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10 Best Security Training for Hotel Staff

Do you run a hotel and you are considering what type of security training to give your staff? If YES, here are companies that offer security training for hotel staff.

One thing every successful hotel has is consistency. Hotels operate and build large brands off the idea that they can be consistent in every aspect when delivering a guest experience. One simple way that hotels express this consistency is through the policies and procedures they leverage for maintaining guest security.

Most hotels have their own policies and procedures in place regarding the safety and security of hotel guests. But irrespective of the differences in the way hotels handle security, it is imperative that all employees are adequately trained on their company’s policies for maintaining a safe environment.

While established policies help, being able to carry out the plan on a daily basis can sometimes be a struggle. One way to effectively manage these challenges is through constant and effective training for employees.

Once you begin your training of new hires, it is crucial to consider the safety features of your building and what areas are seen to be most important for staff training. For example, many newer hotels are fitted with advanced lock systems that prohibit hacking.

Ensuring that hotel staff are properly trained on how to maintain these locks and protect against manipulation is very important. Proper training will provide an employee with a sense of confidence on how to react to a serious situation. Here are ideal security training for hotel staff and the companies that offer them.

Best Security Training for Hotel Staff

  1. Computer Security

Your hotel computers likely have important information that you want to keep safe. Your employees would never knowingly share this information, but they might not be aware of all of the best practices to keep your computers and information safe.

That is where computer security training comes in. Note that a professional will come in and teach you and your employees strategies and best practices for day to day computer usage. This training will help ensure that your computers and the information they store remain secure.

Best Companies
  • Infosec Institute
  • USI
  • Reliance Security Training Academy
  1. Hotel Security Awareness and Service

In this hospitality course, employees learn ways to become part of the security team of your organization by using effective procedures and tools to detect, and respond and take action on events that may threaten you or your organization.

Hotel security management awareness is a process, not an event and its procedures work best when people work together. It is very imperative that you know and understand that security at a hotel property is everyone’s responsibility. Trained and alert employees are essential to keeping the hotel safe.

Best Companies
  • American Hospitality Academy
  • Udemy
  1. CPR/First Aid

If you don’t work in the medical field, chances are you and your employees are not trained in CPR or basic first aid. However, in the event of an emergency in your hotel, having these trainings can be extremely valuable.

Every day accidents like choking on your lunch, tripping over a loose electrical cord, or accidentally ingesting a food to which you are allergic can require medical attention in a hotel setting. In the time it takes to contact and wait for medical professionals, these issue can get worse.

Therefore CPR and First Aid training can ensure that anyone who has an accident in the office receives immediate attention. This type of training is a good idea to be prepared for emergencies and to ensure that your employees are safe and secure.

Best Companies
  • American Red Cross.
  • American Heart Association.
  • National Safety Council.
  • EMS Safety Services Inc.
  • American Safety & Health Institute.
  1. Security Awareness Training

This has become increasingly important over the last few years as cybercrime has exploded. A similar explosion in the security awareness industry has happened; new vendors popping up and old vendors adding Security Awareness Training capability to their portfolio.

Choosing the right Security Awareness Training vendor is an important exercise. You need to find the right type of product; one that balances cost, package scope, and meets staff needs.

Best Companies
  • KnowB4
  • Cybrary
  • PhishLabs
  1. Mental Health Instruction

Another valuable type of security training that hotels can benefit from is mental health instruction. Many people struggle with mental health issues and do not share their struggles with their co-workers.

For this reason, it is necessary for employees to know proper behaviors to interact with one another. Additionally, this training can help your employees look for warning signs that their co-workers might be struggling with mental health issues.

Finally, the training will provide your employees with instructions and tools to act appropriately when they are aware a co-worker is struggling with mental health issues.

Best Companies

  • Mental Health America
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  1. Hotel Security Program

Security practices in hotels are different from those in other businesses, and the security guards should be aware of the security risks to the hotels. The trainees will learn different techniques to secure the hotel from internal and external threats during the hotel security guard training.

Best Companies

  • Udemy
  • American Hospitality Academy
  1. Travel Security

Traveling leaves people vulnerable to specific threats such as theft, accidents, and more! This type of training will teach your employees best practices to handle traveling guests in order to keep their belongings and themselves safe. This training can be very beneficial to employees in a hotel setting in order to keep them safe.

Best Companies

  • Infosec Institute
  • USI
  1. Security Supervisor or Manager Training

This course is offered to the security personnel who has already been promoted as a supervisor or the individual who wants to take this training to increase awareness.

The course runs for a week and trainees will learn leadership, management, legal and official documentation, as well as preparing of different types of reports. The course mainly focuses on managerial roles, the state security regulation, and federal criminal law. The course duration is 5days or not longer than a week.

Best Companies

  • Skill Security HQ
  • Reliance Security Training Academy
  1. Active Shooter

Everyone hopes that they don’t use what they learnt in active shooter training. However, having active shooter training at your hotel is a good idea. This type of training will help teach your employees how to act in an active shooter situation.

It will go over proper reactions and protocol to keep everyone safe when faced with this situation. In addition to proper reactions, your security trainer will help develop a clear plan to stay safe, exit the building, and alert the proper authorities.

Best Companies

  • ALICE Training
  • Vector Solution
  • Compliance Training Group
  1. Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace safety also another important part of the security guard duty. Although workplace safety is maintained by the safety officer, security staff are the main ones who manage the safety procedure. In this course, they will learn safety management, Conflict resolution, and the control of substance hazardous to health (CSHH), fire prevention, and safety evacuation.

Best Companies

  • The University of Utah.
  • The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
  • The University of Central Missouri.
  • The University of Washington.