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6 Best Skid Steers for Landscaping [Prices Included]

Skid Steer for Landscaping

Do you want to know what type of skid steer is best for landscaping? If YES, here are 6 best skid steers for landscaping and their prices. Landscape contractors are known to leverage a skid steer for a variety of tasks. These machines are great for lifting and hauling things around jobsites.

A skid steer is also useful for loading truck beds full of mulch and topsoil. With the countless implements available for most skid steers today, landscape contractors are also using skid steers and track loaders for tasks such as digging holes to plant trees, trenching to install irrigation line, prepping soil, sweeping, and the list goes on.

The importance of a Skid Steer in landscaping cannot be overemphasized. A small frame skid steer comes in narrow machine width so you can get to, from and around awkward spaces while still delivering a lot of power. The narrow frame of a small skid steer lends itself well to delivering materials around your site when paired with a pallet fork.

So, whether it’s sod, plants or hardscape materials, you can move just about anything that fits within the weight limit from point A to B. Another major advantage is the number of jobs you can get done with the available range in small skid steer attachments.

Note that this include attachments that pack a big punch, like those with grabbing functions like brush, scrap and utility grapples so you can clear the way for other work and vehicles as well.

Agreeably, versatility is the key descriptor for skid steers. When you’re working jobs with a lot of tree-related work, small skid steers can accomplish some pretty mighty things. With the G-Series, stumps that are smaller than 28 inches in diameter can be removed in just one pass and shredded safely with a high-torque auger planetary drive.

When it comes to nursery and planting work, a small frame skid steer is equipped to tackle a host of meaningful jobs without taking up too much space or blocking other machinery from doing their work. Building a garden space for example, can be achieved easily, quickly and effectively with a rotary tiller attachment.

This tool is able to break up the soil in a seedbed to the point where it’s clod-free, even if it’s a brand-new bed. You’ll also be able to add on other tools like planetary augers, power rakes and dozer blades among others. Also, depending on what region you do most of your work, winter and early snowfall can hamper productivity.

A small skid steer comes in handy, especially if it’s already on site and outfitted with snow removal attachments. So, whether winter comes early, or starts and stops a few times before expected, a skid steer can really help clear the way and keep your operation on track.

And if you’re tired of wheelbarrows, shovels, and back-breaking labour, there are ideal skid steers to leverage and take your business to the next level.

Best Skid Steers for Landscaping

  1. Ditch Witch SK800

For most small-scale landscaping jobs, the Ditch Witch SK800 is a more than adequate machine. It’s renowned as the most popular model in the Ditch Witch mini skid steer line up offering 24.8 horsepower and an operating capacity of 911 lbs. With the 7-inch treads, the machine width measures just 36” and is narrow enough to fit through most standard gates.


  • $24,000 – $41,000
  1. Bobcat S650

The S650 is Bobcat’s most popular skid steer loader model. Weighing around 8,300 lbs, the S650 is a vertical-lift loader. The S650 boost of a higher lift and dump height and the biggest plus of this model is its 74 HP diesel-powered engine.

And, although the S650 is quite compact in terms of the size, it has a very powerful performance without the need for additional emission mechanisms like diesel particle filters or exhaust fluid.

The S650 is also quite popular owing to its compact build, which lets it to manoeuvre in extremely tight spaces and be used in several compact machinery applications and settings including industries such as construction, utility, agriculture, grounds and buildings work, etc.

It also has enhanced features such as automatic ride control that helps to reduce bouncing and material spills and the Advanced Control System that makes use of a hydraulic pump and reduces the effort of the operator in moving the levers of the loader.


  • $20,000to $60,000.
  1. Case Construction Equipment SV280

Although the size of the machine is compact, its performance is surprisingly big. With a rated operating capacity of 2,800 lbs, the SV 280 offers the best-in-class bucket breakout, torque and hydraulic flow and offers the strength that you require.

The optional high-flow hydraulics of the SV280 can force out 38 GPM at 3,000 PSI at 100% efficiency and the loader features a 74 HP diesel engine. The SV280 offers user-friendly features and offers 360o visibility, which makes it very easy to see.

Note that at full height, the loader’s vertical lifting offers maximum reach and the Tier 4 Final solution ensures that it meets all the regulations. The Ride Control, EZ-EH controls and other features make the SV280 ideal for all types of jobs.

The compact size of the skid steer loader makes it easy to transport. The SV280 is quite versatile and is popularly used in several applications and industries such as landscaping, snow removal, material handling, residential construction, agriculture, etc.


  • $40,000 or more,
  1. Ditch Witch SK1050

This Ditch Witch SK1050 is equipped on the same frame as the SK800 but has a 37 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and an operating capacity of 1,062 lbs. With more than 70 hydraulic attachments available, this machine is really versatile for landscape or hardscape jobs.


  • $24,000 – $41,000
  1. Caterpillar 262D

The Cat 262D is Caterpillar’s top-selling and most popular skid steer model. The Cat 262D boasts of a 74 HP engine and the rated operating capacity of the Cat 262D are 2,700 lbs, which lets it to lift most pallet loads. The skid steer loader has a vertical lift design which provides extended reach and the lift height for easy and quick truck loading.

The lifting performance and the stability of the Cat 262D offer great material handling capability. Have it in mind that the Cat 262D also offers high hydraulic power, which is the primary factor to measure performance and this makes the machine an excellent choice for contractors who are looking for high-productivity hydro-mechanical tools.

The Cat 262D features an XPS hydraulic system that delivers high pressure as well as high flow, making it ideal to run a cold planer or a wheel saw or use it to mill concrete or asphalt.


  • $30,000 to $50,000
  1. Ditch Witch SK1550

When you need more lifting power, the Ditch Witch SK1550 does not disappoint. Powered by a Stage V Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine with 43.5 horsepower, the SK1550 has the capability to tackle the toughest jobs. With a weighted operating capacity of 1,978 lbs., you’ll be able to lift a pallet of pavers or retaining wall blocks with ease.


  • $24,000 – $41,000