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7 Services Car Washes Offer to Bring in Extra Income

It is common for car wash business owners or operators to, at some point, start considering whether they need to inculcate additional services to boost income.

The need for additional revenue is necessary, but it is imperative to take care when evaluating the exact ones to offer. You have to first understand that not all extra services are the same. Some are more convenient to put in place while some can be quite complicated. You will also find that some systems are more expensive to purchase than others.

One valid way of boosting revenue for a car wash business would be to make available extra services that must be paid for along with a regular wash. Note that if a customer is already willing to pay for a service, there is a high possibility that they will be more appreciative of marketed add-ons.

You need to realize that making available additional services can ensure a more luxurious feel for your business. If a potential client puts your services in comparison with another and finds yours to be more encompassing, there is a good possibility that they will see your business as offering a superior service.

Also, note that a positive perception will most definitely ensure that your business benefit from more customers coming to experience those services. Nevertheless, if you are considering services to add to your car wash business, here are valid ones to take into account.

Services Car Washes Offer to Bring in Extra Income

  1. Mobile services

Only a few car washes offer mobile services; however, it is important to note that it is expanding especially in locations where washing one’s car is either extremely difficult or people are too busy working that they barely have time to visit a car wash.

It is recommended that you invest in some minimal equipment to ensure that you can offer this premium service. It is also recommended that you don’t price this service so high as you will discourage potential clients and also lose money. Truth be told, without specialized equipment to offer mobile car washing and detailing services, your only alternative may be to consider waterless solutions that depend on chemicals.

  1. Windshield chip and crack repair

This is indeed another revenue-generating service to consider for your car wash. Have it in mind that chip repairs can be carried out in 30 minutes with little or no waiting time. Crack repairs, although a little bit more complicated, are also simple to do; howbeit, they take some time.

It is advisable that crack repairs be limited to cracks of no more than 6 inches. Any of your workers can easily learn this repair process in a few hours. A good number of systems come with both instruction videos and manuals that ensure that it can be learned or done quickly.

  1. Engine cleaning

This is another service that is growing in popularity among car wash customers. Note that clients who must have patronized your basic car wash services may be interested in services under the hood.

Regardless of if you possess the appropriate equipment to degrease an engine with chemicals and a hot water pressure washer, always remember that this service is a top choice to consider and will most definitely boost your car wash business revenue.

  1. Carpet dye systems

Although this has long been a service offered by car wash businesses, have it in mind that the new concept leverages the same water-based dyes used by the manufacturers of carpets. With this service, note that your clients will relish a carpet that looks soft, plush, and like new.

Note that you can choose from a wide range of systems that offer liquid or powder dyes. You will also find some that require you to mix and match color and others feature dyes that are color matched to common automotive carpet colors.

Truth be told, this is one skill that you can pick up on your own. Also, note that most systems in the market come with comprehensive manuals and the availability of a toll-free service line. Have in mind that these systems cost around $500 to $4,000, depending on what you receive.

Nevertheless, prior to purchasing, research and analyze the company, what is included in the system, the training, training materials, etc.

  1. 24-karat gold plating systems

This is another vital service to consider especially if there is a demand in his area. Truth be told, the retail market for gold plating is not so viable today, nevertheless, a good proportion of dealers are in need of gold plating, such as Cadillac, Lexus, Toyota, and Infiniti.

Howbeit, ensure to take great care when purchasing a system. Note that you can find systems in the market for a few hundred dollars. But that is not really what you want especially if you are looking to add it as an extra service in your car wash.

Ensure to go for a completely automatic system with enough power output to guarantee you will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  1. Headlight restoration

You have to understand that after a few years, particularly in hot, sunny climates, the polycarbonate headlight that most modern cars carry tends to become dull, yellow, and oxidize. As such, it becomes very important to grind off the oxidation then polish and protect.

Most often, car owners wouldn’t mind paying up to $50 per headlight to have them restored, and this entails $100 for an hour’s work. Indeed, yellowed, dull, and oxidized headlights are deadly. They tend to reduce illumination by as much as 50 percent. This is a great sales tool when pitching the service to a customer.

Have it in mind that the only trusted way to restore a headlight is to grind off the oxidation with varying grits of sandpaper, and afterward, polish to do away with the scratches and create a high shine and protection. These systems will cost around $200 to $300 with a buffing tool, sanding discs, polishing pads, and protectant.

  1. Interior deodorizing

Note that the market for eradicating very bad odors on the interior of a vehicle is growing massively. Most often, car owners are seeking services that will help them get rid of mold problems from the air conditioning system, water leaks that give rise to mold in and under carpets, cigarette/cigar smoke odors, spills, pet stains, and others.

Have in mind that car odors cannot always be removed by shampooing. They tend to necessitate a more professional approach.

Indeed, numerous methods can be used, such as biological odor eliminators, fogger systems, and ozone generators. You will find that auto dealers are primary consumers of deodorants, but as always, they are not willing to pay as much as a retail customer will pay.

Howbeit, if you can convince them of your expertise in getting rid of odors, then you can attract a good price. It is clear to see that there are many different services you can offer aside from car washing.

Although this list of offerings can be quite long, howbeit, note that one good thing about the services noted above is that they are all quite easy to perform. Aside from that, the expenses for the extra systems or materials are not very costly.