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How to Properly Sanitize a Hotel Jacuzzi

Did you just lodge in a hotel and you are wondering how you can sanitize your hotel Jacuzzi? If YES, here are tips on how to properly sanitize a hotel Jacuzzi.

By their nature, Jacuzzi’s present a bacteria risk that swimming pools do not. According to experts, there are certain types of microorganisms that seem to proliferate in them. In addition, warm water opens the pores of the body. The dirt, oil, and microscopic particles lurking within come out and could pass into the open pores of the other bathers and this can lead to a lot of superficial skin infections. Jacuzzi are frequent transfer stations for bacteria.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a common bacterial infection, is so strongly associated with tubs and Jacuzzi, and their main symptom has been dubbed “tub rash.” Those afflicted experience inflammation, itching, and pus-filled blisters around hair follicles, particularly on areas of the body that were covered by a swimsuit and hence absorb a lot of Jacuzzi water.

Have it in mind that the warm water increases bacteria and uses up chlorine quicker. Also, the steam from a Jacuzzi creates an additional mode by which bacteria spreads. Of course, not all bacteria or viruses will make people sick.

However, if you want to risk it and soak in that glorious Jacuzzi in your hotel room, it is advisable you squirt shampoo in the tub and run the water on hot for a minute to decrease the number of germs present—or bring your own supply of disinfectant. Instead of soaking in that tub, some experts suggest sticking to the shower.

11 Steps to Sanitize a Hotel Jacuzzi

One of the amenities you can freely enjoy in a hotel is to have your own Jacuzzi tub. Whether you are a traveler or a hotelier, it’s helpful to know how to clean a hotel Jacuzzi tub so you can enjoy the experience better. Things you need include; Vinegar, Baking soda, Dish washing liquid or powder, Bleach, Soft cloth, Toothbrush, Measuring cup, Dental floss, Bucket, or basin. The steps to take include;

  1. Switch on the faucet, and flush out any accumulated gunk from the internal plumbing of the tub.
  2. Wipe any debris or hair from the basin.
  3. Fill the tub until it reaches a couple of inches above the jets of your Jacuzzi.
  4. If you feel the tub is dirtier than usual, fill it with hot water and be careful not to scald yourself.
  5. Use a cleaning agent. You can make two mixtures: Add two cups of vinegar to the water. The acidity will dissolve any stubborn build up in your tub. Or you Add ½ cup of bleach, with teaspoon servings of liquid or powdered dish washing Detergent. However, remember that some manufacturers don’t recommend bleach, so always check with your manufacturer for any instructions.
  6. Switch off your tub’s air induction valves. This will allow water to keep circulating through the tub’s internal plumbing. The concentrated flow of water in this area will deep clean your tub’s plumbing.
  7. Turn the jets on full power for 15 minutes so you can wash out debris from the plumbing.
  8. Drain water from the Jacuzzi, and fill it up with warm water again. Repeat step 6.
  9. Scrub the Jacuzzi using a soft cloth with baking soda. Leave this mixture for several minutes.
  10. Make use of a soft and damp cloth to scrub away the grime, making sure not to rub roughly to protect your tub’s material.
  11. Grab a toothbrush and gently scrub the nozzles of your jets. If you notice more stubborn muck, use dental floss to remove it from the tub’s contoured trim.
  12. Clean the cover of your air-intake by brushing it with soapy water, rinsing it, and screwing it back to position.
  13. Give the Jacuzzi tub a generous and thorough rinsing.

Have it in mind that you can also use a biofilm remover. Note that this cleaning method should be used on its own and must be a separate process from a regular tub cleaning. A biofilm is a natural but stubborn film that is created by biological materials, like mold and mildew.