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What Size of Pressure Washer is Best for a 2 Story House?

The size of pressure washer best for cleaning a 2-story house is a heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty pressure washer used for everyday commercial purposes. These expert-grade pressure washers deliver around 2800 psi and higher at 3 to 4 GPM.

When searching for the perfect pressure washer for cleaning a 2 story house from the ground floor, you must stay away from a low PSI pressure washer. Cleaning the sidings of a house is one task a homeowner will have to do at least once a year.

Aside from making the house look unkempt, all the dirt, dust, and grime piled up over time may attract bugs, dust mites, and mold. Pressure washers are a must-have for outdoor cleaning and they are known to be very good at getting rid of dust, mud, and dirt from buildings, surfaces, and even vehicles. This remains one of the reasons why people tend to like and want them.

Note that the power and pressure of pressure washers are measured by pounds per square inch (psi) or gallons per minute (GPM). PSI is a unit of pressure expressed in pounds of force per square inch of area. It is commonly used to measure the pressure of gasses (pneumatic pressure) or liquids (hydraulic pressure).

In square inch units, 1 psi is equivalent to roughly 6895 N/m2. Meanwhile, GPM (Gallons per Minute) refers to the amount of water that is coming from the machine. Have it in mind that pressure washers with higher psi and GPM will clean better and faster, and can be more expensive than low-rated units.

Agreeably, washing a 2 story house is a tough job, and the most ideal pressure washer for this duty will have to be gas-powered and duly equipped with a heavy-duty engine. A gas pressure washer with a high GPM rate will surely produce a high flow rate and this will increase the rate at which you’re doing your washing.

To do a good cleaning job, your pressure washer will have to give out above 2800 PSI at 3-4 GPM. Note that an electronic pressure washer may as well do the job but it will take a bit longer to complete your job. Have it in mind that cleaning a 2 story house is an energy-intensive task that can only be done efficiently by leveraging the right heavy-duty, gas-powered pressure washer.

Top 5 Pressure Washers for Cleaning a 2-Story House

In terms of using a pressure washer on a multi-level structure, note that not all pressure washers can do the job effectively. If you are looking for the right pressure washer for cleaning your 2 storey house, here are the top five options to consider.

  1. Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

The first thing to note about this Simpson pressure washer is the HONDA GC190 engine that is known to produce enough power for residential use. This machine comes with a welded steel construction frame that buttresses the strength and durability of the product.

It features 5 quick connect nozzle tips of different sizes that come with the washer and boast of a strong OEM axial pump, a 25 ft abrasion-resistant hose, and an ergonomic spray gun. This Simpson machine is also not heavy and can easily be moved around. With all these amazing features, the pressure washer is also not that expensive.

  • Not so expensive
  • A sufficient engine
  • Ergonomic spray gun
  • Vibration can be disturbing
  1. Sun Joe SPX3000-BLK 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

In recent times, Sun Joe has become more innovative especially in terms of outdoor tools and appliances like snow blowers, lawnmowers, and Pressure Washers. Note that this Sun Joe SPX3000 features a dual removable detergent tank that enables you to clean different surfaces at once without having to change the detergent.

In addition, it comes with a safety lock switch that will shut the pump off when the trigger is not in use and this helps to save energy. It also comes with a 34-inch extension wand, 20 ft. hose, and a few other necessary accessories.

The 14.5 amp motor it comes with makes it a very powerful machine and a perfect choice if you are searching for a pressure washer that can project streams of water and cleaning agents far enough to handle your 2 story house cleaning.

  • Excellent pump performance
  • For an electric pump, it comes with very high power
  • A very nice and attractive design
  • Not enough pressure
  1. Generac 7019 OneWash Gas Powered Pressure Washer

The Generac 7019 is an all-round pressure washer, ideal for cleaning vehicles, driveways, gutters, furniture, and also multi-level houses. It comes with 4 different pressure settings that are very easy to adjust as you use the washer. It features a ½ gallon detergent tank that makes it easier to get rid of dirt.

In addition, its spray gun is fitting and tends to hold the power dial that lets you adjust the pressure, depending on the task at hand. The 196cc OHV engine is powerful and the pressure washer features a 25 ft. high-pressure hose that is quite long to get water and cleaning agents to places as high as 2 storey buildings, and can be quite easy to assemble.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Strong and fitting Spray gun
  • A very powerful engine
  • The suction tube can be an issue sometimes
  1. Powerhouse International Electric High Power Pressure Washer

This is one electric pressure washer that comes with a silent motor. It is guaranteed you won’t bother the whole neighborhood whenever you carry out your cleaning activities. It also features 5 different quick-connect spray tips that you can easily change to suit your purpose.

Note that this machine also comes with a Total Stop System that halts the motor whenever the trigger is not engaged, increasing the life span of the motor. In addition, with the angle nozzles, you can easily clean hidden corners and places where normal nozzles won’t normally reach. Aside from these features mentioned here, there are many more that surely guarantee that this washer is ideal for 2 story houses.

  • It features a quiet motor
  • Comes with 5 quick-connect spray tips
  • Hose is quite long
  • Very expensive
  1. Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer

When looking for the ideal pressure washer for a 2 storey house, this is another small pressure washer that is ideal for the job. It is an all-round pressure washer that will efficiently handle all your outdoor cleaning needs. As little as it may seem, it features a strong welded frame and a long-lasting universal motor.

With this machine, you can clean up to 40% faster by using the turbo nozzle that comes with the washer. It boasts of an integrated detergent tank that will give you the needed power to get rid of tough stains. Owing to its 25 ft high-pressure hose; you can easily get rid of stains anywhere on your 2 story house. In addition, this machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Turbo nozzle that helps you clean faster
  • Well designed steel
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Not enough pressure


Power washing remains a more aggressive form of washing with a higher level of pressure. It is used to efficiently get rid of surface dust, mud, and dirt from buildings, surfaces, and even vehicles. If you notice that your pressure washer is not giving out enough water and cleaning agents the way you want, then consider getting nozzle kits that are intended to project farther; this will make your cleaning experience easier and safer.