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5 Best Rollaway Beds for Hotel

Rollaway beds, also known as folding beds, are handy accessories for guest rooms, hotels, and other places that accommodate temporary overnight sleepers.

Most rollaway beds come in hinged metal frames and caster wheels, allowing them to be folded, transported, and stored much more easily than standard bed frames. Rollaway beds sold presently tend to come with mattresses that measure four to six inches thick.

In most cases, these mattresses are made from polyfoam or memory foam. They can typically support up to 400 pounds, making them ideal for single sleepers who are heavier or two lighter individuals. Though prices vary, most rollaway beds are available for less than $500.

The quality of foam used in the mattress and the springs matter, and of course the pillow you use. When high-quality memory foam is used, and a trampoline mesh base is used to enhance support and comfort, the cost will spike.

Rollaway beds are known to carry up to 400 pounds. Howbeit, you should always remind yourself that a rollaway bed is meant for one adult. There’s a lot you can do with standard beds and mattresses that you can’t do with a rollaway bed. Like, you can’t host a party and have more than one person cooling it off on your rollaway bed!

But what happens when you travel with a family member you can’t share a bed with? Perhaps you have traveled with your father; you’d like the same rooms but different beds. This is the point where you call for a rollaway bed. Rollaway beds in hotels can also help you when you have traveled for work with a colleague.

You can save costs by inhabiting the same room, yet enjoy your fulfilling nights in spacious beds. There is no cap on the price that hotels should charge for rollaway beds. While others charge $10 per night, some charge $100 for a single night.

Also, note that it takes effort to set a rollaway bed up, but some hotels are just too ambitious with the price they charge. It goes without saying that the cost you pay for a rollaway bed should be lesser than what you’d pay for a suite with stationery double beds. So you are expected to do the asking and compare the value you’d be getting before choosing your suites.

Best Rollaway Bed for Hotel

When choosing the ideal rollaway bed for your space, your first consideration should be the frequency of use. If you plan to use the rollaway bed occasionally for overnight guests, a less expensive model should be okay. If the rollaway bed will be your primary sleeping surface, or if you plan to have guests for more than 30 consecutive nights, a higher-end model should be higher up on your list. Nonetheless, here are top options to consider for hotels;

  1. The SpaceMaster iBED

This bed is constructed with a tubular steel frame and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is 100 pounds more than most models sold today. It features non-skid feet for safety and has caster wheels for easy storage. The memory foam mattress measures three inches thick, situating sleepers a total of 17” off the ground.

The mattress is supported by a flexible mesh that helps the sleeping surface contour to the sleeper’s body without the discomfort that support slats can cause.

The selling point of the SpaceMaster iBed is its dimensions, which measure just 32” x 36” x 4.5” when folded, making it easy to slide underneath a traditional bed or in a small closet. Reviewers in small spaces rave about the functionality and comfort of this tiny cot, which comes in Hideaway Guest Bed, Rollaway Guest Bed, and X-Large sizes, with the Hideaway Guest Bed being the smallest.

  1. Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed

This bed exemplifies all the best qualities of rollaway beds made today. This bed comes with a 4″ memory foam mattress constructed with a 1″ comfort layer and a 3″ high-density foam base, making it a comfortable option.

The mattress is ‘Medium’ in terms of firmness, and is therefore suitable for most sleepers regardless of their weight. Also, note that this bed is built onto a sturdy steel frame that measures 12″ high. The spring-supported deck provides great mattress support, featuring a weight limit of 350 pounds.

The Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed is available in Twin, Twin XL, and cot sizes. It is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is much longer than the average rollaway bed warranty; many do not come with any sort of warranty coverage.

  1. Linon Home Décor Luxor Folding Bed

The Linon Home Folding Bed is one of the best to consider especially because it is widely available for less than $100. It comes with a mattress that’s topped with a layer of memory foam that measures 4 inches thick for added comfort and support. The mattress is set on a sturdy metal tube frame with wood slat supports and a total weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Casters provide easy mobility, allowing you to roll the bed to and from a closet or alternative storage space. Note that when closed, it measures just 31.5” wide and 13.5” long. Reviewers note that the Linon Folding Bed sets up in just seconds.

  1. Zinus Weekender Elite

Zinus is well known for low mattress prices throughout the mattress industry, and this also extends to its rollaway bed selection. The Weekender Elite remains one of the best because it is widely available for less than $120, but it offers the same convenience and overnight comfort as many of its higher-end competitors.

The 4″ mattress is built with a top layer of fiber padding and a high-density foam base, allowing it to sleep relatively cool compared to all-foam beds.

Have it in mind that the steel frame is outfitted with lightweight mesh wires; the bed itself weighs roughly 31 pounds, making it lighter and easier to store than many rollaway beds sold today. Its weight limit is 250 pounds, making it ideal for single sleepers or children. A storage bag is included with the purchase. The Zinus Weekender Elite is backed by a one-year warranty.

  1. The Milliard Premium Folding Bed

This bed is durable, dependable, and built to support more weight than most models sold today. It also had a robust steel frame that is outfitted with a mesh fabric trampoline deck that can accommodate up to 400 pounds, making it suitable for most couples or single sleepers.

The 4″ mattress is ‘Medium Firm,’ which is ideal for those who weigh 130 pounds or more. Also note that this bed has 360-degree pivoting casters that make it easy to move when folded, and locking wheels that keep the bed in place when in use.

Steel tubing reinforces the bed, which helps it resist wear and tear over time and lengthens its expected lifespan. Brackets are included to attach a headboard and footboard, as well.

  1. Zinus Resort Folding Guest Bed

This bed has a built-in 5″ mattress, which is thicker than most mattresses included with rollaway beds and made with a top layer of memory foam and a high-density polyfoam base. The mattress provides good cushioning and body-conforming to help alleviate aches and pains throughout the sleeper’s body.

Also note that the frame is made of steel and outfitted with metal slats, which offers great mattress support; the weight capacity is about 250 pounds.

The bed measures 19″ high, which is higher than most rollaway beds; this creates abundant storage space underneath. The casters are held in steel frames for added durability and straps are included for easier breakdown and storage. The Zinus Resort Folding Guest Bed is backed by a one-year warranty.


The bed-making industry has been making bold strides at innovating beds that meet the present-day needs of every sleeper. Rollaway beds mark one of the most essential innovations in the industry.

Rollaway beds not only save you space but also gives you the ease you require when moving unlike having a loft bed or bunk bed. With a rollaway bed, you have a guarantee that your guest will have enough space to sleep at night, and by the day, you can reclaim the space for other use.