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Components of a Valet Trash Contract [Sample Template for 2024]

The valet trash service sector of the waste management industry has witnessed massive growth owing to the convenience it accords users and property managers.

Also known as the premier waste and door-to-door recycling service offered by a company to clients living in communities, apartments, student housing, and condominiums, these services are necessary where property managers cannot provide waste collection benefits to residents.

Companies in this line of business provide property owners with a no-risk extra revenue stream that will surely grow their net income.

What residents of the apartment need to do is tie their bagged waste and place it into the containers provided by the valet trash service company and leave it on their doorstep for pickup. After the valet picks up all the community’s trash, they deliver it to the compactor or dumpster.

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Have it in mind that everyone takes advantage of these collection services, unlike certain property perks like laundry room or pool that not all residents use. They also help to relieve the burden of carrying bags of trash down numerous flights of stairs.

Note that agreements between a valet trash company and property managers need written contracts. Note that well-detailed contracts provide individuals and businesses with a legal document that notes the expectations and duties of both parties and how critical situations will be analyzed.

Once you’ve put together all the logistics necessary to run your business, you must find a good contract template and schedule that will have your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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Basic Components of a Valet Trash Contract Template 

Note that there are numerous things to consider when filling out a contract template. To help ensure you do it right, here are the basic components of a valet trash service contract template to consider. 

  1. Benefits

A contract has to, in very elaborate details, note the benefits of the services you will be offering your clients. For instance, your valet trash service contract will be expected to note the number of times a week you will be picking up the trash.

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It is also necessary that your contract include specific dates and the estimated timings as well. While this may seem excessive to you, have in mind that it will paint a good image of professionalism and reliability in the mind of your clients, and this can be quite crucial to the success of your business. 

2. Duration

A valet trash service contract is also expected to state the duration of the business agreement. Most often, the contract is either renewed monthly or annually, depending on the exact option very suitable for each client. Companies in this line of business are most often advised to go for the monthly option, especially if you are just starting and want your clients to try out your service first.

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Sometimes, you may not be convinced that a particular client is suitable for your business. Therefore, a monthly contract offers you the opportunity to analyze and decide if this type of client is what you want in your business. You also have annual or multi-annual options.

Have it in mind that this option is better since you get a secured income and won’t have to bother about losing your client soon.

3. Price & Payment Terms

Just like with any other contract, you must specify the amount that will be paid by your client. Note that this is very important regardless of the client you are working with; be it the housing company, a landlord, or the communities’ regional leader. Always make sure your contract comes with clear payment terms to ensure you avoid any issues in that line.

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Make sure to include a payment schedule and late payment fees if you’ll be applying it. If the contract is multi-year, then it should be explicitly stated if there will be an annual increase in fees. For instance, state the specific percentage that will be added to the current agreed-upon amount.

4. Cancellation Terms

It is also important to state any reason or event that will render the contract void. This is one genuine way to ensure you are protecting your interests and income, as well as your clients. Truth be told, your client will also feel safe and protected, and this will also make them more likely to sign on with you for a longer duration, which is good news for your business.

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5. Liabilities

Just like it was noted, one of the primary objectives of a contract is to note the expectations and duties of both parties and how critical situations will be analyzed. Owing to that, your valet trash service contract must contain a clear indication of the responsibilities of each of the parties. This is to guarantee a smooth and efficient running of the operation and avoid any issues.

6. Renewal Terms

Your contract will also be expected to contain how the renewal procedure will be processed. For instance, your client can decide on an automatic contract renewal unless otherwise noted in the agreement.

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7. Logistics

This is very important because it explains how the trash will be collected. While valet trash service companies often move door-to-door in an apartment complex, it still important you specify how the trash will be collected. For instance, if there is a garbage chute then you’ll pick it up from there. Irrespective of the sort of client you cater to, it is important you have a clear plan in place for the pick-up.

8. Recycling

If you intend to offer your clients an option for recycling, then you must state this in the contract. Also, make sure you put in place a clear way of differentiating the bags containing the recyclables versus other trash. You can consider leveraging the traditional blue bags for recycling and the white bags for the regular trash.

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Important Clauses You Must Include in your Contract

Indeed, a well-detailed contract reduces the possibilities of a lawsuit since every possible situation is already defined under varying circumstances. There are important clauses to consider when you and your lawyer draw up your trash valet service contract. They include;

  1. Valet Trash Service Guidelines

Indeed, this clause is very important to ensure you note the nature of the service provided. This clause will more or less include:

  • The nature of the services
  • Acceptable waste and recycling materials
  • Holidays when service will not be provided

2. Valet Trash Service Limitations of Liability

Another provision that is very important in your valet trash service contracts is the limitations of the liability clause. Have it in mind that this clause limits the damages that can be recovered to a certain dollar amount, however, note that the amount can be set arbitrarily.

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Depending on the subject matter of the contract, courts are known to mandate a requirement that the amount is reasonable else the clause will be considered unenforceable. While the importance of this clause needs no explanation, it is dumbfounding to note that a good number of people and businesses tend to overlook this clause and are flabbergasted to learn of its presence when it is already too late.

3. Valet Trash Service Fee

This is, without doubt, the first clause to infuse in your contract. In legal terms, a fee is called ‘consideration,’ and without consideration, there is no binding contract. Note that this has to be at least $1 and as the owner/entrepreneur, you want to be explicitly clear on the service fee and when you expect this fee to be paid.

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Also, remember to include the interest charged for late invoices. To ensure that your contract is simple and easy to comprehend, consider creating a separate Schedule B for the pricing structure.

Have it in mind that Schedule B will have been easily sighted in the contract to validate that it is a binding agreement and part of the main contract. Schedule B will also have to carry the number of pick-up nights, the actual nights of service, the contractual term or length of the service, and the number of units, also known as doors.

4. Valet Trash Termination

Note that this clause is designed to outline the steps to be taken, by both parties, when the term (length) of the contract has been reached and is not being renewed. Just like in any other business contract, the termination clause is very crucial to the valet trash service provider since they also carry details regarding the trash containers and how to handle them when the contract ends.