Are you about starting a record label business? If YES, here are 50 catchy creative record label name ideas you can use for effective brand identity creation. If you are planning to start a record label, then one of the things you should pay attention to is the name you will call the record label.

This is so because the name of a business is important when it comes to how and what people think of not only the record label but also the owner of the business. The name of a business gives a picture of the type of brand the business wants to be seen as and of course the level of commitment they have for the industry.

In most countries of the world, you cannot register a business without first bringing up a name. You also need to check with the business registration agency in your state, province, or country to be sure that the name is available and that you can freely use it for your record label.

How to Name your Record Label

The essence of this article is to give you some of the clues you should follow if you want to name a record label business. When it comes to choosing a name for a record label company, there is no hard and fast rule. One of the clues is that the name should be similar to what is obtainable in the record label industry.

You should also make sure that the name of your record label is not a misrepresentation of what the business is all about, and that the name of the business is not very similar to any well-known record label. You may want to also make sure that a domain name is available for whatever business name you choose for your record label.

You can decide to choose a recording label company name, as long as it is a name that will not portray your record label company wrongly. You may consider checking out names of existing record labels, to have an inkling on how to choose yours.

If you go through the names of some of the leading brands in the record label industry, you will observe a sharp contrast. You can hardly notice a specific pattern.

One common factor that you will notice is that fact that at least you should have the word ‘labels’, ‘records’ and ‘music’ in whatever name you decide to call your record label company. Here are few catchy names that you can choose to use as a record label company name;

Catchy Creative Record Label Names

  1. Dexterity Record Label Company
  2. Crystals Music Group
  3. Coasters Records, Inc.
  4. Nationwide Record Label
  5. Classic Music Group
  6. 90Degrees Record Label
  7. Sunny Snipes Music Group
  8. Ashen Vibes® Record Label, Inc.
  9. Sunny Side® Record Label, LLC
  10. Cloud Base® Record Label, Inc.
  11. Oak Base® Record Label, LLC
  12. New Leaf™ Record Label, Inc.
  13. Star Network® Record Label, Inc.
  14. We Rule® Record Label, LLC
  15. Sandy Lee® Record Label, LLC
  16. Roe Graham® Record Label, Inc.
  17. Teine Ba® Record Label, LLC
  18. Rihana Beckett® Record Label, Inc.
  19. Nunez Perez® Record Label, Inc.
  20. Lars Waves® Record Label, LLC
  21. Finnegan Maxen® Record Label, LLC
  22. Ten O’clock® Record Label, LLC
  23. Roe Bush® Record Label, Inc.
  24. Addison Group® Record Label, LLC
  25. Altham Feathers® Record Label, Inc.
  26. Pure Bliss® Record Label, Inc.
  27. Furrow Phoenix® Record Label, Inc.
  28. Joe Hendrix® Record Label, LLC
  29. Lionel Michie® Record Label, Inc.
  30. Magic Raves® Record Label, Inc.
  31. Ray Power® Record Label, Inc.
  32. Max Group® Record Label, Inc.
  33. Classic Group® Record Label, LLC.
  34. Trinidad Triona® Record Label, LLC
  35. Luton Town™ Record Label, Inc.
  36. Preston Parus® Record Label, Inc.
  37. DMD Group® Record Label, Inc.
  38. DMX Group™ Record Label, Inc.
  39. Jay June™ Record Label, Inc.
  40. Full Energy® Record Label, LLC
  41. Once More® Record Label, LLC
  42. Hearty Tunes® Record Label, Inc.
  43. Free Beats® Record Label, Inc.
  44. Arnold Walter® Record Label, Inc.
  45. Jack O’Brian® Record Label, LLC
  46. Water Mark® Record Label, Inc.
  47. Ethan Dynasty® Record Label, LLC
  48. Black Street® Record Label, Inc.
  49. Kendrick Malone® Record Label, Inc.
  50. Tiger Hype® Record Label, Inc.
  51. Steady Rhymes® Record Label, Inc.
  52. Bennard Macho® Record Label, Inc.
  53. Flourish Group® Record Label, Inc.
  54. Calvin Bird® Record Label, Inc.
  55. Jimmy Candice® Record Label, LLC.
  56. Fair-haired Moon® Record Label, Inc.
  57. Golden Trumpet© Record Label, Inc.

List of Popular Record Label Names 

What’s in a name? These are the most popular record label brands in the music industry. They have produced artistes in the past and present who have made great hits. Some of these artistes have soared so high, as their albums sold platinum and even double platinum.

Most of these music labels have music artistes from all the continents of the world and not just the country were they are registered. Here are some record labels known by all and sundry…

  • Warner Music Group
  • EMI
  • Sony (known as CBS Records until January 1991, then known as Sony Music thereafter)
  • BMG
  • Universal Music Group
  • PolyGram
  • Atlantic Record Label
  • Neutron Label (Own by ABC)
  • Island Records, Ltd.

In conclusion,

There you have it, 6o unique business name ideas for a record label. Please note that in as much as naming your business is your sole responsibility, it is important to ask for the opinion of people that are close to you before settling on a name. With that, you can be sure that the name you gave your record label will be acceptable to your target market.