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10 Best Cities and States to Open a Strip Club

Cities to Open a Strip Club

If you are planning on establishing a strip club in the United States of America, and you are wondering where would be the best location for you, then you are reading the right article.

The United States of America is known to have an active and vibrant nightlife and of course, there are cities in the US that never go to sleep. Going by the nature of how strip clubs operate, it will be safe to say that the cities and states that are best for strip clubs are those that never go to bed.

These are cities and states are usually open to all forms of nightlife entertainment. Having said that, here are the best cities and states where strip clubs can thrive unhindered in the United States of America.

Best Cities and States for a Strip Club Business

1. Las Vegas – Nevada

When it comes to strip club business and nightlife in general, Las Vegas no doubt is the number one destination. Las Vegas has earned its reputation as America’s adult playground for good reason. Some of the United States’ top strip clubs and nightclubs are located in Las Vegas, a city known for its glitzy hotels and casinos.

It might interest you to know that Disc Jockeys from around the world visit Sin City to treat visitors to bumping beats all night long. The majority of hotels along the Las Vegas Strip boast of nightclubs and entertainment venues where travelers can go to enjoy stripping activities.

  1. Miami Beach – Florida

Another city that is notable for welcoming strip clubs in the United States of America is Miami Beach, Florida. The nightlife in Miami Beach is ever bubbling and strip clubs and adult party scene in Florida beach heats up after dark.

Aside from strip clubs, the chic South Beach is also famous for its deafening dance clubs, posh hotel lounges, and extravagant clientele. If you are looking for a strip club, trust me, you will find everything you need along Ocean Drive. If you are looking for a more refined evening, hit up one of Miami Beach’s rooftop bars and strip clubs.

  1. New Orleans – Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana is yet another destination with its own distinct identity when it comes to rich nightlife and strip clubs. The city attracts lovers of strip clubs and nightlife. The French Quarter is infamous for its rowdiness (especially every February or March during Mardi Gras), and a night out here can easily last until the wee hours.

Aside from visiting strip clubs, if you are seeking a more authentic New Orleans experience, head to the jazz clubs that line Frenchmen Street to watch local musicians jam and also to club in nearby facilities.

  1. New York City – New York

Another city that a strip club is bound to thrive in is New York City, New York. You will agree with me that no city in the United States can boast of a wider variety of nightlife options than New York. From trendy cocktail lounges in SoHo and rooftop bars in midtown Manhattan to pub crawls in the East Village and beer gardens in Brooklyn, there are countless ways to enjoy a night out in the Big Apple.

Aside from the fact that people head to New York City to enjoy nightlife and strip clubs, the city also offers everything from concerts to Broadway musicals for visitors to enjoy.

  1. Los Angeles – California

If you have been to Los Angeles, California, you will agree that strip clubs and the likes are bound to make it big in the city. This is because Los Angeles is known for its robust and bubbling nightlife.

Los Angeles boasts of some of the most stylish see-and-be-seen spots in the U.S. Hit up Hollywood for an unforgettable night out, cruise the swanky rooftop spots and speakeasies in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, or for something more low-key, do as the locals do and seek out finely crafted cocktails in Silver Lake or Santa Monica. If you want to go dancing, head downtown to find strip clubs playing everything from EDM to Latin music to pop.

  1. San Francisco – California

San Francisco, California is yet another destination that is known for its active nightlife, a city where there are well-known strip clubs. Every San Fran neighborhood has its own scene, so it is easy to find spots that suit your preferences if you want to open a strip club.

Downtown is where you will find the biggest parties, and the Mission District is where you will find all the hipsters (and their cool bars).

For something more refined, head to the restaurants located along the Embarcadero. San Francisco is also home to some of the best gay bars and strip clubs in the country, whether you are interested in a drag show, a piano bar, or something else entirely.

  1. Chicago – Illinois

Although people travel to Chicago, Illinois to take in live music and theatrical performances, the city is also notable for thriving strip clubs. The Windy City boasts of a fair number of rooftop lounges, swanky hotel bars, and booming strip clubs, but most locals prefer a more laid-back night out at a neighborhood bar over a crowded party.

Although there are few strip clubs in Chicago when compared to Las Vegas and even Portland, the city is known to provide the atmosphere for strip clubs to thrive.

  1. Austin – Texas

Another destination you should head to if you are looking to open a strip club is Austin, Texas. Austin’s unofficial nickname is the “Live Music Capital of the World.” And while it is true that music venues pepper the city, the more pertinent motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” For a lively bar scene and strip clubs, head to Sixth Street.

Visitors will find everything from cocktail lounges to cowboy bars to speakeasies along and just off this main thoroughfare. When The University of Texas at Austin is in session, expect a more robust nightlife and of course exuberant crowd.

  1. San Diego – California

San Diego might not be the first destination that comes to mind when considering nightlife scenes, but the city has a surprising number of bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, and event venues that appeal to a variety of travelers.

The Gaslamp Quarter features spots with live music, flamenco dancing, and even burlesque shows. Plus, the city offers excellent weather year-round, so patrons can enjoy the pleasant temps at numerous rooftop bars while admiring views of the bay.

  1. Boston – Massachusetts

Last on our list of cities and states that are best for strip clubs is Boston, Massachusetts. Boston no doubt is a bubbling city with an active nightlife and the city is home to several breweries, including Harpoon, Trillium, and Samuel Adams, hence the city is popular with beer lovers. However, that’s not all this city has to offer.

Visitors can pop into strip clubs, nightclubs, wine bars, and historic taverns in the North End (Boston’s Little Italy) and downtown, then head to a comedy club for a night of laughs or the Citizens Bank Opera House for musical performance.

For an excellent view of the city, drinks, a bite to eat, and an evening of jazz, visit Top of the Hub on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower.

In Conclusion;

It is important to state that even though the cities listed above have several strip clubs, an investor that is looking towards opening a new strip club can still settle for any one of them. Trust me, if you are creative and come up with a niche strip club, you will be amazed at the patronage you will get.