies, they can still win a reasonable share of the available market in the city.

Best Rage Rooms in Las Vegas

  1. Sin City Smash

Sin City Smash is one of the leading rage rooms in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City Smash is located just a few minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip behind Palace Station.

Sin City Smash operates a rage room noted for helping people offload their stress and frustration through what is known as destruction therapy in a safe, controlled environment. Sin City Smash also has an airsoft range, ax throwing, and splatter paint activities on-site if you are looking for something to do after your destruction therapy session.

Sin City Smash rage room has five packages clients can choose from. The smallest package is the Smash and Go, a 10-minute smash session with one medium item and ten fragile items, perfect for first-timers letting loose. There’s also the Signature Smash, a step up from the Smash and Go with a few more items.

The largest and most popular package that Sin City Smash offers is the Premium Smash, a 25 minutes session with two small items, two medium items, one large item, and 20 fragile items. The other two package options are Smash Parties for 4 or 6, allowing you to take a whole group.

  1. The Wreck Room Las Vegas

Another popular rage room in Las Vegas, Nevada is the Wreck Room. The Wreck Room is a destruction experience in Las Vegas, a short drive West of the Strip.

Smash things for fun, stress relief, or safe aggression expression. The Wreck Room facility is fully air-conditioned with changing rooms and lockers for personal belongings. Each of the four camera-monitored rage rooms is stainless steel and the size of a two-car garage.

At the Wreck Room, you can get two different packages. The Wrecking Package is a thirty-minute session that includes 15 small items, five medium items, and one large item.

You will have an arsenal of weapons such as crowbars and baseball bats to choose from. In the XL Wrecking Package, you will still have thirty minutes and quite the arsenal of weapons, but it includes 25 small items, ten medium items, and two large items.

Please note that whatever package you settle for, you will be given protective gear, including coveralls, face shields, gloves, and vests, and all these are included in the pricing and are mandatory.

  1. Axe Monkeys

Although Axe Monkeys is a well-known axe-throwing facility, they also have a functional Rage Room. Axe Monkey is located on the east side of the Las Vegas airport and just a few minutes’ drive from the Strip in Las Vegas. In order to use the Axe Monkeys Rage Room, you are expected to book your session, go through the quick safety tutorial, choose a weapon, and then go ahead to start smashing things as you so wish.

Interestingly, one thing that makes Axe Monkeys stand out is that customers are given the option to choose a soundtrack for their session so they can have the perfect background music to fuel their experience. Axe Monkeys has hour-long sessions, much longer than many other rage rooms. Book by the person, but feel free to bring groups along for the fun as well.

  1. ESCAPEability Escape Room

Lastly, another popular rage room in Las Vegas, Nevada that you should consider is ESCAPEability Escape Room. ESCAPEability Escape Room is a rage room that specializes in creating a unique and immersive experience for all customers!

ESCAPEability Escape Room believes in creating an interesting storyline in which the player can feel they are the protagonist in a treacherous journey! ESCAPEability Escape Room facilities are composed of 5 different escape room experiences.

In order from easiest to hardest, the rooms they offer are Escape from Mars, Cabin in the Woods, Pompeii, Casino Takeover (which is a team vs. team style room that fits up to 20 participants), and The Forest of Despair. They also offer a party room for those looking to celebrate a special occasion.

In Conclusion,

These are the major rage rooms in Las Vegas, and it is important to note that there are other rage rooms that may not be listed here but exist in Las Vegas. So, if you are in Las Vegas, then you can explore the city in search of a rage room especially if the rage room you are looking for is not listed in this article.