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10 Best Smartphone Business ideas You Can Start Today

Are you passionate about tech and want to start a business targeting smartphone users? If YES, here are top 10 smartphone related small business ideas. The invention of smartphones has successfully opened a whole new business opportunities in the telecommunication industry.

As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs have joined the ranks of millionaires on a global scale by starting their own Smartphone related business and there are still loads of business ideas that are left untapped in the telecoms industry especially Smartphone related business ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a millionaire and you have knack for smartphones, then you are on the right track because as far as this industry is concern, there are still enough rooms for innovations and inventions. One good thing about smart phones related business ideas is that once you are able to generate an idea that is sellable and well accepted all over the world, you can instantly become a multi – millionaire.

Becoming a smart phone techie requires that you undergo some form of training on mobile phone repairs or to learn how to write smartphones programs or to develop smart phones software et al). So if your intention is to generate smart – phone related business ideas, then you need to get familiar with the industry and part of what you need to do is to enroll for smart phones related trainings.

You can go online to search for related training programs / centers that are closer to you. Now let us quickly consider 10 Smartphone related business ideas an entrepreneur can launch;

Best Smartphone Business ideas

1. Develop Video Games for SmartPhones

One fantastic smartphone business idea an entrepreneur can launch is to develop video games for smart phones. If your video game is good, you can easily sell it on different smartphone apps store. No doubt if your video game is accepted globally, you will sure make huge cash from just a single video game. The more the download, the more the cash you will make.

2. Develop Unique Apps for SmartPhones

Another fantastic smartphone related business idea an entrepreneur can launch is to develop unique apps for smartphones. If you make use of smartphones, you will realize how helpful they can be especially when you are stranded and you need direction to get to a destination.

There are several Smartphone apps that are very useful for our day to day activities. Unique apps such as ‘Nearest Locator’; an app that can help you locate places like the nearest hospital, the nearest Gas station, the nearest post office, the nearest ATM, the nearest hotel et al. you can think in that direction and develop your own unique app that will be well accepted globally.

3. Open a SmartPhone Repair Centre

Another smartphone related business idea a smart phone techie can start is to open a smart phone repair centre; a place where people can repair their smartphones. The truth is that if you can successfully secure a nice location to open this type of business, you will attract loads of clients since majority of the people that use mobile phones owns smart phones.

4. Start Selling SmartPhones and Accessories

Another smartphone related business idea that an entrepreneur can pursue especially if you are not a techie but are interested in making money from the telecoms industry is to open a shop where people can purchase any brand of smartphone and smart phones accessories. It is a cool way of making cash especially if your shop is stocked with latest version of smart phones and various brands et al.

5. Develop Antivirus for Smart phones

If you are a programmer, one of the smartphones related business idea that you can pursue is to develop antivirus for smartphones. Once you are successful in developing antivirus software that is effective, you are sure going to make cool cash from the software especially if you know how to push it into the market.

6. Become a Licensed SmartPhone Distributor

If you are not a smart phone techie and are not interested in becoming one but you want to make money from the Smartphone industry, you can become a licensed smartphone distributor in your state or country. All you need to do is to approach smartphones companies like Nokia®, Samsung®, Blackberry®, and Apple® et al and negotiate with them to become their distributor in your country or state.

7. Sell SmartPhone Data Bundles

Another easy way to establish smartphone related business idea an entrepreneur can start is the sale of smartphone data bundles. All you need to do is to negotiate with the telecoms companies in your country and you will become one of their merchant. It is a cool way of making cash especially if you also sell virtual data top up.

8. Import and Sale of Fairly Used Smart Phone

If you live in third world countries, one of the smartphones related business idea that is highly profitable is the sale of fairly used smartphones. People who can’t afford brand new smart phones are comfortable with fairly used ones since it is relatively cheaper.

So if you have the means to import fairly used phones, then you should consider starting this type of business. It is indeed a profitable smartphone related business idea that doesn’t require technical skills.

9. Open a Smart Phone Download Shop

Loads of people who own smartphones pay to download music, Bible, games, and loads of stuffs and they visit download shop to do it especially when they can’t access apps store. So if you are looking for a smart phone related business idea to launch, then you should consider opening a smart phone download shop. All you need to start this business is a laptop loaded with apps and a shop.

10. Develop Unique Ring Tunes for SmartPhones

Lastly another smartphone related business idea an entrepreneur can launch is to develop unique ring tunes for smart phones. If your ring tunes are indeed unique, then you can easily sell them.

There you have it; 10 Smartphone related business ideas.