Creating a concrete business base is a must for any company. As an owner or manager, you understand that your entity is in need of more business opportunities. If you want the success you will need to work to attract business opportunities. If you ever want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must constantly search for innovations to grow your business even more.

Truthfully, to be an entrepreneur is not easy. It is not like taking a shovel to the farm, making some mounds and planting your seeds, hoping that it will yield a dangerous increase. It can be so challenging with a lot of sleepless nights, plans that do not work out, customers disappointing at the dying minute, capital that is never adequate, and a lot more.

However, irrespective of any of these challenges, the business industry records thousands of new entrants, expecting to make a difference. Sometimes, they come with new ideas and products that would set the industry on a new course. To stand out from the pack, an entrepreneur must be ready to identify a need that has not gained recognition by existing businesses, then, proffer solutions to such needs.

To become an entrepreneur, you are expected to have a hunger for learning and be ever ready to adopt an ideology that suits the trend. Anyone can teach you, customers, employees, competitors, and children, just anyone. You are expected to be a great leader because leadership is part of the package. You must be able to convince people to follow you and you will, in turn, invest in them so as to add value to your business.

Note that entrepreneurship helps you to see opportunity everywhere and in everyone. Do not despise any idea because it might just what you need to hit the jackpot. Taking risks is not an option, it is a must. However, ensure the risk is a calculated one and will not force you out of business.

Also note that savvy entrepreneurs and executives pride themselves on their vision. Great leaders are always looking ahead, looking to see how markets and technology and consumer behaviour will shift over time. A great leader also embraces the reality that things are always changing. They use it to their advantage and don’t resist the change.

Various Types of Changes and Trends That Can Offer Business Opportunities

Instead of allowing your current plan to reign supreme, consider amending it to generate more customers and, therefore, more revenue. Here are the top ten emerging trends and market changes business owners and industry experts think present the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs.

  1. Emphasis on Personalized Experiences

In the United States, AI and data – driven personalization is a big trend right now, and it is one that is here to stay. Have it in mind that businesses that offer personalized experiences and offers that are specific to their customers are going to thrive and enjoy more open opportunities. Good personalized experiences include “offers or services based on customer location, communications that are unique to that preferred channel or recommendations based upon historic purchases.

  1. Implementation of Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly becoming more integrated into the business world. Experts believe that these technologies will transform how we live and work in the near future. It also creates a huge opportunity, and it is why many entrepreneurs are leaving the relative safety of corporate jobs and starting companies in this space.

  1. Peer Groups for Community Interaction

According to experts, peer groups are going to rise in the next decade. Note that many entrepreneurs struggle to find meaning and connection with their communities. In an increasingly tech – driven world, there will be a need for more “truly human interaction,” and peer groups will be the place to find that connection.

  1. Continued Demand for Sustainability

Within the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer expectations and behaviour. According to reports, more people are choosing to purchase quality, long – lasting items rather than items that need regular replacing.

Note that wearing sustainable clothing is one of the most positive, impactful things you can do as a conscious consumer. So it is expected that consumers will continue to prefer companies that pursue minimalism and sustainability, so new businesses that honour these traits will grow.

  1. Facebook Bots

This is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. Facebook bots are becoming more popular, especially now that artificial intelligence is gradually gaining grounds. Many companies have incorporated some form of Facebook bots in their processes. Others focus the bots’ capabilities on their email lists. Nonetheless, it is become easier for people to develop sophisticated bots without the need to code.

  1. Increased Use of Drones and 3D Cameras

Note that the use of drones and 3D cameras are on the rise across numerous industries—even in ones you might not expect. For instance, finance expert Scott Roelofs started RCG Valuation & Monetization to provide cost segregation, financial analysis and specialty tax planning services to help small – to – medium – sized businesses grow.

To produce his cost segregation reports, Roelofs leveraged drones and 3D camera technology to establish a documented file of a property’s assets while measuring it within one tenth of an inch. This technology is not only highly accurate, but it also removes the high cost of traditional engineering in the field.

  1. Recurring Revenue

Netflix’s success has other market leaders rethinking their approach. Instead of offering a product or service at a larger, one – time fee, many business owners are seeing the benefits of switching to a smaller, monthly fee. Recurring revenue is an asset that can drive your growth for years to come.

  1. Consumer Preference on Convenience

Some people think that the idea of a local business is extinct, especially in a market that places so much emphasis on online connections. That idea is a spacious one. Individuals do want to browse and shop online, but they also want to connect with business owners. People also like to have everything come to the comfort of their home. The trend of convenience is a good idea for a business because people want more services to make life easier.

  1. Business Texting

Business texting made big splash years ago, but it faded. New technologies have fuelled its strong return. Note that the average person carries his or her phone 90 percent of the time. And people respond more readily to texts than calls.

Therefore, if you want to stay  connected with customers and get higher response rates, consider making business texting part of your strategy – even if it is a small portion to start. Text Request and other services make it easy to launch and test your messages.

  1. A Growing Gig Economy

Many women over the years have decided to leave their full – time jobs when they start their families. The trend and the proliferation of the gig economy have enabled the platform to reignite a workforce of women who previously were unable to strike the right balance between a career and other commitments, predominantly family life.


Trends and market changes exist because of increased demand, and that means new opportunities for enterprising business owners. Howbeit, it is imperative to do a bit of research to decide which of these options above makes the most sense for your business. Then take action to put them into use and track your results. That is how you stay ahead of the curve – and your competition.

Joy Nwokoro