Are you interested in starting a flower delivery business? Do you need a sample flower delivery business plan template? If YES, then I advice you read on.

For ages, flowers have been in huge demand due to their beauty and appeal. They are used as gifts during birthdays, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or just to express certain feelings, such as “I love you” or “I am very sorry.” Flowers are also used for weddings, home decorations, funerals, as wreaths, etc

The high demand for flowers isn’t likely to tank anytime soon, since people will never stop trying to please their loved ones.

If you have been looking to start a business that requires low startup capital and no technical know-how, then you should consider starting a flower delivery business. And if you have skills and experience in floral design, that’s an added advantage, as you will make the flowers yourself rather than buy them.

Do you seem to like this business idea? Would you like to give it a shot? Then follow the guidelines below to understand how to start your own flower delivery business.

Starting a Flower Delivery Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Decide on how you will get flowers to sell

You have two options: making the flowers yourself or buying them from wholesalers. If you will be making the flowers yourself, you can start by strengthening your floral design skills. Assess your skills to figure out areas in which you are lacking, and try to improve on those areas. Then consider approaching a seasoned flower designer to perfect your skills.

If you will be buying the flowers from wholesalers, chances are that you have little to no knowledge about flowers. So, it is advisable you first approach a seasoned flower seller to find out what kinds of flowers you can get on a regular seasonal basis.

2. Write a business plan

Though you might think this is insignificant, but you need to write a business plan for your business. This plan will include details about your business, such as your target market, market analysis, startup costs, operation costs, expected earnings and profit, expansion plans, unique selling points, likely challenges and solutions, and so on.

Not only will your business plan guide you through the process of starting your flower delivery business, it will also keep you on track as you try to grow your business with time. In addition, your business plan, if well written, can compel third parties such as investors and lenders to fund your business—if you cannot fund it alone.

3. Find a good location

You may need to rent a shop for your flower delivery business. The shop should have a retail area in front, complete with displays of floral arrangements that can entice passersby.

Alternatively, you can set up a home office if you cannot afford to rent a shop. But the only downside to this option is that you cannot display your flowers in a way that they can attract the attention of passersby. So, you should consider this option only if you want to receive orders through the internet only.

4. Find suppliers

After finding a location, you need to find suppliers from which you will buy flowers. There are many wholesale stores where you can buy flowers for very cheap prices. Buy a limited amount of stock to start with. As you get more orders, you can order more flowers at a time.

If you would be making your flowers yourself, then you should contact suppliers of the raw materials that you will need, such as fabrics, ribbons, adhesives, and so on. Whether you will be buying flowers or making them yourself, you will need to find suppliers from whom you will buy items such as cardholders, flower vases, and other items for holding and packaging flowers.

However, you must ensure that you deal with suppliers reputable for high quality products, since the success of your business hinges largely on the quality of the flowers you deliver, which in turn hinges on the quality you get from suppliers.

5. Hire employees

You will need other people to work with you. While someone will be responsible for taking orders over the phone an internet, a designer will put the ordered flower arrangements together, and someone will deliver the orders to customers. You will also need to hire an accountant to handle the ledge, financial statements, and payroll.

When hiring employees, it is advisable that you choose highly skilled and experienced individuals, since the quality of their work can make or mar your business in the long term.

6. Market your business

To create awareness about your business, you will need to advertise anywhere you deem necessary. Set up a small website where potential customers can find your business and place orders, set up social media accounts for reaching out to prospects, hand out business cards to everyone you know, leave flyers at local businesses, advertise in local newspapers, distribute stickers that people can post on their cars or walls.

Once you start receiving orders, you must deliver promptly, and deliver high quality. With time, your business will grow.

Ajaero Tony Martins