Strip clubs are private clubs that are designed to allow men to feel comfortable and create friendships with other men. These clubs are also renowned as a central part of elite men’s lives. They make available everything a regular home would have.

If you are looking to start a Strip Club business, then you have to put together a detailed business plan. Your business plan will have to contain a concrete financial projection that will let your investors understand how you will repay their investment or loan.

The amount you will spend on salaries will be massive because you will need more than just bartenders, waitresses, and the cooking staff. You also have to find out the average patron’s visit length to help you in determining cost breakdowns of liquor and food purchases, since most patrons drink while watching the entertainment.

Depending on the business model you intend to leverage for your strip club, you have to decide if there will be a cover charge for patrons or not. Most often, if a cover charge is waived, food and beverage prices are kept high to cover other expenses.

While designing your layout, remember to reserve a part of the floor plan for the dressing area for the entertainment and one or more spaces for VIP/private rooms, depending on your business model.

Contrary to popular opinion, strip clubs aren’t all the same. In the United States, there is an almost endless variety, which is part of the fun. However, there are a few types of strip clubs, each offering its kind of service. Here are the best strip club ideas to consider.

What are the Best Strip Club ideas to Focus On?

1. Online Strip Club

Today, technology has entirely changed how traditional strip clubs do business. In addition, the recent growth of the webcam modeling industry is a clear insignia that millennials are altering their preferences. Webcam platforms are coming as the new strip clubs of the modern world.

According to reports, the cam industry is one of the biggest segments of the adult industry and it is drawing in both models and strip show lovers at the same time. When models can work right from their homes and earn better money, it is almost impossible they would want to work in brick and mortar clubs.

  1. Drive-Thru Strip Club

This is another type of strip club that will continue to grow, even into 2022 and beyond. However, note that starting a drive-thru strip club business requires a great deal of effort, dedication, and passion. Starting a drive-thru strip club business can be rewarding since you are solving an immediate issue for your customer and you’re working on something you truly care about.

  1. Gentlemen’s Clubs (GC)

Gentlemen’s clubs are quite different from traditional strip clubs in many ways. Gentlemen’s clubs are the big, classic places that are usually depicted in movies, and are what comes to mind when the inexperienced hear the word “strip club.”

They more or less have all the amenities including parking attendants, doormen, tuxedoed bouncers, obnoxious DJs, gift/cigar shops, large bars, a large selection of uniformly-gorgeous dancers (mostly Barbie dolls with fake boobs), a variety of exotic private rooms, full kitchens, extravagant prices, and stuffy atmospheres.

Note that this is where the experienced professional dancers work. Professional athletes and people who pretend to be wealthy hang out here, and seasoned strip club customers avoid these places like the plague.

  1. Titty Bars

According to industry reports, this is the most common type of strip club in the US. These are those small neighborhood bars that at some point or with time added some dancing girls as entertainment. The girls dance on a stage behind the bar or in a corner, then move around for tips and sit and drink with customers.

There may be other extra forms of entertainment as well, such as a pool table or two, and there may also be some private dances available, but most customers come just to drink and socialize.

A good number of dancers begin their careers here, and many older dancers return here to retire, so there is typically a very vast range of dancers, although they may be fairly few. Such places can be quite popular but tend to draw customers almost exclusively from their local area.

  1. Lap Dance Factories

Quite prevalent in many parts of the country, the LD factory is a smaller bare-bones affair where lap dance is the main thing. Unlike other options noted above, these clubs don’t always serve alcohol, although BYOB may be allowed.

This is where you will find guys rolling in coolers full of beer. And they tend to feature girls dancing nude on a little stage. Most often, unlimited two-way contact is allowed, and if there are separate private rooms, even more, may be offered.

A good number of these places often attract fairly young inexperienced dancers as well as older girls and more recently have been attracting a lot of foreign-born women who are sometimes less intimidated by high contact.

  1. Sex Emporia

This refers to places that more or less combine a vast range of other adult services such as an adult book store or a jack shack combined with a stripping area, which may be a small theater.

Although not many in the United States, these clubs can be found in really seedy areas of some major cities and a few smaller cities and towns as well as near a few truck stops. A good number of them are open 24/7 and barely offer alcohol. Anything may be available. They tend to be quite small, although there are a couple of well-known larger ones (e.g. Mitchell Brothers in San Francisco.)

  1. Women Only Strip Clubs

Note that the entertainment in this type of club is quite different. These strip clubs have a presentation that includes several male strippers who do choreography for female patrons. They even represent characters with whom the audience can interact. Male strippers will also wear a costume if it is part of the show.

Have it in mind that personal Lap dances are free at these clubs; women get the chance of interacting in the show and getting a personal lap dance. If there is a group celebrating a birthday or a hen’s party, then she might even be brought up to the stage to receive a personal lap dance.

A lot of fun activities are done in these strip clubs. It is a matter of having fun with customers. Some of the activities that are carried out in male strip clubs are body shots, games with orgasms, and interaction with food.

  1. LGBT Only Club

If you are looking to support the LGBT community, then you can start and run an LGBT-only strip club. However, note that you need to be ready for a potentially challenging and risky process since seven out of ten new clubs closes within three years.

When opening an LGBT-only club, you have to analyze factors like which neighborhoods have the most LGBT-friendly reputations and whether the surrounding area has a population adequate to sustain your business. Endeavor to pick an LGBT-friendly neighborhood or an area with a high LGBT population, most likely in an urban setting. You probably wouldn’t want to put a large strip club in the middle of a residential neighborhood.