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How Big Should a Rage Room Be? What is the Best Size?

How big a rage room should be will vary depending on the personal preference and purpose of the business owner as well as available resources and capital.

However, when looking to develop a rage room, you should make sure it is large enough to accommodate a person or a group of people safely. According to industry experts, the appropriate size of a rage room is around 200 square feet (18.5 square meters).

Note that this size guarantees a good level of movement and swinging of objects without feeling too tight. Howbeit, it is very possible to find larger rage rooms with around 400-600 square feet (37-56 square meters).

If you can afford or already have more space available, it’s always advisable to go for a larger area to ensure that your clients can relish a comfortable and immersive experience. Rage rooms, also referred to as anger rooms or smash rooms, are locations where individuals can literally smash items to ease up their aggression or for stress relief.

Some would require clients to come with their own items to smash, while others make available things for clients to smash. If you appreciate the idea and intend to help people get relieved, then this is a lucrative endeavor to consider.

Practical Sizes of a Rage Room

Just as was noted above, the ideal size for a rage room will vary depending on factors such as owners’ precise needs, available space, and amenities planned for prospective clients. Nevertheless, to provide a comprehensive insight into the right size of a rage room, below are practical sizes;

Small Rage Room

Small rage rooms measure around 100 to 300 square feet (9 to 28 square meters). Although not as massive as most people would like, this particular room is ideal for individual or small-group sessions and gives room for moderate movements as well as the smashing of smaller items including plates, bottles, or small electronics.

Medium Rage Room

A medium rage room is bigger than a small rage room but nowhere near a big one. These rage rooms tend to measure around 300 and 600 square feet (28 to 56 square meters). These rooms can sufficiently contain more people and larger groups who would relish having more space to move around.

Large Rage Room

To be considered as a large rage room, note that it will have to measure around 600 square feet (56 square meters) and beyond. Note that these massive rooms will most definitely contain larger groups, corporate events, or team-building activities.

It also has enough space to play host to numerous activities, which include breaking several objects simultaneously or organizing complex setups for destruction.

Factors That Determine How Big a Rage Room Should Be

  1. Available Space

This is without doubt one of the critical factors that will dictate the size of your rage room. Note that the space you have available will decide the concepts and layout of your rage room. Owing to that, always make sure that the space you rent, lease, or purchase will be adequate to accommodate your clients comfortably and ensure that they can safely engage in destructive activities.

  1. Type of Activities

A rage room can offer a wide range of activities, and the ones you decide to provide will dictate the amount of space you need. If your intention is to provide a basic experience that will more or less include breaking small items such as plates or bottles, you can consider putting together a small rage room.

But, if your plan is to put out large items like furniture or appliances, or if you intend to create a platform that ensures that your clients can take part in more energetic movements, then you must definitely consider a larger room.

  1. Capacity and Target Audience

This is indeed another factor that will impact your choices. Have in mind that the maximum number of clients you want to serve at a time will decide the amount of space you should get. Most often, your rage room will have to play host to individual sessions, small groups, or larger events.

Owing to that, it is imperative you consider your target audience and the number of clients you will want to serve when making the size decision for your rage room.

  1. Safety Considerations

Rage room owners or operators should always consider the safety of their clients in anything they do, even when making the decision of how big the facility should be. It is important that a rage room has adequate space to guarantee that clients can swing and smash safely without risking injury to themselves or others.

The room should also be adequate enough to feature certain clearance and safety measures, including things like protective barriers and sufficient ventilation.


Just as was noted above, the ideal size for a rage room will vary depending on factors such as owners’ precise needs, available space, and amenities planned for prospective clients. However, when looking to develop a rage room, it is always recommended you make sure that it is large enough to accommodate the people taking part in the activities your rage room has to offer.