Do you want to start an app development company from scratch? Or you need a sample app development business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

With over seven hundred thousand apps in the Google market and over five hundred thousand apps in the Apple IOS market, you can confirm that the demand for apps is really in demand and starting an app development company can be the best decision to make today.

An app development app company is a company that specialize in creating mobile and desktop apps for clients; and you can start a company like this even if you don’t know a thing about coding

It will be nice to mention that in as much as there is a very high demand for apps both mobile and desktop app, there is a stiff competition in the market as app companies development companies and Freelancers are springing up by the day. But that does not mean that you can’t start up and successfully grow your own App development company.

In this article, I will take a look at some issues such as; why your app development company can be successful and also tips on how to start your own app development company. At the end of this article, you should be able to know all the steps required to start a successful app development company.

3 Reasons Why Your App Development Company Can Be Successful

  • Plenty Demand for Apps-: I have mentioned above that there is very high demand for apps. This can be attested to with the number of app development freelance jobs posted on freelance sites daily. Since there is demand for your services, you can easily break even in the market if you play your cards well.
  • Not Capital Intensive-: Unlike other similar businesses, starting an app development company is not capital intensive; it requires basics like knowledge of programming, office space, computer and a little marketing to get you started.
  • Potential to Make Money Fast-: Since there is high demand for apps, if your app development company can create a niche for itself as being fast and efficient, the company has the potential to make a huge amount in a short time. Investors will even be interested in investing in such business.

Now you know the potentials starting an app Development Company has, let’s go through the process or steps required to start your on apps development company.

Starting an App Development Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Choose a Platform-: The apps market is a broad one. There are mobile apps on different platforms like Java, IOS, Andriod and Lumia, then there are desktop apps for Personal Computers and each requires a different programming language to develop them.

You need to choose a platform you can specialize in. It will make you look professional than being a jack of all trades, unless you are planning on starting up big tech firm, with each department specialized with different types of apps and programming language.

2. Have a Basic Knowledge of the Programming Language-: In as much as you can start and run an app development company successfully without the knowledge of a programming language, it is an added advantage for you to have a basic knowledge of the major programming languages the company will be working with. There are many free videos and courses online that will give you a basic knowledge of how each programming language works.

3. Draw a Business Plan-: Now that you have chosen the app platform you wish to specialize in, it is time to draw up an app development business plan. The plan should include; the amount of capital you need to get started, the best place to locate the business, number of employees you need, and the company goals for the next five (5) to ten (10) years.

4. Get an Office Space-: It is time to get a physical location. Though I have seen successful app development companies without a physical office, where everything is done online but it advisable to have an office space for the company.

The office space must be something very expansive, as it will comprise just few departments for starters. Also, remember to create a professional well designed website with a portfolio of past works the company has done, and the ability for companies to order for apps development jobs online.

5. Employ Competent Developers-: The need to employ experienced developers or programmers and graphics designers to work for the company. They can be physically available in the remote environment of the company office or they can work from home as long as they can be online via communication networks anytime you need them, fast and competent.

6. Advertise the Company-: Everything is set for your company to kick off. At this stage; it is time to let the word out about the services you offer. You can create a marketing department that can handle this aspect of the company or you can do it yourself. Some ways to advertise your apps Development Company and get new clients includes;

  • Run a Promo-: You can start out with a promo to develop apps for half the prize for the first twenty clients to patronise the firm.
  • Online Adverts-: You can advertise your site on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to drive targeted traffic to your website that can convert to clients.
  • Freelance-: This may not be a 100% white hat method of adverts but you can apply it once in a while to get clients. You can bid for jobs on freelancing sites, after handling the job you can give the client the hint that you run your own apps development company and you wouldn’t mind handling future jobs for him, this way the client can come to you if he has future jobs or he or she can refer you to a friend or colleague looking for an app development company.

So far in this article, I have mentioned why your apps development company can be successful, how you can start your own app development company and also how you can market or advertise your company to get new clients.

Just know that there is plenty possibility for you to make money in the app development business and you can go into partnership with someone that has already established an app development company as a partner if you cannot go through the stress of starting up your own company alone.

Ajaero Tony Martins