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50 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Switzerland

Do you want to start a business in Switzerland as a foreigner? If Yes, here are 50 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Switzerland.

Switzerland is officially known as the Swiss Confederation and the country is situated in western, central, and southern Europe. Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, with the city of Bern as the seat of the federal authorities. The sovereign state is a federal republic bordered by Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.

Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura, spanning a total area of 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq mi) (land area 39,997 km2 (15,443 sq mi)).

While the Alps occupy a greater part of the territory, the Swiss population of approximately 8.5 million people is concentrated mostly on the plateau, where the largest cities are to be found: among them are the two global cities and economic centers Zürich and Geneva.

Interestingly, Switzerland has a stable, prosperous and high-tech economy and enjoys great wealth, being ranked as the wealthiest country in the world per capita in multiple rankings.

In 2011, it was ranked as the wealthiest country in the world in per capita terms (with “wealth” being defined to include both financial and non-financial assets), while the 2013 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report showed that Switzerland was the country with the highest average wealth per adult in 2013.

Switzerland has the world’s nineteenth largest economy by nominal GDP and the thirty-sixth largest by purchasing power parity. It is the twentieth largest exporter, despite its small size. Switzerland has the highest European rating in the Index of Economic Freedom 2010, while also providing large coverage through public services.

When it comes to the ease of doing business, Switzerland is ranked 38 among 190 economies of the world according to World Bank rating.

Statistics shows that ease of Doing Business in Switzerland averaged 27.36 from 2008 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 38 in 2018 and a record low of 19 in 2008. Trust me this is one destination that supports the growth of businesses especially from foreign investors.

So without wasting time, let’s quickly take a walk through some of the smartest business ideas to be considered in Switzerland.

Best Business Investment Opportunities in Switzerland

  1. Start a Solar Water Heater Installation Services Company

If you studied electrical engineering or any related course and you are keen to own a business that you can successfully manage, then you should consider starting a solar water heater installation business. This is one business that you can successfully start on a small scale and if you are good with what you do, it won’t be too long before you become a household name in your city and perhaps your country.

Solar water heater installation industry install solar water heater systems as part of general residential and commercial contracting services.

  1. Start Chemical Trading Company

Another viable and profitable business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Switzerland is a chemical trading business. The largest exported goods in Switzerland are chemicals (34 percent of exported goods). Chemical trading business involves the wholesaling of different types of chemicals both locally and internationally.

A good number of chemical trading companies are known to export wholesale chemicals and related products, including compressed gas, chemical additives and synthetic rubber, to the manufacturing, construction and mining industries.

The chemical industry is a very delicate industry hence proper training is required if you want to start a chemical trading business. You would need chemical handling permits and other relevant permits before you can be legally allowed to go into the trading of chemicals and chemical related products.

  1. Open Chemical Laboratory (Laboratory Testing Services)

The fact that Switzerland is in the forefront when it comes to the production of chemicals in the world means that businesses in the value chain of the chemical industry will always thrive and one of such business is to open a chemical laboratory.

Chemical laboratories performs physical, chemical and other analytical testing for commercial purposes. Such testing may occur in a laboratory or an on-site facility (i.e. where the product is manufactured or developed). Most results from industry-led tests are checked against government regulations and environmental, industrial and product standards.

  1. Start Wholesale Pharmacy Business

This is a business that engages in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals or medical goods. These goods are distributed to pharmacies, specialist retailers, hospitals, and other specialist medical practitioners.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers purchase drugs, medical and surgical equipment, instruments and supplies, store these items at distribution centers, and deliver these products to medical and dental practitioners, clinics and hospitals. This is a profitable and viable business and you can be rest assured that your products will be purchased by retail pharmacy stores and medical clinics/hospitals in and outside Switzerland.

When it comes to starting a wholesale pharmacy business, you just have to ensure that you get your strategy right; you will need robust business relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and also retail pharmacy stores in and around your target market location.

  1. Open a Retail Pharmacy Store

Pharmacy business is indeed a thriving business in Switzerland and if you have what it takes to run a pharmacy related business, you should consider starting a retail pharmacy business. Retail pharmacy business are known to be involved in the sale (retailing) of generic or brand medications, some big pharmaceutical stores engage in the sale of medical devices.

Please note that in Switzerland and of course all over the world, the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. As a matter of fact, there are several universal laws and regulations that govern the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy and marketing of drugs.

  1. Open Dental Handpiece and Medical Equipment Repair

Starting a dental handpiece and medical equipment repair business is yet another fast – growing business that an entrepreneur who is seeking to start a business in Switzerland should consider.

Dental handpiece is an instrument for holding dental burs to remove tooth structure or to smooth and polish restorative materials. Please note that when it comes to repair and maintenance of dental handpiece or any medical instrument, they are usually handled with uttermost care and professionalism.

  1. Start Medical Equipment Rental Business

If you are interested in the rental line of business and you are looking towards starting a business in Switzerland, one of your best bets is to launch a medical equipment rental business. The right time to start such business is now because this business concept is presently at its growing stage.

Those that are engaged in medical equipment rental businesses, rent out different types of medical equipment to clinics and hospitals who need them to carry out treatments or surgery. Take for instance, some hospitals or medical facilities rent ultrasound, remote patient monitoring and X-ray equipment, as well as other types of medical equipment that tend to become obsolete quickly.

  1. Open Electronics Appliance Retail Store

Another thriving small scale business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Switzerland is an electronics appliance retail store. The major things you need to have in place to make success from this type of business is a good location, wholesale supply of quality electronic appliances, good customer service and accounting skills.

Electronics stores retail a range of new appliances, electrical goods and home entertainment products, such as dishwashers, TVs and computers. Many stores also offer repair services and some stores sell used goods.

  1. Start Immigration Consulting Firm

Loads of people might not know that Switzerland attracts a huge number of immigrants annually. As a matter of fact, the population growth from net immigration in Switzerland is quite high, at 0.5 percent of population in 2004. The foreign citizen population was 21.8 percent in 2004, about the same as in Australia.

This goes to show that there are business openings for those who are interested in starting immigration consulting firms in Switzerland. Starting an immigration consulting firm is not too expensive except for the money required to rent and furnish an office space.

  1. Open Immigration Attorney Agency

If you are a lawyer and you intend starting your business in Switzerland, then you should consider starting your own immigration attorney agency. There are many migrants who are trapped in Switzerland simply because they don’t know who to talk to when they have immigration issues.

Being an immigration attorney means that you will help your clients to become citizens of Switzerland, you will help defend your clients who have deportation cases with the government. You can also help your clients obtain work permits in Switzerland; you can help your client start a business in another country and any other immigration related issues.

  1. Open a Dance Studio

It might interest you to know that there are countless number of people in Switzerland who are willing to pay money to learn various dance steps. Dance steps like Salsa, Ballet, Hip Hop Dance, Tap Dance, Yangko Dance, Belly Dance, Kathak, Gangnam Style, Break Dance, Line Dance, and also Yoga, Zumba and any other activities that can keep people in good shape.

That is why establishing your own dance studio in Switzerland might just be the right business decision to take if you are still considering starting your business. When we talk about a dance studio, we are talking about a space where dancers and choreographers learn or rehearse various dancing steps; dance studios are deliberately built and equipped to fit into that purpose.

  1. Start Bodyguard and Executive Protection Business

Another business that can be started on a small scale in Switzerland is bodyguard and executive protection business. A bodyguard and executive protection company provides both armed and unarmed security related services to clients at an agreed fee.

There is a great need for celebrities and public figures to protect themselves and their families, and as a matter of fact; there are celebrities and public figures that can’t move around in public if they don’t have bodyguard guards.

  1. Open a Bridal Shop

Opening a bridal shop is yet another small – scale business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Switzerland. Bridal shops are retail outlets that predominantly retail bridal wear, including wedding gowns, veils and other accessories such as shoes, gloves and jewelry.

One good thing about this type of business is that you don’t need to enroll in a conventional school to learn how to start and run it; the business just requires basic business skills such as customer service, accounting skills, bargaining skills, people skills cum networking skills and of course overall business management skills.

  1. Open a Car Wash

A car wash is another small – scale business that is thriving in Switzerland. The basic services offered by car wash companies revolves around cleaning, washing, and waxing of automobiles (cars, trucks, vans, and trailers et al). In the car wash industry, you will also find customized services like full- and self-service car wash, truck and bus washes and vehicle detailing services.

Please note that the market for car wash is driven by the purchase of cars and increase in consumer spending – in essence, as the general economy of a country grows, more people will buy cars and more people will patronize car washes on a regular basis especially if their driving habits encourages them to do so.

  1. Start Security Camera Installation Business

There is indeed a large market for security camera installation business in Switzerland and an entrepreneur can start the business on a small scale.

Despite the fact that security camera installation is a technical business, that does not in any way rule out the fact that an entrepreneur with zero technical skills can learn the trade within few months if they are smart. Security camera installation companies are engaged in security camera system installation, monitoring and surveillance, repairs and maintenance and other related surveillance, etc.

  1. Start a Cleaning Services Company

The services industry is a thriving industry in Switzerland and one of the businesses that can be categorized under the services industry is cleaning services business. This type of business can be started by anybody as long as you have eyes for details and cleanliness.

If you have experience in this regard, it will be easier for you to start and effectively run a cleaning business. The truth is that in Switzerland, you have the chance of making success out of a cleaning business if you have good marketing skills and of course the ability to thoroughly carry out cleaning jobs.

  1. Open a Coffee Café

The Swiss climate is generally temperate, but can vary greatly between the localities, from glacial conditions on the mountaintops to the often pleasant near Mediterranean climate at Switzerland’s southern tip. This goes to show that a coffee café is bound to succeed in Switzerland.

If you choose to start a coffee café in Switzerland, make sure you sell cappuccino, espresso, iced coffee, decaffeinated coffee, alcoholic coffee (Irish Coffee and Brandy Coffee et al), filtered coffee, cold brew coffee, Turkish coffee, coffee with milk, coffee or espresso with whipped cream, and flavored coffee et al.

  1. Start Corporate Image Consulting Firm

A corporate image consulting firm is not too expensive to start except for the money required to rent and furnish an office space. Running this type of business requires that you should be trained as a brand specialist and a public relations specialist and it is indeed a very lucrative business in Switzerland.

Being a corporate image consultant means that you will help your clients handle everything that has to do with the corporate image they want to public to see in them. That is, your goal as corporate Image Consultant is to improve the way an organization’s employees look and act.

  1. Start Dessert Bar Business

Starting a dessert bar business is one sure way of making money because dessert bars are consumed by a host of people in Switzerland. Dessert bars, or simply bars or squares, are a type of American “bar cookie” that has the texture of a firm cake or softer than usual cookie. They are prepared in a pan and then baked in the oven. They are cut into squares or rectangles.

The ingredients used in the production of desserts are sugar, eggs, butter, flour and milk, common ingredients are chocolate chips, nuts, raspberry jam, coconut, cocoa powder, graham cracker, pudding, mini-marshmallows and peanut butter. More exotic bars can be made with sour cream, rhubarb, pretzels, candies, vanilla, raisins, and pumpkin.

  1. Start a Driving School

Another business that can be started on a small – scale in Switzerland is a driving school. Driving school business is a competitive business in Switzerland because it is no difficult to start. Any entrepreneur who intends to go into this business, should ensure that they carry out thorough feasibility studies and market research so that the risks associated with this type of business can be greatly minimized.

The first thing to consider before launching this business is to know how to secure all the required license and permits needed to run this type of business in Switzerland, the road network in your chosen location, the ideal insurance and the type of cars needed.

  1. Start Education Consulting Firm

If you are an educationist or someone who has background in education matters, and you intend starting your business in Switzerland, then you should consider starting your own education consulting firm.

There are many would-be international students and students aspiring to go to colleges/universities who are trapped because they don’t know who to talk to when they have challenges with education related issues, that is why it is important to set up your own education consulting firm.

Being an educational consultant means that you will help your clients handle all their educational concerns. You can also help your clients (international students) obtain work permits in their new country of residence / studies.

  1. Start a Fencing Company

In Switzerland, you will notice that a good percentage of homes have one form of fencing or the other. This goes to show that there is indeed a large market for fencing business in Switzerland and the line of business is open to interested entrepreneurs.

Fencing companies are part of the fence construction industry and this industry comprises of establishments that construct and install a wide range of fences, including residential fences, security fences and niche fences amongst others.

  1. Open a Fruit and Vegetable Mart

If you are considering starting a fruit and vegetable retail store business in Switzerland, the good news is that you can’t get it wrong. This is because vegetables and fruits are consumed by almost everybody in Switzerland.

It is important to state that starting a vegetable and fruit retail store business comes with its own fair share of challenges, but that does not rule out the fact that it is indeed a profitable business venture, especially if you locate the business in good location and you know how to source fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Start Home/Building Inspection Firm

Another small – scale business that can be started in Switzerland is home/building inspection firm. This is one business that requires minimal startup capital and minimal manpower and can be started from a home office. Home/building inspection firms perform inspections on buildings.

When home inspection representatives inspect a building, they evaluate all aspects of its structure and component systems, and they prepare a report on the physical condition of the property. These reports are written for buyers or people involved in real estate transactions.

  1. Start Homemade Chocolate Retail Business

The major things you would need to have in place to make success from this type of business is a good location, well – packaged homemade chocolate and of course good customer service skills. Homemade chocolates are made from the home and not in a factory where mass production of chocolates is done within a short period of time.

Those who are into homemade chocolate retail ensure that they target locations where they can easily attract children because children are the major consumers of chocolates and candies.

  1. Start Homes and Offices Food Delivery Business

Homes and office food delivery business is involved in the delivery of foods to any destination within their coverage area as ordered by their clients. The process of ordering food from a local restaurant or food cooperative in Switzerland is through telephones, website or customized mobile app.

It is same process, when ordering goods from online stores, many of these food delivery companies allow customers to keep accounts with them in order to make frequent ordering convenient. Payments are usually done either by credit card or cash, with the restaurant returning a percentage to the online food delivery company if they are not the owners of the restaurant.

  1. Start Health Coaching Business

The fact that people want to live healthy means that they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal including exercising and eating right, and that is where a health coaching comes in. Health coaches are knowledgeable in exercise, lifestyle and foods affect the health, physiology and wellbeing of a person.

They help guide people to live healthy lifestyles. If you want to start your health coaching business in Switzerland, you would need to obtain all the necessary licenses and certifications. The truth is that the market is still pretty much open for new practitioners to come in.

  1. Open a Watch and Jewelry Repair Shop

One cool way of making money is to start a jewelry repair business. This business is a thriving one because one out of two persons that you come across has one or more jewelries that they make use of on a regular basis. The truth is that when jewelries are used, there are tendencies for them to wear out or get damaged hence the need for the services of jewelry repair shops.

Watch and jewelry repair shops provides watch and jewelry repair services, including sizing, polishing and battery replacement amongst other related services. They also offer other repair and rental services and resell refurbished merchandise and parts.

  1. Start a Laundry Business

If you are interested in starting your own laundry business in Switzerland, it will be a wise decision to first and foremost take out time to conduct detailed cost analysis before investing your time and money into the business idea. The truth is that some businesses fail because proper cost analysis was not carried out prior to starting the business. Starting a laundry business requires that you purchase or lease equipment that are needed to run the business.

  1. Become a Photographer for Models

Another thriving small – scale business that a aspiring entrepreneur can start in any of the major cities in Switzerland is a photographer for models.

It is one thing to become a photographer, and a different kettle of fish to have your own area of specialization in photography. This is so because there are a host of niche areas to choose from in the industry and one of them is becoming a photographer for models.

The truth is that becoming a photographer for models will open a whole lot of business opportunities for you because as a photographer for models, you can be an all-rounder. It means that you can cover children cum babies that are models, pets that are models and of course adult models.

  1. Become a Professional Barber/Open a Barber’s Shop

A professional barber is a person whose livelihood is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave hair. Aside from the fact that people go to cut, dress, groom, style and shave in a barber shop, it is also place where people go to socialize with other folks in the neighborhood and also to engage in trendy discussions; it is a place where people go to network, to discuss sports and overall a hub that contributes in shaping the male identity.

  1. Open a Massage Parlor

When we talk about massage business, we are talking of a profitable business that involves offering healthcare related services that help people get fully healed from an ailment or to help people soothe their muscle soreness, improve their sleep, boost their immune system function, increase mental alertness, ease the effects of cancer treatment, aid headache sufferers, alleviate depression, and ultimately reduce stress.

As a matter of fact, close to 50 percent of massage therapies performed are considered to assist with specific health conditions and injury rehabilitation compared to one third of those who received massage for relaxation and stress management.

  1. Open a Makeup Studio (Become a Makeup Artist)

Makeup artists are individuals who use their talents and tools to makeover, transform, and improve another individual’s face (and sometimes their body). The works of these talented individuals corrects imperfections, highlights positive attributes, and remedies issues.

But whether they are highlighting cheekbones for a key event, perfecting the smoky eye for a photo shoot, or applying prosthetics for theatrical productions, makeup artists are truly artists in their own right.

This is not just a passion but also a business since very good makeup artists command lofty fees and possess loyal clients, whether they are transforming performers to create an accurate visual representation, or perfecting brides for one of the most important days of their lives.

  1. Start Bar and Grill Business

A bar and grill restaurant is a business that retails both alcoholic and non – alcoholic drinks served along grilled beef, chicken, turkey, bacon, pork, fish and corn et al as requested by their customer.

If you are considering opening a bar and grill restaurant business, all you would need is some capital to purchase or lease/rent a suitable facility), the required equipment (grill making stands/grillers, propane smoker, cooking table) / utensils, fridges, ice block making machine, serving wares and furniture.

You would also need some additional capital to purchase the initial supply (alcoholic and non – alcoholic drinks, cooking ingredients, spices, beef, fish, bacon, pork, chicken, and turkey et al), pay your employees at least for the first 3 months, and also to pay your utility bills.

  1. Open a Body Piercing Studio

Body piercing Studios are known to provide body piercing services, which involve puncturing the skin in order to display ornamental jewelry.

The major activities in this line of business revolves around navel piercing, cartilage, rook, nostril, eyebrow, daith, lip, tragus, and earlobe piercings: including facial piercing and we are not ruling out the fact that most body piercing studios also provide tattoo services by injecting ink under the skin and permanently altering the coloration of the skin.

  1. Open a Car Leather Repair Shop

Opening a car leather repair shop is another money – spinning business that an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking towards starting a business in Switzerland should consider starting. One good thing about this type of business is that you can learn the technical skills from someone who is already in the business or from a technical school.

All you need to do is to rent a shop in a good location and then setup your shop and advertise your car leather repair business. If you are lucky to be one of few car leather repair technicians in your community, you will sure make good money from this type of business.

  1. Start a Cupcake Business

Another small – scale business that can be started in Switzerland is cupcake business. A cupcake business is indeed a profitable business because you can operate the business with your family members from your kitchen thereby cutting operational cost to the barest minimum.

So also, if you are able to secure a strategic high traffic location to open a shop, you can be rest assured to rake in good returns from your cupcake business. One good thing about cupcake business is that it is your creativity that can stand you out from your competitors.

  1. Start a Dog Training Business

If you live in Switzerland, you will agree that dogs and pets generally are given some of the best treatments. Becoming a dog trainer isn’t so much of a huge task, as it does not require that you get any certification whatsoever. All that is required of you is the love for animals, as well as having the skills to train dogs in various skill sets.

It is very enjoyable to start a dog training business, because it establishes a relationship between you and the dog and in the long run you smile to the bank. So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the dog training business is a viable small – scale business to start in Switzerland.

  1. Start Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Business

As an aspiring entrepreneur who intends starting a small – scale business in Switzerland, you can comfortably start a dryer vent cleaning business without much stress. The truth is that, you don’t necessarily need to own a fully functional dry – cleaning business before you can make money from your dryer vent cleaning business.

You can start a dryer vent cleaning business and your services won’t just be restricted to dry cleaners but can be offered to homes and offices where dryers are used. Most people find it difficult to clean the vents of their dryers; hence they require professionals to help them do it.

  1. Start a Graffiti Removal Business

A graffiti business can be considered to be a profitable small – scale business especially if you are working directly for the government of Switzerland as their agent. In most parts of the world, it is the duty of the government, especially local government, to ensure that they remove graffiti from public facilities to maintain a cleaner and decent environment.

Since it is the responsibility of government to maintain the beautification of public facilities, it is therefore very important to position your graffiti removal business to be able to secure contracts from the government.

  1. Start a Knife Sharpening Business

If you are looking for a small – scale business to start in Switzerland; a business that is less stressful, less challenging and with pretty low startup capital, then you may want to consider starting a knife sharpening business. This is one business that requires little startup and you can be sure to make good returns on your investment.

Bear in mind that you can go into this kind of business even from the comfort of your home. Knife sharpening businesses basically help their clients sharpen their knives, scissors and other sharp edges/blade like tools and instruments. They can operate from a shop / kiosk or from their truck as a mobile knife sharpening operator.

  1. Open a Liquor Store

If you live in Switzerland, you will agree that loads of people consume liquor on a daily basis. This goes to show that there is a large market for liquor and as an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a business to start, you need not look too far because you can open a liquor store in your neighborhood.

A liquor store is a retail shop that that is licensed to sell prepackaged alcoholic beverages usually in bottles to customers who are likely to take them home or elsewhere to consume. If you intend opening your liquor store, then you must take out time to learn the art of buying and selling liquor, alongside other soft skills.

  1. Start a Monogramming Business

Monogramming business involves artistic designing of gift items by cresting 2 or more alphabetic letters on the gift item. The gift item could be cups, Tee Shirt, Towel, Bags, Wedding Invites, Caps, and Jackets et al. Simply put; monograms are embroidered emblems on any of the gift items listed above.

Although a small – scale monogramming company can be operated from home, especially if it is being managed by an individual, but it pays to operate from an office / production facility. The truth is that you would not need an office space to be able to run this type of business if indeed you want to work for corporate organization and even government agencies.

  1. Start Mortuary Transportation Business

As an aspiring entrepreneur who intends starting a business in Switzerland that will always provide services that would never go into extinction, then mortuary transportation should be a business you need to consider. A mortuary transportation company transports the remains of people from the mortuary to burial site or cemetery.

Although most people would rather do some other business rather than opt for mortuary transportation because of its delicate and emotional nature. However, fact remains that this business is a money spinner and it will always stand the test of time.

  1. Start Maids, Nannies and Gardeners Recruitment Agency

Maid, nanny and gardener recruitment agency business is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can successfully start small in Switzerland and perhaps with a functional home office without breaking the bank for cash. Maids, nannies and gardeners recruitment agency employs workers for activities primarily related to operating a household like chefs, maids, nannies, butlers and outside workers, such as gardeners, caretakers and other maintenance workers.

  1. Start a Party Rental Business

A party rental business is not as capital intensive as starting a banquet hall rental business because all that is required of you is to purchase tables, chairs, flatware, linens, centerpieces, stages, tents, canopies and other items for public and private parties and events.

You will also need a warehouse facility or a well-secured space to keep the items and also a truck to take them to and from event venues as requested by your clients. You can decide to rent out the truck or include it as a premium service to those who rent party items from you.

  1. Start Private Duty Nursing Business

Since the demand for private nursing service is increasing in places with aging population, more private duty nursing businesses are opening up to meet this demand. So, if you know you are a nurse or you have interest in the healthcare industry and you live in a community where the elderly requires special care, then you should consider starting your own private duty nursing service in Switzerland.

The good thing about private duty nursing service is that if it is well established, your service won’t just be restricted to old people or those who would need you to send nurses to their home, but also some hospitals that are short staffed and would need a trained nurse for a period of time on a contract basis.

  1. Start a Resale Business

Another small – scale business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Switzerland is to start a resale business. A resale shop is any shop that gets used goods for resale in their store. Resale shops can be categorized into three niche ideas and they are consignment shops, buy-outright shops and thrift shops.

A consignment shop accepts goods from customers, merchandises them for sale and pays a portion to the contributor. A buy-outright shop purchases used goods and marks them up to earn a profit. A thrift store is more likely to be run by a nonprofit organization to support charitable causes.

  1. Open an Adult Store or Sex Shop

If you are looking for a business to start as an entrepreneur and you know you have an interest in the adult industry, then you should consider starting your own sex toy store in Switzerland. Adult store or sex shop retails sex paraphernalia, or erotica, including pornographic DVDs, magazines, sex toys and enhancement products such as vibrators, rubber penises, lubrication, anal beads, penis rings, books, etc.

As a matter of fact, you can start your own sex toy and accessories store and then grow it big within a short period of time by re-investing your profits back to the business.

51. Nutrition Consultancy

Nutrition consultancy involves helping people select the right types of foods that would be beneficial to their health and well being. People need nutritional consultants for diverse reasons. For instance, a person who has diabetes would need a nutrition consultant to help plan meals that would help to alleviate the medical condition.

An obese person would also need a nutrition consultant and so will an aged people or unhealthy people generally. It is not only unhealthy people that patronize nutrition consultants, people who desire to maintain their state of health might also patronize nutrition consultants to help plan their meals.

52. Data Analysis

Every company needs data to operate. From the fortune 500 companies to the very small businesses, there is always a need for data collection to be used in making decisions and changes in strategy. You can consider starting a data analysis business in Switzerland.

Taking such a business online would guarantee extensive patronage that wouldn’t be limited to Switzerland alone. You can also register on Freelancing websites to get customers.

53. Office supply sales

Another business idea to consider is selling of office supplies. There are many companies in Switzerland and you can make money from selling materials like paper, photocopiers, fax machines, stationeries, computers, photocopiers, inks and other office supplies.

You can also register as a supply contractor with companies. You can become their official supplier for different items and get paid monthly or on a pre-agreed basis. You should also consider selling your products online.

54. Freight Forwarder

Switzerland is quite popular for so many items which a lot of people troop in to buy. For instance, I know a bunch of people who own large clothing materials stores in Africa that buy their merchandise from Switzerland. The thing is that such people cannot keep travelling down to Switzerland each time they need to restock.

This is where freight forwarders come in handy; they help people source for products at good prices and then help them with shipping so that they don’t necessarily have to go through the stress of travelling. If this is a business you really want to consider, you would find a lot of customers online.

55. Fund Manager

Switzerland is also a popular destination for people who desire to own offshore accounts. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start your own fund management business for people who are interested in saving their funds in Switzerland.

56. Business Consultant

Another business idea you should consider is becoming a business consultant. The number of people who search for advice on how to start or manage a business daily would shock you. A lot more people are becoming aware of the string of opportunities that lie in the business world and they want to tap into it. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can make money from showing people how to set up businesses and manage it profitably.

57. Toy Making

You can also make money from manufacturing toys. Don’t let the word ‘manufacturing’ scare you. You can start a small toy manufacturing business. For instance, you can start from making stuffed toys and graduate into making plastic and wooden toys.

Considering the number of children in Switzerland and the whole world generally, you wouldn’t have problem making money from this business although you need the right marketing skills to do this.

58. Cloth Manufacturing and Sales

Everybody wears clothes; I’ve said this so many times that I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record. Anyway, my point is, people must always buy clothes whether they like it or not.

The rich wear clothes and guess what, so do the poor! Clothes are not a luxury therefore anyone who makes good quality clothes is certain to gain a lot of patronage. The only thing that may stand in your way is bad design, terrible quality of clothing and weak marketing and sales strategies.

59. Equipment Rentals

You can also consider venturing into equipment rentals business. You can buy some heavy duty equipments which you are very sure is in popular demand and then start charging people to use them. A lot of construction companies rent equipments and also, people in the party planning industry rent equipment as well.

60. Travel Consultancy

Switzerland receives visitors from other countries regularly. There are student visitors, business visitors and tourists trooping into the country regularly. You can look into a business that helps to make their stay comfortable while they are in the country.

You can also help people find travel deals and tickets; this could be for local travelers as well as the international travelers. As long as you employ solid marketing strategies, you are sure to make good money.