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50 Best Self Defense Business ideas You Can Start Today

Boxing is a Form of Self Defense

Do you want to make money by helping people stay safe and protecting their home/office? If YES, here are 50 self defense business ideas & opportunities.

It has almost become a norm that not a day goes by without someone getting killed, mugged, raped or abused in different parts of the world. The television, newspapers and social media are replete with heart-wrenching news of varying degrees of attack on individuals and even whole families.

Statistics has it that in the world today, in every 35.4 minutes, a murder happens; in every 6.2 minutes, a rape happens; in every 1.5 minutes, a robbery happens; in every 41.5 seconds an assault happens; and in every 26 seconds, a violent crime happens, and most of these crimes could have been prevented if the victims knew how to protect themselves.

Because of this, businesses that can help educate people on how to defend themselves would be highly profitable wherever it is set up. In starting a business in this niche, a previous background in martial arts, law enforcement, security and/or self-defense training can be a major booster.

If you have such experience and you want to start a business in the self defense niche, here are a few lucrative businesses you can consider.

Best Self Defense Business ideas

1. Self-Defense Training

Self Defense Coaching Business

With the rate of violence noticed in the world today, a lot of people want to learn one form of self-defense skills or the other according to their ability. Training in self-defense can range from basic to extreme depending on the individual, and thus making this a very lucrative business for any entrepreneur.

Clients can pick the kind of training packages they want and are willing to pay for. You can make your business more profitable by offering different types of self defense training. Ensure that you promote your services in conspicuous places in your target area in order to get noticed.

2. Martial arts studio

Martial arts is a great form of self-defense that a lot of people are taking advantage of in today’s precarious world. A martial arts studio could prove to be a rewarding small-business opportunity particularly now that personal safety is an increasing concern.

But you have to note that running a martial arts school with no martial arts or self-defense experience is not going to work. But if a self-defense business appeals to you, get some experience under your belt. You should take some classes so you would know what is involved so as to be able to push your business towards profitability.

Unlike in other businesses where little or no competition is very beneficial, it is generally a good idea to site a martial arts business near other studios. So, look for a neighbourhood that has a number of studios and set your own.

3. Self-defense company instructor

Self Defense Instructor

You can build a lucrative self-defense business in your spare time if you have the right training and skills. Right now there are self defense company instructors earning over $80,000 per year, so if teaching an important life skill to people in your community and earning a living while doing it is something you want to do, then jump right in.

Note that you should be greatly experienced before you can start coaching a company, and you need to device great marketing skills that can appeal to your targeted audience.

4. Set up a shop dedicated to self-defense products

Another lucrative self-defense dedicated idea is to set up a self-defense shop. According to statistics, 24 million people earn their livelihood in the retail sector of the U.S economy.

Even though this data might be for generic retailing, it goes to show what you might stand to gain starting a self defense products store. All you need to do is to stock your shop with different self-defense products and paraphernalia, and begin to market them.

You can start selling personal alarms, stun guns, pepper spray, pepper spray stream, pepper spray gel, pepper spray foam, batons, security cameras, etc. You can market your business to individuals, especially women who reside in areas notorious for crime.

5. Set up a self-defense studio

You can set up your self-defense studio in a wide variety of arenas from a garage to a gymnasium to an empty room at a school etc. All that is necessary is a clear area for movement the size of which should be determined by the number of students in the class.

You can offer several classes including TaeKwonDo, karate, Kickboxing (Low and High Impact), and Weapons classes. Self defense training is physically demanding as the programs push people past what they think is possible, so have to be physically capable of impacting the knowledge.

6. Build self-defense apps

App and Software Development Business

Building and selling of self-defense related software applications is yet another cool way of making money from the self-defense niche of business.

If you are a software developer, then you should consider developing customized software applications that would help people in defending themselves wherever they are and at any time. In marketing your product, you would have to go out of your way to convince stakeholders in the industry to patronize you.

7. Children’s self-defense class

With the rate of attack and kidnap of children, it is no doubt that children also need to be trained on how to defend themselves when they are away from their parents.

In fact, statistics has that a child is bullied or threatened every 7 minutes, so if you love and can work with children, you can set up this business, and market it to parents. If you provide quality service, you would keep getting clients via word of mouth.

8. Business/corporate self defense

With workplace violence now on the rise, business leaders have become more aware of protecting themselves and their staff. Self defense classes can counter these concerns by providing corporate seminars and workshops tailored to the needs of individual businesses and industries.

Violence whether it occurs in the workplace or outside it can cause considerable damage to the employee’s moral, increase work related stress and decrease harmony in the workplace. Companies whose employees feel considerably safe at work will suffer less stress.

9. Survival and Outdoor self defense Training

Wilderness Survival Training Business

This kind of business is mostly suited to those who love adventure but are also safety conscious. You can train people on how to protect themselves if they are on the wild outdoors.

People who go hiking and camping encounter dangers from both humans and animals, and even nature, so they need training on how to keep themselves safe. However, you would need to become a certified instructor and might need to specialize in one or two survival trainings after a careful research on which is likely to bring in more clients or revenue.

10. Train moms on self defense

It is a fact that moms also come under attack, and almost all the traditional self defense systems and techniques across board are geared towards when you are by yourself. It is a completely different ball game when moms are with their children.

Many women feel especially vulnerable when they are pregnant or traveling with a small child who is in a stroller or car seat.

Women may feel like easy targets when they are with their children, and asides the ‘mama bear’ instinct, they have nothing else to fight with. You can set up a studio where you teach moms and intending moms how to defend themselves and their children in the event of an attack.

11. Sell clothes with inbuilt self defense kits

With the world developing at a very fast pace, the fashion industry is also following suit in this fast pace of development. Some fashion houses have been known to produce clothing with in built self defense kits.

If you are in the fashion line and want to help people to protect themselves, you make clothing that have provisions for hiding pepper sprays and the like, or you could take it a step further by adding wallet-friendly, credit-card sized versions of pepper spray, brass knuckles, whistles and pocket knives. You may need to liaise with security operatives before you can go this far.

12. Self defense drop shipping business

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product. You can use the drop shipping method to make money from selling self defense products and paraphernalia.

13. Start an online self defense training business

A lot of people who cannot afford brick and mortar stores typically go the online route. Yes, it is very possible to train people on self defense online. It is almost like running an online fitness training business.

Whether you are undertaking this business online or offline, it is essential to have a background of self-defense before engaging in this type of business. To get clients, you can also post videos about your training sessions and products your clients need to acquire to make their training efficient. Most especially, make sure that you update the latest techniques and news of your business.

14. Production and Sale of Self defense Related Videos

If you have expert knowledge on how people can defend themselves, then you might start a video production that can be distributed both online and offline.

You could even make the videos into a series whereby your audience would be on the lookout for more of your videos. This means that you would need to stay updated on the current security trends to keep your clients abreast of recent trends in the industry.

15. Self defense Blogger

If you are fascinated with self defense, but you cannot give people training on it, you can as well talk about it, and one of the ways you can do that is through a blog. You can write about crimes that having simple self defense knowledge can prevent in order to propel people to get self defense training.

Again, you can update your readers about trends and new products in the market and tell them which are the most effective and easy to use. You can also run product reviews on your blog, and if you start getting quite a number of readers, you can start drop shipping. Blogging is a very lucrative business if you are dedicated and can write compelling articles for your readers.

16. Self defense Related Television Programme

Starting a television programme based on security is a good business idea. The average television viewer is bored by mind numbing programmes which are really of no benefit to them.

However, starting an engaging and informative self defense related television programme would ensure that not only viewers stay hooked to your programme but that advertisers come as well, thereby ensuring you earn cash in the process. However, your programme has to innovative while being informative.

17. Author self defense books

If you have a vast knowledge of self defense and you have had various kinds of experience on self defense, its uses or lack of it, you could represent those knowledge in a book and put it up for sell online or you can tour various cities to promote your book.

Apart from making money, becoming an author is another way of providing entertainment to people and as well helping them to learn.

18. Manufacture of self defense tools

Another thriving and profitable business venture that an investor who is looking towards investing in the self defense should consider starting is to go into the manufacturing of security gadgets. Self defense gadgets such as security alarms, various types of pepper sprays etc. are in high demand in recent time due to the increase in crime in our society.

Research and innovation are key in this industry as you would have an upper hand in the industry if you continuously rollout unique products. So if you are looking towards starting a business in the self Defense industry, then one of your options is to go into the manufacturing of self defense gadgets.

19. Start a Guard Dog Service

Aside from training dogs to be used for security purposes, another similar business that you can start is to supply trained dogs to serve as guards for individuals. A lot of people prefer to have dogs guard them because of their severe loyalty, and because they are always at your beck and call.

So if you are looking for a security related business to start, then one of your options is to start a guard dog security service business. This is a very lucrative business as there are a whole lot of people who find dogs really fascinating. For you to start off on a nice footing, you would need to acquire some of the nicest dog species that would make good guards.

20. Karate studio

Karate is one great method that can be used for self defense. Karate is said to be more than self defense. It is an art, a sport, and a way to have fun.

The benefits of karate are self-defense, self-control, self-confidence, coordination, flexibility, endurance, discipline, focus, and respect. If you are well trained in this method of self defense, you can set up a studio where you can offer classes to children, teenagers and adults.

21. Taekwondo

Taekwondo Martial Art School

Taekwondo developed from humble beginnings over 1,000 years ago and has since spread internationally to become one of the world’s most successful and popular martial arts. Its practitioners enjoy physical and mental discipline, as well as excellent fitness and the ability to defend themselves if and when necessary.

Taekwondo is not only a combat sport, but is also a way of life for enthusiasts around the globe. Taekwondo is not only famous for its wide range of kicks, the sport also emphasizes breaking power, such as splitting wood and bricks using only the bare hands and feet.

Training involves a variety of techniques that include punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, parrying and blocking. Taekwondo also focuses on sparring and learning formal patterns of movement called forms. This can be a profitable business if you have a veritable marketing skill.

22. Jiu Jitsu

Jitsu is a sport that evolved from self defense, and it is still used as a form of self defense. There are now two categories of Jiu Jitsu and that is sports Jiu Jitsu and self defense Jiu Jitsu.

Sport Jiu Jitsu is what is seen at tournaments and competitions, while Self Defense Jiu Jitsu focuses is mainly on self-protection from encounters that might happen in the street. Jujitsu uses a series of joint locks, small weaponry, and defensive tactics in combination with conserved energy to neutralize an attacker.

23. Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido focuses not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using your opponent’s own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you.

As such, the art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking, striking and pinning techniques, coupled with training in traditional Japanese weapons such as the sword, staff and knife. To make the best of this technique, you can have a separate class for women, teenagers and children.

24. Savatte

Savate is a fighting art that originated from France. Despite its grace and beauty, savate is an effective method of self-defense. It has been described as fencing with the hands and feet.

Kicking, punching, grappling, wrestling and weapons training were once parts of savate, but today, the system includes only empty-hand techniques delivered while standing or jumping. Being that this method is quite efficient but still a tad unpopular, you could set up a studio that teaches self defense using this method.

25. Boxing studio

Boxing Gym Business

Boxing is also a form of self defense and an effective one at that. It is a form of defense and attacks that involves throwing punches as well as various avoidance techniques.

For centuries people used their fists to resolve disputes before someone thought of organizing such fights as entertainment, and also to teach it as a form of self defense. This is why it is often called “the manly art of self-defense”. The fighters wear padded gloves, attacking and defending with fists, footwork and body movements.

26. Judo studio

Judo Coaching Business

Judo is a tremendous and dynamic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline. Judo as a sport involves two individuals who, by gripping the judo uniform or judogi, use the forces of balance, power, and movement to attempt to subdue each other. From a standing position, it involves techniques that allow you to lift and throw your opponents onto their backs.

On the ground, it includes techniques that allow you to pin your opponents down to the ground, control them, and apply various chokeholds or joint locks until submission. The most important part of judo is that it is a great form of self defense.

27. Kickboxing

Kickboxing sometimes called aeroboxing is a sport that combines the punches of boxing with the kicks of karate. It typically involves various techniques such as jump rope, shadow-box, forward kicks, punches, and some fancy footwork. Kickboxing techniques are also practical for self defense and they are also great for body conditioning.

29. Self-defense product reviews

Quite a number of people would only buy products they have read reviews about, that is why doing product reviews would help you in selling your self defense products. You should look out for new self defense products that just entered the market, use them, and write down what your experiences were with such products. You can place such writing in your blog or offer to do them for manufacturers.

30. Manufacturing of Surveillance Cameras

It is better to be in the offensive than in the defensive when it comes to attack, and that is why surveillance cameras are very beneficial for those who are interested in keeping themselves safe at all times.

Manufacturing of surveillance cameras would require mechanical and electrical engineering experience, and a significant financial investment. Asides this attributes, you would also need creativity and passion for developing cameras. You can also offer installation and repair services too.

31. Gun Range Business

Outdoor Shooting Range Business

Guns are one of the weapons used for self defense, and because arms are legalized in a lot of developed countries including the United States, opening a gun range would make for good business. In this business, your responsibility would be to teach people how to handle and operate arms and ammunition.

You can decide to start your gun range business indoors or outdoors. Depending on your budget, you can either start from scratch or purchase an already operating establishment, whose owner is no longer interested in. This business is roped in strict federal, state as well as local regulations, and you have to abide by them all the time. You would also need a large insurance before you can start.

32. Identity Theft Protection Agency

With the proliferation of the internet also comes the proliferation of crime, and one of the common crimes on the internet today is identity theft.

A lot of people have gotten their identity and personal information hacked and used to defraud them or other people. This kind of business requires that you provide measures where criminals cannot get hold of a person’s identity either offline or online.

Your task will also be to ensure that security firewalls are created so as to prevent critical information from being stolen from computers. This kind of business will require you to be tech savvy; however, with the right amount of determination, you can become a success in this field.

33. Self Defense Driving School

This driving niche is mostly targeted at those in the force or those that live in notorious neighborhoods. Here, you are expected to teach people how to drive when in danger or when they perceive a dangerous situation.

Defensive driving school which is mostly associated with teenage drivers helps in teaching the driver how to drive under special conditions such a driving under pleasure either to save life or time. Apart from teenage drivers, defensive driving skills can also be taught to those who drive bullion vans, ambulance, chase a crime suspect etc.

To start this kind of business, you will need to find out what licenses and certifications are required in the city where you will be operating. To maximize profit, you can have self defense driving as a niche in your already established driving school.

34. Gunsmith Business

Since it has been established that guns can be carried for self defense, and it is a fact that guns sometimes require repairs, and this is what informs the need of gunsmiths. The gunsmith business is a very challenging and difficult business.

Apart from the fact that it is not a very large market, the level of expertise and experience needed to be a famous gunsmith expert takes a long time to acquire, but once you have gotten some favourable reputation for yourself, then you are sure of making steady profits in the business.

As a gunsmith, you will need to be able to tinker with guns and firearms, an act which requires time, training and money. You may need some training to start this business, so either you learn from an already existing business, or you take some online courses and release you inner technical genius into the art.

35. Gun Cleaning Business

The gun cleaning business is a very lucrative one as most people who own fire arms usually require expert cleaning from time to time. The cleaning can be a quick clean or a more in-depth and precise clean that requires taking the gun apart.

In starting this business, you would need to stay updated as regards correct cleaning tools, solutions and lubrication, as well as how they can be used. You may also offer lectures to your customers on how to maintain their guns.

36. Security Doors Installation and Sales

What better way of defending yourself in your home than to install security doors in your house. Security doors would stop petty theft, and some even alert the authorities when there has been an unauthorized or forced entry. Being able to install or sell security doors in these times can offer one of the very lucrative businesses that will see cash flowing in, in the shortest possible time. The cardinal rule here is never to compromise on quality.

37. Bodyguards Business

Bodyguard Business

If you cannot defend yourself, and you cannot be bothered to take a self defense class, you can hire people who are trained in the art of protection to protect you while you pay them for their services. Bodyguard businesses are usually demanded by business leaders, celebrities, journalists, high profile personalities, and such others that need protection for one reason or the other.

You can set up a business where you have seasoned guards under your payroll and you source for individuals that may need to hire your guards for a specific period of time. You would need to find out the licensing requirements of your state before you start this business.

38. Wrestling studio

Wrestling when done properly is a good form of self defense especially in the streets. Wrestling is the unarmed control of one fighter’s body by another to achieve either sporting or martial dominance. This method of self defense is probably as old as conflict itself, however reliable evidence suggests Japanese wrestling formally took place as early as 230 BCE.

Wrestling as a form of self defense and entertainment has gone through a lot of modifications, and as such is no longer as brutal as it was wont to be. You can make a living out of teaching people, especially youths how to defend themselves through wrestling.

39. Train teenagers on self defense

Asides from children, teenagers are the most vulnerable group in our society as they are subject to both physical and psychological abuse. If you are familiar with a number of self defense techniques, you can set up a business where you train teenagers to be able to defend themselves both in the school and out of it.

If a teen has the ability to defend himself from bullies, he or she would feel more confident in him or herself. This is one of the reasons why a lot of self defense training studios have teenagers as most of their clients.

40. Family self defense academy

On the alternative, you can choose to open a business where you have training techniques that are suitable for the whole family. Here, you should teach the family how to work as a group to defend themselves when under attack. This kind of training is required when families are embarking on a journey, going camping or moving to an unfamiliar terrain.

41. Manufacturing and sale of bulletproof vests

With the rise of public shootouts, there has been a marked increase in individuals purchasing bullet proof clothing. Fashion companies are taking advantage of this trend to make not only tactical bulletproof vests, but bulletproof jackets, dress suits, windbreakers, T-shirts – even ballistic corsets, kimonos and wetsuits.

These clothing items are mostly sold to business executives, law enforcement, foreign correspondents, and world presidents, or just about any VIP with a security concern.

These vests and jackets are made to be lightweight, thermo-regulating, and can typically stop rounds from a 9mm round or a .357 Magnum soft point, and they are discrete. This business requires a lot of licenses and regulation, but if you can scale the huddle of the authorities, you can take advantage of world insecurity to set up a good business for yourself.

42. Weapons fitness training studio

A weapon is a force multiplier and extension of the wielder’s body. A weapon may not necessarily be guns or other dangerous materials as you may need a lot of hard-to-get licenses and permits before you can start such a business. In your studio, you could train people on how to transform a stick, staff, pole, blades, knives or just about anything into an effective weapon that can be used to defend themselves when faced with danger.

Modern Western martial arts and sports include modern fencing, stick-fighting systems like canne de combat or singlestick, and modern competitive archery, so this business is quite acceptable in a lot of countries. Weapons training requires balance, coordination, timing and discipline.

43. Capoeira training studio

Another effective business one can set up in the self defense niche is the exciting capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Sometimes referred to as a martial art, sometimes a dance, and sometimes even a game, capoeira is a unique phenomenon which has caught the world’s attention.

It is instantly recognizable thanks to the movements of the performers; they seem to move together and then suddenly attack each other, still keeping in time with the rhythm. As such, capoeira came to life as a survival tool that is highly effective in self defense.

44. Sale of firearms

Gun Shop Business

Making a business out of the sale of firearms would also put you in the niche of self defense. While the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of private citizens to keep and bear arms, there are some limits and regulations on how they are sold and who may possess them.

Federally licensed firearms dealers are required by federal law to conduct background checks on prospective buyers, but private (unlicensed) sellers are not. Some states require background checks for private sales, usually through a licensed intermediary, but others have few to no regulations on private gun sales.

Federal gun laws established under the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act prohibit gun ownership by certain individuals, such as the mentally ill or those under protective orders for domestic violence. The bottom line here is to conduct adequate research before you sell your arms, and to also get all the licenses and permits required because the slightest mistake in this trade can get you into big trouble.

45. Fencing studio

Lot of people don’t think of fencing as good training for self defense, because the skills you learn have to do with a dull flexible metal, but it is a fact that fencing makes people better at self defense than most other sports.

You can pick up a stick and probably deal with someone better than most because initial fencing training consists of grueling conditioning exercises like squatting and lunging. Since fencing is also a well-known sport, you would do well if you open a studio where you train people on the art of fencing.