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How to Properly Address a Package to a Hotel Guest

How to Address Package to Hotel Guest

Do you have an important package to send to a hotel guest? If YES, here is the best way to send packages to hotel guests to ensure they are received. 

While sending a package to a hotel guest can be a bit difficult, there are various ways you can do that. First, consider that the recipient is less likely to receive the package personally, so remember to be extra careful and vigilant when trying to send your package.

As long as you have the hotel’s contact and address, you can successfully send a package to a hotel guest. All you have to do is address the package to the hotel itself while including the guest’s necessary details, such as their name and room number.

If neither of these details is available or cannot be disclosed, having the package delivered to the hotel’s front desk is enough so that the guest can pick the package themselves. Have it in mind that the whole process of sending a package to a hotel guest remains the same but would mostly require more information and details to ensure that the package will be received.

Note that if the room number is not available, the hotel management can simply run the given name in their system and come up with the guest’s details, assuming that the name you provided matches the guest in their booking and registration.

However, sending a package for an arriving guest would be a bit more complicated, considering that the hotel would have little to no record of the guest. To send a package to an arriving guest, you have to ensure that you send the package in the guest’s name with ‘in care of the hotel’s name and address.

Then, make sure to label it “please hold for guest’s arrival on” and provide the guest’s estimated date and arrival time at the hotel. Once the package is delivered to the hotel, the front desk should note that a package is being held under the guest’s reservation.

Tips to Consider When Addressing and Sending a Package to a Hotel Guest

Even though the whole process is relatively easy, some details and circumstances might go wrong when you send a package to a hotel guest. Here are some tips and things to consider when you’re sending a package to a hotel guest:

  • When sending a package to an arriving guest, always consider sending the package on a date closest to the guest’s arrival. This is to avoid mishandling or being misplaced.
  • For smaller hotels, a package received during the weekends can only be dealt with on Monday morning, assuming that only a few personnel are authorized to go through the package. In this kind of situation, there will be a chance that the guest would have checked out even before the hotel realizes that there is a package delivered to them.
  • One way to make sure that your a package is delivered is to make a quick phone call to the hotel and let them know that you would like to send a package or package to a guest or an arriving guest. By doing so, the hotel will prepare the necessary arrangements needed to receive and deliver the package properly to the guest.
  • In cases where the package for the guest is not successfully delivered, the next course of action is to return the package to the sender
  • You will also have to ensure your package is labeled and addressed correctly. This means using sturdy packaging, ensuring that any gaps are filled with packaging materials to stop it from sliding around and that it is securely closed up with strong box tape.
  • Taking out insurance on your parcel may seem pointless to some, but insurance can mean that your parcel is not only protected during transit but that if it is damaged, lost or stolen during transit, you’ll receive compensation or equivalent to save you from suffering any financial loss.

How to Properly Address a Package to a Hotel Guest

When addressing, write the address on the largest face and parallel to the longest edge of the package. The address you are shipping to should be written as follows:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Hotel name
  • Recipient room or suite number
  • City, State, and ZIP code (on the same line)
  • Country

The return address should be written in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

  • The return address is not a requirement on all types of packages. However, omitting a return address prevents the USPS from returning the item to you if it is undeliverable. (examples damage, postage due, or an incorrect address)
  • Some classes or types of packages do require a valid return address.
  • The stamp or postage is placed in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope.


Understanding the best way to send a package to hotel guests may come as a handy tool in dire situations. Aside from being able to send an important letter or package, you will also know how and when to follow up on the delivery to ensure that the mail is handled, received, and delivered properly and on-time.

Keep in mind that sending snail-mail would probably take a couple of days to be fully processed. So the earlier you send it out, the better for the recipient.