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How Much Does USA Spend on Private Military Contractors?

One of the first things to note is that the USA spends more on contracting than any other federal government. According to reports, the Pentagon in 2022 spent around $344.4 billion on private contracts.

This also includes $373.5 Billion in 2018, $404.4 Billion in 2019, $448.9 Billion in 2020, and $408.8 Billion in 2021. A report from the Congressional Research Service notes that the DOD prefers to leverage contractors particularly after the end of the Cold War and there are numerous justifications to back it up.

In the United States, a private military contractor can either be a private company or a civilian. These contractors are used to deliver very pertinent services overseas, where they aid deployed troops with services that include language interpretation, perimeter security, weapon systems maintenance, as well as supervision of other contractors.

Note that all through the US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, these experts make up over 50% or more of the entire DOD presence, which also encompasses military personnel.

Over the years, the DOD has sought to prove the importance of these contractors in the US defense policy. Truth be told, there is no general consensus as to whether the existence and incorporation of these businesses are a positive or negative development for the Pentagon.

However, when viewed from a positive perspective, working with contractors can free up DOD personnel for military-specific work, and they can be used to help the DOD in fields such as linguistics, or even make available a vast range of support staff on short notice.

Top USA Private Military Contractors

In the world today, private military companies are known to occupy an equal position with regular armies. They are known to offer a range of services, such as armed security, logistics support, training, and intelligence analysis. Nevertheless, below are the top private military contractors in the United States.

  1. Academi

Academi, which used to be known as Blackwater, is a renowned private military contractor based in the United States. This company offers a vast array of services, such as security consulting, training, and protective services.

It was established in 1997 by former commando Eric Prince, in partnership with the shooting trainer El Clark. Note that this company possesses numerous training bases within the United States as well as in other countries.

Industry reports have it that this company remains the largest organization of its kind all over the globe. It is also believed that the primary income of Academi fighters comes from taking part in various armed conflicts, and around 90 percent of the profits the company rake in comes from contracts with the US government. Each day, one mercenary from Academi tends to cost the US state $1200.

  1. CACI International

CACI International is one of the biggest American multinational professional services and information technology companies that offers a wide range of support services to government agencies.

Right from its creation in 1962, CACI has been involved in roles that have to do with national security, safeguarding troops, and supporting the country’s most critical needs.

Currently, the company’s growth strategy has guaranteed CACI a bragging right, with $6 billion in revenue and approximately 22,000 employees based at its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia, and at over 150 other offices scattered across the Globe.

CACI has gotten numerous accolades due to its technology offerings, such as three Edison Awards and several innovation awards for modernizing government technologies.


This company was created from two companies that were established in 1946: Land-AirInc, which was known to offer technical maintenance of aircraft, and California Eastern Airways, which was functioning within the aviation business transportation field.

DYNCORP today is more or less focused on providing aviation, logistics, and training support to military and government clients.

With a workforce of more than 14,000 employees, this company has been deeply rooted in numerous international operations and also possesses a viable presence in the defense industry.

According to reports, DynCorp gets yearly revenues in excess of $3.4 billion a year and works in such areas as air operations, rehabilitation and development, maintenance and operation, intelligence training, and security services. They also work to suppress drug trafficking, and combat terrorism.

  1. FDG Corp.

Established in 1996 by Marines A. Rodriguez, the primary activities of this company tend to be focused on almost all hot spots in the world — Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, Iraq, Guinea-Bissau, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, and Afghanistan.

They are known to provide a vast range of services that encompass the protection of ships and cargo, military logistics, maritime and land transportation, the training of special units as well as security teams for operations in high-risk areas, in addition to military counseling.

  1. MRPI

Created in 1997 by retired general V. Lewis, this company mainly offers advising and consultation services especially on the management and reform of the army (in Iraq), the procurement and purchase of weapons (in Georgia), the establishment of doctrines and concepts (in Georgia), settles situational and operational problems, humanitarian operations and military exercises.

Also note that they have served the US government and the authorities of other states, playing numerous roles for the Pentagon and the CIA.

This company has one of the biggest databases of US military specialists, and its staff has over the years taken part in local conflicts and wars. At this moment, MPRI remains the main coordinator of US policy in Africa.

They have been attributed with taking part in several programs to ensure a collective rapid reaction force that can carry out humanitarian and peacekeeping operations on the continent. This company also conducts active military reform in Nigeria.

  1. Northbridge Services Group

This company boasts of around three thousand former British military personnel, coupled with numerous former soldiers of the armies of France, South Africa, and the United States.

They cater to the varying needs of transnational corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations, individuals, and the corporate sector.

They also work with law enforcement agencies in fighting drug trafficking, terrorism, unauthorized search for information, and organized crime.

Also, keep in mind that they offer protection of natural resources and maritime security. According to reports, this company gained prominence around 2003, when it successfully carried out an operation to bring home 25 oil workers, who for two weeks were held hostage on an oil rig.

Aside from that, the company’s employees also took part in the civil conflict in Liberia in 2003, and their input and actions hastened the overthrow of the official government of the country as well as the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission.