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How to Start a Strip Lash Business

A strip lash business refers to a company or enterprise that specializes in the production, distribution, and sale of strip lashes, also known as false eyelashes.

Strip lashes are artificial lashes made from various materials, such as synthetic fibers or natural hair, that are designed to be attached to the eyelid to enhance the appearance of the eyes. In a strip lash business, the company manufactures or sources strip lashes from manufacturers, ensuring that they meet quality standards and desired styles.

These lashes can come in various lengths, thicknesses, colors, and designs to cater to different preferences and occasions.

The business may also provide other related products and services, such as eyelash glue or adhesive, lash applicators, and lash care instructions. These businesses often sell their products through various channels, including online platforms, retail stores, beauty salons, or direct sales to professionals in the beauty industry.

Additionally, some strip lash businesses may offer wholesale options to supply other businesses or professionals who use lashes in their services, such as makeup artists or beauty salons.

Steps on How to Start a Strip Lash Business

  1. Conduct Market Research

Conducting market research is essential for understanding your target market. First, you need to determine who your ideal customers are based on factors such as age, gender, location, lifestyle, and preferences. This will help you focus your research efforts and tailor your products and marketing strategies accordingly.

Next, you are expected to identify your main competitors in the strip lash industry. Study their product range, pricing, marketing strategies, target audience, and customer reviews. This analysis will give you insights into what is working well in the market and where you can differentiate your business.

You should also design and conduct surveys to gather feedback directly from your target market. You can create online surveys using platforms like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey and share them through social media, email lists, or targeted advertising.

Ask questions about lash preferences, buying habits, price sensitivity, and brand perceptions. The responses will provide valuable insights for product development, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Explore customer reviews and feedback on various online platforms, such as e-commerce websites, beauty forums, and social media. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to understand customer expectations, pain points, and areas of improvement.

This information can help you refine your product offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. Lastly, based on your research, you should make data-driven decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing strategies.

a. Who is the Target Market for Strip Lash Business?
  • Women and Girls
  • Beauty Enthusiasts
  • Fashion-Conscious Consumers
  • Makeup Artists and Professionals
b. Is Strip Lash Business a Profitable Business?

Yes, the strip lash business is considered a profitable business, but it is important to note that the profitability of a strip lash business can vary depending on various factors, including market demand, competition, product quality, pricing strategy, distribution channels, and operational efficiency.

While the strip lash industry has seen significant growth in recent years, it is important to assess the market conditions and industry dynamics before starting the business.

c. Are There Existing Niches in the Industry?

No, there are no existing niches when it comes to the strip lash business because the strip lash business is a niche idea in the broader beauty and cosmetics industry.

d. Who are the Major Competitors?
  • Ardell
  • Lilly Lashes
  • Velour Lashes
  • Huda Beauty
  • House of Lashes
  • Kiss
  • Eylure
  • Tarte Cosmetics
  • Morphe
  • Flutter Lashes
  • Icona Lashes
  • Lashify
  • Esqido Lashes
  • Battington Lashes
  • Red Cherry Lashes
  • The Lash Professional
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Glamnetic
  • Mink Wink Lashes
  • Noir Lash Lounge.
e. Are There County or State Regulations or Zoning Laws for Strip Lash Business?

There may be county or state regulations or zoning laws for strip lash businesses in the United States, but they can vary depending on the specific location and type of business. It is important to research and comply with all relevant regulations and laws.

Generally, businesses are subject to local zoning regulations, which dictate the types of activities that can be conducted in different areas, as well as any specific requirements or restrictions for certain types of businesses. These regulations may cover factors such as signage, parking, noise levels, and building design and appearance.

Additionally, there may be state and federal regulations that apply to certain types of businesses, such as those related to health and safety, licensing, taxes, and employment. To determine the specific regulations and laws that apply to a strip lash business, it is recommended to consult with local and state government agencies, as well as an attorney or business advisor.

f. Is There a Franchise for Strip Lash Business?

No, there are no franchise opportunities for strip lash businesses.

g. What Do You Need to Start a Strip Lash Business?
  • A Feasibility Report
  • Business and Marketing Plans
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Production facility
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)/Federal Tax ID Number.
  • A Corporate Bank Account
  • Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
  • Employees
  • Startup and Working Capital
  1. Choose a Memorable Business Name

When looking to start a business, before you can begin to file the necessary documents with the constituted authorities or start your website, it is necessary that you come up with a name that you will be recognized with. It is essential that the name you come up with can easily be pronounced, is unique and easily memorable. Some of the catchy business name ideas suitable for a strip lash business are;

Creative Strip Lash Business Name ideas
  • Style By Eve™ Strip Lash Company, LLC
  • Emmanuella Couture© Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Pink Lane™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Dame Patience© Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Baroness Yolanda® Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Kate Keith™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Peace Nelson© Strip Lash Company, LLC
  • Pink Feather© Strip Lash Company, LLC
  • Queen Esther™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Ola Connect© Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Kelly Nelly® Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Stacey Signature™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Stella Gray© Strip Lash Company, LLC
  • Shavonne Crowlands™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Ellen Sheen™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Eye Next® Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Gloria Ecclesia© Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Ivory Feathers® Strip Lash Company, LLC
  • Johannes Junes™ Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  • Jean Jamez® Strip Lash Company, Inc.
  1. Register Your Business

a. What Type of Business Structure is Best for Strip Lash Business?

The ideal business structure for a strip lash company is determined by a variety of factors, including the size of the company, the number of owners, the level of personal liability the owners are ready to accept, and the tax consequences of the various business structures.

However, we normally recommend a limited liability company structure. This is so because an LLC is a hybrid corporate form that provides the flexibility of a partnership while also providing its owners with limited liability protection.

An LLC can have one or more owners, and the owners are not personally accountable for the debts or liabilities of the business. This business form is frequently used for small to medium-sized organizations.

b. Steps to Form an LLC
  • Choose a Name for Your LLC.
  • File Articles of Organization.
  • Choose a registered agent.
  • Decide on member vs. manager management.
  • Create an LLC operating agreement.
  • Comply with other tax and regulatory requirements.
  • File annual reports.
c. What Type of License is Needed to Open a Strip Lash Business?
  • General Business License
  • Seller’s Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Fire and Safety Permit
  • Zonal Permit
  • Signage Permit
d. What Type of Certification is Needed to Open a Strip Lash Business?

You don’t need any certifications to open a strip lash business, it is a business that is open to all and sundry as long as you have the business expertise and finance.

e. What Documents are Needed to Open a Strip Lash Business?
  • DBA
  • EIN
  • Business and liability insurance
  • Federal Tax Payer’s ID
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Business Plan
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs
  • Insurance Policy
  • Zonal Permit
  • Signage Permit
f. Do You Need a Trademark, Copyright, or Patent?

Yes, it is important for a strip lash production business to consider obtaining both trademarks and copyrights. A trademark can protect the name or logo of your strip lash brand, while a copyright can protect the creative expression of the strip lash itself.

A patent may also be worth considering if your strip lash includes a novel or innovative design that you want to protect from being copied by competitors.

Registering a copyright can give you the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and display your strip lash, as well as the ability to sue others who copy your work without permission. If your strip lash production process includes a unique mechanism or design, you may be able to apply for a patent to protect it from being copied by others.

  1. Cost Analysis and Budgeting

a. How Much Does It Cost to Start a Strip Lash Business?

The cost to start a strip lash business can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the business, location, equipment, and supplies needed, staffing costs, marketing expenses, and more. However, a rough estimate could range from $120,000 to $650,000 or more, depending on the size and scope of the business.

b. What are the Costs Involved in Starting a Strip Lash Business?
  • Legal and administrative costs (the cost of obtaining business licenses and permits, registering the business, and consulting with attorneys and accountants): $2,500
  • Equipment and supplies: $85,000
  • Staffing costs: $65,000
  • Rent/lease: $100,000
  • Marketing and advertising costs: $3,000
  • Insurance costs: $2,800
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $5,000.
c. What Factors Determine the Cost of Opening a Strip Lash Business?
  • The size of the strip lash business
  • The choice of location
  • The required licenses and permits
  • The cost of hiring and paying a business consultant and attorney
  • The cost of branding, promotion, and marketing of the strip lash business
  • The cost of furnishing and equipping the strip lash production facility
  • The cost of the insurance policy covers
  • The cost of registering the business
  • Source of your supplies and ongoing expenses
  • Cost of recruiting and training your staff
  • The cost of the purchase and customizing of uniforms
  • The cost for the grand opening of the strip lash business.
d. Do You Need to Build a Facility? If YES, How Much Will It Cost?

It is not obligatory to build a new facility for your strip lash business, but if you have the required finance, it will pay you to build your own facility. The truth is that building or reconstructing a facility for your strip lash business will help you to come up with a facility that will perfectly fit into your overall business goals and vision.

e. What are the Ongoing Expenses of a Strip Lash Business?
  • Manufacturing and production costs
  • Materials and supplies (strip lashes, adhesives, lash glue, lash trays, and other accessories)
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Marketing and advertising cost
  • Website and e-commerce expenses.
  • Rent and utilities (electricity, water, heating/cooling), and potentially property maintenance fees).
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Legal and accounting fees.
f. What is the Average Salary of your Staff?
  • CEO/Founder – $60,000 per year
  • Production Manager – $45,000 per year
  • Operations Manager – $43,000 per year
  • Product Designer – $42,000 per year
  • Accounting and Finance Manager – $38,000 per year
  • Sales and Marketing Manager – $35,000 per year
  • Quality Control Staff – $34,000 per year
  • Machine Operators – $33,000 per year
  • Customer Service Executive – $30,000 per year
g. How Do You Get Funding to Start a Strip Lash Business?
  • Raising money from personal savings and sale of personal stocks and properties
  • Raising money from investors and business partners
  • Sell shares to interested investors
  • Applying for a loan from your bank/banks
  • Pitching your business idea and applying for business grants and seed funding from the government, donor organizations, and angel investors
  • Source for soft loans from your family members and friends.
  1. Write a Business Plan

a. Executive Summary

Stella Gray® Strip Lash Company, LLC is a Portland, Oregon-based start-up strip lash company that aims to provide high-quality, affordable, and fashionable strip lashes to customers around the world. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty and express their unique style effortlessly.

Our business model centers around offering a diverse range of strip lashes that cater to different preferences and occasions. We carefully curate our lash collection, ensuring a perfect balance between natural and dramatic styles to accommodate various makeup looks and personal preferences.

Our lashes are made from premium synthetic fibers, guaranteeing comfort, durability, and a seamless blend with natural lashes.

Our management team comprises experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the beauty industry and a passion for entrepreneurship. Their combined expertise in product sourcing, marketing, e-commerce, and customer service ensures that Stella Gray® Strip Lash Company, LLC is well-positioned for success.

b. Products and Service

The production, distribution, and sale of strip lashes.

c. Mission Statement

At Stella Gray® Strip Lash Company, LLC, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty and express their unique style through our high-quality and affordable strip lashes. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, fostering inclusivity, and delivering products that inspire confidence and enhance self-expression.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a leading global brand in the strip lash industry, recognized for our innovation, superior quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We aspire to be the go-to destination for individuals seeking fashionable and comfortable strip lashes that effortlessly elevate their beauty routines.

d. Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of a strip lash business are to engage in the production, distribution, and sale of strip lashes to cater to different preferences and needs.

e. Organizational Structure
  • CEO/Founder
  • Production Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Operations Manager
  • Accounting and Finance Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Quality Control Staff
  • Machine Operators
  • Customer Service Executive.

Marketing Plan

a. SWOT Analysis
  • We pride ourselves on offering high-quality strip lashes made from premium synthetic fibers that provide comfort, durability, and a seamless blend with natural lashes.
  • By sourcing directly from trusted manufacturers, we can offer competitive pricing without compromising on product excellence, giving us an edge in the market.
  • Our curated collection of strip lashes caters to different preferences and occasions, providing customers with a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • We prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries, efficient order fulfillment, and a positive overall shopping experience.
  • As a relatively new company, we may face challenges in building brand awareness and establishing ourselves as a trusted and recognized name in the industry.
  • Initially, we may rely heavily on our e-commerce platform, which may limit our reach and exposure to customers who prefer offline shopping experiences.
  • The strip lash industry is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing popularity of beauty enhancements and the influence of social media, providing us with ample opportunities for expansion.
  • The rise of e-commerce presents an opportunity to reach a wider customer base globally and generate sales beyond geographical limitations.
  • Collaborating with beauty influencers, professionals, and online platforms can help increase brand visibility and reach new customer segments.
  • The strip lash market is highly competitive, with numerous established brands and new entrants vying for market share. Competitors may offer similar products or undercut our pricing strategies.
  • The risk of counterfeit strip lashes in the market can pose a threat to our brand reputation and customer trust.
  • Rapidly evolving beauty trends and consumer preferences require us to stay agile and adaptable to ensure that our product offerings remain relevant.
b. How Does Strip Lash Business Make Money?

A strip lash business can make money by selling strip lashes to customers through various channels.

c. Payment Options
  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Gift cards and store credit
  • Installment payments
  • Cash on delivery.
d. Sales & Advertising Strategies
  • Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to create a strong online presence and promote your strip lash to potential customers.
  • Post high-quality photos of your strip lash, share customer reviews, and use targeted advertising to reach your ideal customer demographic.
  • Collaborate with influencers and bloggers in the beauty care industry to promote your strip lash
  • Build an email list of customers and subscribers who are interested in your products and send regular newsletters and promotions to keep them engaged and interested in your brand.
  • Offer customization options for your strip lash to make your products stand out and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Offer discounts and promotions to incentivize customers to make a purchase, a discount for first-time customers, or run a sale during holidays and special occasions.
  • Host pop-up shops at events or in popular retail locations to showcase your strip lash and attract new customers.
  • Partner with other brands and businesses in the beauty care industry, such as salon and retail stores or accessory brands, to cross-promote each other’s products and reach a wider audience.
  • Develop relationships with retailers.

Financial Projection

a. How Much Should You Charge for Your Product/Service?

The price of strip lashes in the US can vary depending on various factors such as the brand, quality, design, and retailer. On average, strip lashes can range from around $5 to $25 per pair. At the lower end of the price range, you can find more affordable options with simpler designs and synthetic materials. These lashes are generally suitable for everyday wear or for those who are new to using strip lashes.

b. How Much Profit Do Strip Lash Business Owners Make a Year?

It is important to note that profit margins can vary significantly among different businesses within the strip lash industry. Some smaller or newer businesses may experience lower initial profits as they establish their brand and customer base.

Additionally, unpredictable factors such as economic conditions, fashion trends, and consumer preferences can also impact profitability.

c. What Factors Determine the Amount of Profit to Be Made?
  • The capacity of the strip lash business, the type of strip lash they are selling, and their sales volume
  • The location of the strip lash business
  • The management style of the strip lash business
  • The business approach of the strip lash business
  • The advertising and marketing strategies adopted by the strip lash business.
d. What is the Profit Margin of a Strip Lash Business?

The profit of a strip lash could range from 15 percent to 30 percent.

e. What is the Sales Forecast?
  • First Fiscal Year (FY1): $420,000
  • Second Fiscal Year (FY2): $650,000
  • Third Fiscal Year (FY3): $1.1 million
  1. Set Up your Shop/Office

a. How Do You Choose a Perfect Location for Strip Lash Business?
  • The demography of the location especially as it relates to the number of females
  • The demand for strip lash in the location
  • The purchasing power of businesses and residents of the location
  • Accessibility of the location
  • The number of strip lash businesses in the location
  • The local laws and regulations in the community/state
  • Traffic, parking, and security et al
b. What State and City is Best to Open a Strip Lash Business?
  • New York City, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Diego, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Jose, California.
c. What Equipment is Needed to Operate a Strip Lash Business?
  • Lash Manufacturing Equipment (Lash Curler, Lash Trays, Glue Applicator, Lash Mold or Template)
  • Cutting Tools (Scissors or cutting machines)
  • Heat Sources such as a heated plate or curling machine
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Lash Trays or Holders
  • Lash Boxes
  • Labeling and Printing Equipment (printers and label makers)
  • Safety and Hygiene Equipment – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Safety goggles, gloves, and masks).
  • Sanitization Equipment
  • Quality Control Equipment (Magnifying Glass or Microscope, and Lighting)
  1. Hire Employees

You are expected to hire qualified and competent employees for a strip lash business. As a matter of fact, there are certain aspects of the production process of a strip lash business that you cannot handle on your own even if you decide to cut costs.

  1. Launch the Business Proper

Organizing an opening party for a new strip lash business can be a good way to introduce your business to the community and create awareness about your services. However, whether or not to have an opening party depends on your individual business and goals.

If you want to go ahead to organize a proper launch for your strip lash, then you must make sure to invite members of the community who may be interested in your services.

a. What Makes a Strip Lash Business Successful?
  • Choose a good location and unique strip lash to launch the business
  • Make sure your products and services are top-notch
  • Throw an open house grand party before officially opening the strip lash business
  • Be deliberate with your marketing sales approach
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth to promote your strip lash business
  • Leverage all available online and offline platforms to promote your strip lash business
b. What Happens During a Typical Day at a Strip Lash Business?
  • The business is open for the day’s work
  • The facility and equipment are cleaned and ready for business
  • Strip lashes are designed and produced
  • Customer’s requests are taken, and they are attended to (strip lash delivered to them)
  • Marketing/website upkeep
  • Supply ordering
  • Administrative duties
  • The business is closed for the day.
c. What Skills and Experience Do You Need to Build a Strip Lash Business?
  • Excellent design and technical skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent quality control skills
  • Excellent sales and customer services skills
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Accounting and bookkeeping skills
  • Business management skills
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Work experience in the strip lash cum beauty care industry
  • Experience in managing people.