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Where Do Rage Rooms Get Their Stuff?

The exact place rage room businesses get the items clients smash vary from one business to another; however, most often, these businesses source items from wholesalers, thrift stores, or garage sales.

A good number of these establishments also receive donations from individuals or businesses who want to do away with unwanted or broken objects. Modern rage rooms create a platform that lets clients come with items they intend to smash as long as it meets their specifications and guidelines.

Note that items clients smash in these rooms include things like glass bottles, ceramic plates, electronic appliances, and furniture, as well as other things that can be smashed or destroyed easily. Most often, these businesses provide clients with safety equipment including helmets, goggles, gloves, and coveralls.

This is to make sure that the client doesn’t get injured while engaging in the services offered in these facilities. It is also important that rage room businesses make sure every item smashed in their facilities is safe to destroy and wouldn’t in any way cause health concerns for customers after a session.

Kids below the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian. Don’t forget the importance of protecting vital things such as room lighting, cables, switches, and HVAC systems from being damaged. Install these things away from the center of the room, precisely in hidden corners, and use protection when necessary.

5 Places Rage Rooms Source Their Stuff

Just as it was noted above, the exact place rage room businesses get the items clients smash vary from one business to another; however, note that these businesses source items from a wide range of sources. These sources include;

  1. Donation

You have to understand that this is one of the most common ways these businesses get items for clients to smash. People always have items to trash or send to the garbage, as such properly run rage rooms seek innovative ways to reach these people before the trash gets to the waste management firm or trash company.

Note that these items will most often include old furniture, electronics, glassware, or other items that these individuals no longer find useful.

  1. Thrift stores and second hand markets

Thrift stores and secondhand markets are brick-and-mortar stores where anyone can purchase donated secondhand goods. These stores from time immemorial have served as the perfect retail outlet to source second-hand goods that clients can smash. In these places, rage room businesses can find a wide array of inexpensive objects that can be broken safely.

  1. Salvage yards

A good number of rage rooms also search through items in these places to find something convenient and safe for clients to break.

Some even go as far as setting up a deal with a local dump or recycling facility to pick up large batches of trashed appliances, bookshelves, and other items. Have it in mind that these locations tend to have a wide range of materials that can be safely broken and disposed of afterward.

  1. Local Online Garage Sales or Classifieds

Local online garage sales and classifieds are still one of the best places rage rooms source items. They are e-commerce apps where you can acquire local secondhand goods to pick up in person. These online options are known to offer the same types of items through an upgraded platform with pictures and filters.

As a rage room operator or owner, you can scroll through at all hours of the day and night especially since a good number of these platforms are known to be free to use.

  1. Manufacturing surplus

You will also find that a good number of rage rooms reach out to manufacturing companies to make purchases of surplus items. Most often, these items are already damaged, outdated, or in some other scenarios unsuitable for sale but can still be broken safely within a controlled environment.

If you are looking to open or you already manage a rage room, reach out to manufacturers or distributors in your area to reach an agreement.


Truth be told, the exact place rage room businesses get the items clients smash vary from one business to another. However, coupled with the sources noted above, other places to consider include local classifieds, used equipment wholesale, construction sites, back doors of local supermarket chains, computer repair stores, restaurants, and moving companies.

Don’t also forget to get some solid cleaning equipment, including a high-power vacuum, broom, dustpan, and heavy-duty gloves to ensure that you can conveniently and promptly pick up the mess after each rage room session.