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How to Write a Valet Trash Proposal [Sample Template]

People at every stage of the socioeconomic pyramid want unrestricted access to convenient trash removal. However, while municipal services tend to fall short of actualizing this aim, privatized trash removal is currently providing residents with the much-needed waste collection and management.

If don’t mind getting sweaty and doing the necessary work, a valet trash service business can be extremely lucrative. A proposal letter is a professional document that introduces your valet trash service business to an important recipient who holds a decision-making role.

This letter tries to convince the recipient to read a full document with supporting information, or it can be the proposal itself. While they can be used for a vast range of purposes, such as requesting a loan, a proposal letter is very important because it is normally the first impression your recipient has of you and your valet trash service business.

Steps to Write an Excellent Valet Trash Proposal

Things to include in your proposal letter will vary based on the project or the objectives you intend to achieve with your proposal. Here are simple steps to help you put out a good valet trash service proposal;

  1. Introduce yourself and provide background information

The primary aim of your proposal’s introduction is to gain and keep the interest of your reader. Note that this paragraph will have to include basic information about your valet trash service company and an overview of the topic to make it clear what the recipient will be reading.

If your proposal letter is meant to serve as a follow-up to a meeting, then it would be nice to briefly mention the meeting in the opening statements for context. If your business already has a relationship with your letter’s recipient, don’t forget to include this also.

  1. Note your purpose for the proposal

While a proposal letter can be used for a vast range of purposes, have in mind that your purpose here is to offer your valet trash service.

Whether it is working with singular apartment renters, multifamily units, or senior care facilities, you will need to state the services you offer and how they will benefit your reader. Some valet trash pickup outfits only work with standard household garbage while others will take away everything from electronics to furniture.

  1. Highlight what sets you apart

This is where you have to concisely state the values that set your valet trash service business apart from others. This might include experience working with similar buildings or outlining a unique process that proffers better results. It might also be the unique services you offer that other valet trash businesses do not.

By taking time to state this, you may find that not only are they interested in trash valet for their residents, but that they are interested in your add-on services as well. When highlighting your key differentiators, you could use bullet points to list your features so they’re easier to read.

  1. Briefly discuss the budget and how funds will be used

Price or cost is very vital for decision-makers. Depending on your reason for writing a proposal letter, you may have to include how much your services will cost the reader. You will probably not need to include a full account of costs, but making available a general idea of the budget will give them a better look at your services and also decide if they can afford you.

  1. Finish with a call to action and request a follow-up

A call to action is a request for your reader to take certain necessary steps. It is also meant to create urgency for them to move forward. Have it in mind that this can genuinely increase the chances that they will respond.

This call to action might be to simply reply to your proposal or reach out to you via call if they want more information. Do not forget to include your intentions to follow up as this makes it clear that you are serious about your proposal. Ensure to let them know the exact day you will contact them again so they can expect your call or email.

  1. Close the letter and provide contact details

At this point, thank the recipient for their time and consideration of your proposal and also encourage them to contact you if they have further questions. Ensure to end the letter with a professional closing, like “Sincerely” or “Regards,” followed by a comma. Also, remember to write your name a few lines below before signing your name above your typed name.

Tips to Help You Write a Good Valet Trash Services Proposal

There are three viable ways you can reach out to your new lead: phone, in-person, or email. All three have their pros and cons. However, once you have their attention, consider positively leveraging these tips to convert them into clients.

  1. Offer Solutions

When writing your proposal, always strive to focus on the apartment community’s objective. Ensure you offer solutions to problems and things will go very smoothly from that point on.

Consider using leading questions such as, do you have any problems with trash around the community, or what interests you most about our apartment trash and recycling service? Note that asking these types of questions will give room for the apartment or community manager to tell you the particular problem they want you to solve.

  1. Build Connections

It is vital to the success of your business and proposal to start building connections from the first contact and continue that through your sales presentation. If you can do this with the person you are meeting with, there is a greater possibility you will close your valet trash deal earlier and also retain more clients.

You can try to relate to the client by beholding something on their desk, a pamphlet, or giving them a small marketing item from your valet trash business.

  1. Body Language

Ensure to read the body language of your customer to note if your price may be an issue. You should also be ready to offer other valet trash pricing options. Remember to start higher and work your way down if need be. If pricing turns out to be an issue, either lower your price to suit a competitor or keep the price the same and offer more value. Value-added options to consider include:

  • Pool Furniture Reset
  • Light Cleaning
  • Trash-Out Services Following a Vacancy
  • Breezeway Blowing
  • Common Area Collection
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Light Audits
  1. Added Value

In your proposal, always highlight the value of the valet trash amenity by focusing on the secondary income the property management can generate. Note that these are just some of the few benefits your valet trash service business can offer to clients and their properties.

Don’t forget to include an extensive list of advantages or reasons why your service will help set their community apart from the others in the area.

  1. Call To Action

Ensure to answer all questions and leverage a closing call to action at the end of the meeting. A good example would be; when would be a good day to incorporate our services into your community? Note that you are requesting they provide you with an answer for moving forward. If they avoid it, then you should be ready with your rebuttals and everything will surely work out fine.

Sample Valet Trash Proposal Template

Martins Shaw

CEO, Global Property Management

45Abraham Lincoln Drive

Washington, DC20232

Dear Mr. Martins,

This letter is in respect to our earlier discussion at the Governor’s Ball last weekend. Neighborhood Waste Handlers is a well-known waste collection and management company with divisions in many cities in the State of Washington DC. We offer waste collection and management services in the cities of Adam Morgan and Chevy Chase, including Bloomingdale and many of your neighbors in Richland.

We would cherish the opportunity to contract with your property management firm and extend our service area to include your growing community of apartments. We strongly believe our proposal will meet or align with your expectations and requirements. We will reach out to schedule a meeting on May 20th.

Thank you for your anticipated consideration!


Friday Webster

Managing Director

Neighborhood Waste Handlers

Services Provided

Neighborhood Waste Handler remains a full-service disposal company and we can guarantee proper disposal of all your trash and waste. We offer the following services:

  • Trash and recycling arrangements for apartment communities: Neighborhood Waste Handlers can deliver bins to various types of buildings, and pick them up afterward.
  • Rentals of large containers and dumpsters for temporary use: When you have a major construction project or cleanup taking place, we can deliver an appropriately sized container for your waste, and arrange a pickup schedule to meet your needs.
  • Toxic waste disposal: No community wants prescription drugs, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, and other toxic waste dumped into drains or household water systems. Our toxic waste drop-off centers also accept paint, batteries, fluorescent, neon light bulbs, and so much more. Neighborhood Waste Handlers operates several toxic waste drop-off centers near Richland.
  • Curbside pickup and disposal of trash and recyclables for residences and businesses: This service can be arranged on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and we can also plan for special pickups outside of our scheduled truck runs.
  • Removal of junk and oversize items: Whether you have old car tires you can’t transport to the dump or you’re emptying an abandoned house for remodeling, call us and we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Shredding: When you have a lot of shredding to do, we can rent you a commercial shredder or do the shredding for you at our processing sites.


Residential Services

  • Weekly curbside garbage pickup: $32.00
  • Monthly curbside garbage pickup: $21.00
  • Recycling fees: $0.00
  • Yard and food waste – bi-weekly pickup: $25.00

Commercial Services

  • Weekly container pickup: $72.00
  • Monthly container pickup: $51.00