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How to Sell Used Legos in 2023 [Best Places to Sell Used Legos Included]


Start a Business Selling Lego ToysSelling old LEGO bricks and sets is one of the best ways to convert unwanted plastic bricks into extra cash. Keep in mind that certain LEGOs are worth a few dollars, whereas others are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You can conveniently sell just about any LEGOs but it is imperative you carry out extensive research and make certain you sell them for as much as they are worth. Aside from that, it is possible to make a substantial profit by understanding what LEGOs you have, what your LEGOs have sold for in the past, and the best places to sell your LEGOs for substantial money.

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However, always remember that selling Legos is not as simple as having LEGO to sell. If you intend to start a LEGO business or have large collections of Legos, understanding the best platforms to attract Lego fans will without argument make or break your business.

Steps to Sell Used Legos

  1. Know your old Legos

To ensure you can start this business right, it is pertinent you know everything that concerns Legos. It is possible to go for an early edition of a rare Lego set featuring a limited edition minifigure; however, you won’t make that much if they’ve been battered around, the box is ruined, or if parts are missing. Whether you’re listing your used Lego sets for sale or buying one, here are terms to look out for:

  • New – It simply entails that the Lego has never been played with, and has been in plastic bags with instructions, etc. available.
  • Lightly used – This indicates that the Lego has been played with, although it is still in near-perfect condition.
  • Heavily used – Here the Lego has been played with and there are clear indications of wear and tear, with possible broken pieces.
  • Sealed in the box – Mint condition since the box has never been tampered with.
  • Sealed in damaged box – The Box has never been opened but it has been battered around a little.
  1. Look at market value

When it has to do with value, it is essential you understand how much the set is genuinely worth by perusing its market value. Keep in mind that there are a number of websites that are all about Lego set values. Consider platforms such as BrickLink and BrickSet for details regarding recent sales.

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After you have done this, it’s recommended you also peruse online selling spaces like eBay to get a better view of what others are asking for the particular Lego set right now.

Best Places to Sell Used Legos

You can choose to sell used Legos both online and offline. Regardless of how you choose to go about it, here are the top platforms to consider;

  1. Online options

If you are looking to buy or sell used Lego sets, you should consider online platforms because they guarantee a wider reach. Here are possible platforms to consider;

BrickLink: This is one of the best platforms to consider. It is dedicated to buying/selling Lego. If you want a large community that has to do with Lego sets and minifigures, start here.

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Brick Owl: You will also want to consider this great online space for buying and selling Lego sets. However, keep in mind that both BrickLink and Brick Owl take a small commission for facilitating the sale.

eBay: Although it might not strictly be for just Lego sets, however, it has a vibrant community of willing buyers and sellers, and it’s a great place to find wonderful deals and lots of customers.

Facebook groups: In this modern era, you will find a lot of Facebook groups that make it possible to post about buying/selling Lego sets.

Bricks and Minifigs: Another online space to consider when considering buying or selling classic and rare Lego sets and minifigures. They focus on early editions and rare sets.

  1. Offline options

This is another way to sell your used Lego, particularly since it is safer. Selling to clients in person might entail more money since it makes it possible to verify the condition of the set before buying. Even when you are looking to buy, it is your best option since online scams happen. If you would prefer a safer option, here are valid options to consider;

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Yard sales: Truth be told, it is possible to find a whole lot of amazing deals at yard sales. You can equally set one up yourself if you’re selling, or head to a few local ones to see what’s obtainable if you’re buying.

Thrift stores: You should also consider this option if you are looking to sell Lego sets. Thrift stores are known to possess a little of everything, and Lego sets are no exception. However, this is the right place if you want something rare and special, but if it’s quite a common set, then you can pick one up or sell it at a thrift store for a pretty good deal.

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Private sales to friends: It is also possible to sell to friends in the Lego community and this has proven to be the best way to sell or buy Lego sets offline.


It is possible to sell new and used Legos; however, choosing the ideal sets and the best ways to sell them – online or offline – depends on what’s pertinent to you. Do you want the safe bet of an offline sale? Or does the massive demographic of the online community outweigh the risks?

No matter the choice you make, you have to be reasonable in your expectations, be willing to reach certain agreements, and carry out extensive research beforehand.