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Do Pressure Washing Companies Use your Water?

Yes, most pressure washing companies will use your water when doing a job for you. However, there are some who won’t near your water, but would rather bring their own storage tank to carry out their job.

Note that not all pressure washing companies offer these services, and those who do will definitely add extra charges to your bill. The most vital thing to do when you want to have your home or business pressure washed is to search for a reputable pressure washing company.

There are many well-known pressure washing companies, but you have to find out as much as you can about the company before making any financial commitment.

If you are so worried about your water being used, then it is imperative when researching pressure washing companies to ask if they can bring their own water. If they do not offer this service, it will then give them enough time to find a tank trailer to tow to your house or pay to have a road contractor park a filled water tank truck there all day and provide a pump for it.

You need to understand that almost all pressure washers depend on pressure-fed water to effectively perform their task; therefore they can’t just suck water from a temporary lined pond or tank truck. They will need a pump feeding water to the pressure washer and the recommended water pressure for filling the washing machine is between 20 and 116psi. The water valve can fail if the water pressure is less than 20 psi.

If you fail to find a pressure washing company that offers this service, then have it in mind that your contracted pressure washing company will need about 200 gph water demand for 4-6 hours for a big house. If your system cannot handle about 3-5 gph continuous flow rate and about 200 gph recharge, then you have to keep researching till you find a company that can come with a tanker.

Other Places Pressure Washing Companies Can Source Water From

Most residential professional contractors will tap into the homeowner’s water because it may be too challenging to get trailers in and out of those areas. However, when they can’t tap into the homeowner’s water, pressure washing companies leverage the following options;

  1. Water Trailer or Tank

Truth be told, a professional pressure washing company will have a water tank on a truck or trailer. However, if the company does not own a water tank and have to rent it, then expect the pressure washing company to add around $200-300 for the truck plus the cost of the water – which could be from few dollars (if a contractor has his own free water source) to as much as an extra $100 in very expensive places.

  1. Water Reservoir

This is another very cheap option that pressure washing companies consider, but it tends to be much trouble especially when they have to scrap timbers or look for a low spot near the house to leverage plastic sheeting in constructing a reservoir that can hold at least 1000 gallons. Also note that they will have to fill it over the course of several days, in advance of the job.

Sometimes, the homeowner is advised to rent bladders, but with delivery and assembling being pretty much another level of work altogether, using a tanker truck or trailer would be a better option.

  1. Nearby Water Companies

This is another possibility but it is often not available in a good number of places. A fire hydrant is an important part of the public pipeline system and fire line construction. So if you there is a hydrant nearby, the pressure washing company can contact the water company in charge to lend them up to 100 feet of old fire hose, maybe a meter on the hydrant, and then sell the water that way.

If this option is available, the pressure washing company will add the fee it paid for water usage including leakage at joints, plus about $150 for setup/takedown to your bill. They will also need fittings and also pressure reducer (depending on hydrant pressure) to adapt to normal hose size and pressure washer maximum allowable inlet pressure.

  1. Nearby Water Body

This is referred to as water drafting. Simply put, a draft is a process of pulling water from a non-pressurized source like a lake or pool. Just like with water reservoir, this is done using hard suction hoses and a special priming motor that can pump air.

Note that the negative pressure established by pulling the air out of the hose will cause the water to be pulled into the pump. Once the water is in the pump, it can be pressurized and used for pressure washing.

However, note that drafting is not just about bringing the water tender to a body of water, placing the suction hose and filter, and then filling the tank with water. It requires the coordinated effort of multiple teams and this will definitely influence the price you are charged.


Yes, some companies do carry their own water but most do not. However, the most important factor to consider when looking to have your home or business pressure washed is if the company is reliable and efficient in the services they offer.

The company should be reliable and also be assured in their business, services, and employees. This will offer you, the customer, peace of mind, particularly if the company needs payment before service delivery.