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How to Get Forward Air Box Truck Contracts Successfully

Anyone who owns a box truck that is in very good condition can benefit from the numerous opportunities within the trucking industry. However, you have to understand that not all these opportunities are equal.

Forward Air remains one of the very viable opportunities that are available in the trucking industry as they provide excellent quality of life for their drivers.

With top-tier per-mile compensation rates, light loads that help to conserve fuel and maintenance, as well routes running exclusively between their vast nationwide locations.

This is one of the best companies to consider offering your services as an independent box truck delivery driver. Howbeit, there are steps necessary to ensure you get the contract.

Steps to Get Forward Air Box Truck Contracts

  1. Research Forward Air

It is important to find out as much as you can as regards the company you intend to work for. Research their services, their requirements from box truck owners, as well as the areas they operate in.

Armed with this information, you will better understand if you are properly suited for this delivery service as well as how you can align your business to the needs of the company.

  1. Meet Requirements

There are requirements for any trucking business looking to work with Forward Air and that is why you should carry out extensive research because the requirements will vary from one location to another.

Most often, these requirements will include possessing a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL), insurance, as well as the appropriate vehicle. Don’t forget to comply with all requisite safety and compliance standard.

  1. Contact Forward Air

You will first have to contact Forward Air directly through their official website or by phoning their corporate offices. Their website also provides more information on their contracting process as well as any other additional requirements they have for independent drivers.

  1. Fill Out Applications

You can go straight to their website and navigate to the application portal for independent drivers. Forward Air is well renowned for its easy-to-navigate website and this guarantees that you will find all you need easily. Ensure to fill out all the necessary forms, read all the required paperwork, as well as provide any necessary documentation.

  1. Network

Truth be told, it is not easy to get a delivery contract with a big company like Forward Air. As such, you need to ensure you possess the expertise and industry experience to further push your proposal to work with this company.

Owing to that, it is recommended you join industry-related forums, associations, or social media groups where independent drivers exchange information about working with companies like Forward Air.

You will relish this opportunity as it will help you to get comprehensive insight into what is like to work for Forward Air and potentially connect you with current contractors.

  1. Negotiate Terms

If after sending in your details and application Forward Air becomes interested in your services, then you need to be ready to negotiate contract terms, such as payment rates, and delivery routes, coupled with other details. Also, make sure you appropriately understand the terms and conditions of the contract prior to appending ink to paper.

  1. Compliance and Safety

Getting the contract is not where it ends. You always have to understand that contracts are time-bound and expire once the time elapses.

As such, to ensure you can retain the trust and interest of the customer, it is important to maintain compliance with every single safety and regulatory requirement to guarantee your contract with Forward Air remains in good standing and your relationship continues to blossom.

  1. Stay Informed

You need to stay updated on any changes or updates in Forward Air’s contracting process or requirements. Note that aside from helping you plan appropriately, it ensures that you can better adapt and continue working successfully with Forward Air.

Do not relent in providing reliable and high-quality delivery services to build and sustain a positive reputation. Keep in mind that satisfied customers will give room for more opportunities with Forward Air and other clients.