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How Much Do Private Military Soldiers Make Yearly?

Private military soldiers with a military background can expect to make at least $275,000 per year ($750+ per day) when deployed to a hazardous duty country. However, the exact amount private military soldiers make yearly will vary depending on certain critical factors. 

Meanwhile, individuals without a military background will earn around $180,000 ($490+ per day). Nevertheless, just as with every other profession, the salary tends to depend on the job specifics, location, and qualification.

Private military soldiers work as private military contractors (PMCs). These contractors are individuals who carry out specific military-related duties that will most often include gathering intelligence, patrolling government grounds, protecting persons of interest, and putting up security plans.

A good number of PMCs work for the CIA and might very well receive compensation bonuses for combat involvement. Have in mind that these individuals might also work for private organizations outside the military entirely, including big cooperation, agencies, or entities.

Howbeit, since private military companies are known to be quite discrete when it comes to their workers and duties, there’s little available data regarding payroll or related information. Note that public information only buttresses that these companies pay soldiers for performing missions that encompass security, search and destroy, combat initiatives, and other covert operations.

Salary for Non-Combat Specialists and Technicians

Although, there’s little available data regarding payroll or related information of private military companies, here are estimated incomes for non-combat specialists, technicians, and other workers.

  1. Paramedic: $4,587 per month
  2. IT support: $5,220 per month
  3. Logistics Specialist: $3,524 per month
  4. Training specialist: $5,526 per month
  5. Transport driver: $1949 per month
  6. Static security: $15,493 per month
  7. Roving security: $13,403 per month
  8. Security management personnel: $6,495 per month
  9. Personal security: $14,405 per month
  10. Instructor: $5,101 per month
  11. Learning specialist: $6,073 per month
  12. Global mobility specialist: $6,006 per month

Factors That Determine the Salary of Private Military Soldiers

The exact amount private military soldiers make yearly will vary depending on certain critical factors. These factors include;

  1. Experience and Skill Set

Just as with every other profession, experience, and skill are factors that will dictate how much anyone can make as a private military soldier.

Have it in mind that individuals who have a viable military background, combat experience, specialized training, as well as vital skills will most definitely earn more when compared to those who don’t.

Just as was noted above, those with a military background can expect to make at least $275,000 per year ($750+ per day) when deployed to a hazardous duty country. Meanwhile, individuals without a military background can earn around $180,000 ($490+ per day).

  1. Job Role and Responsibilities

This is also another very important factor that will determine how much a private military soldier can make in a year. Most often, the nature of their assignments tends to determine the sort of compensation they obtain.

Jobs that warrant going to high-risk environments, like combat operations or daily protection of high-profile clients, will most definitely mean better pay rates.

Aside from that, also note that specialized roles that necessitate certain skill sets, including snipers, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians, or intelligence operatives, will mean better income for private military contractors.

  1. Contract Terms and Duration

Private military soldiers’ income refers to the compensation service members who work as private military contractors (PMCs) get from their private military companies.

In this industry, short-term contracts or assignments are known to offer higher daily rates or hazard pay owing to the challenging and tasking nature of the work and the associated risks.

Howbeit, contracts with longer terms that encompass extended deployments or security details will mean more fixed and secured yearly income

  1. Location and Geographic Factors

This is another factor that will determine how much these contractors make in this line of work. Private military soldiers are known to work in a wide range of environments and the exact location of their assignment will factor in when it comes to the level of compensation they obtain.

Places or regions that are considered high-risk or conflict-prone will warrant better and higher pay to compensate for the risks involved as well as other associated challenges.

Note that income from assignments in more developed or stable regions will be much lower salaries especially when compared to that in volatile areas.

  1. Company Policies and Market Rates

Numerous companies contract private military soldiers to carry out a wide range of activities and a good number of them tend to possess their own internal policies.

You will also find out that private military companies (PMCs) are managed in different ways and will most often have their own internal policies and salary scales that will vary from one company to another. Most often, these rates depend on variables like company reputation, scale, demand for their services, as well as market dynamics.

  1. Benefits and Perks

Have it in mind that aside from the base salary, private military contractors most often obtain extra benefits and perks to incentivize them.

This tends to include health insurance, life insurance, housing or accommodation allowances, travel allowances, and retirement plans, coupled with many other incentives.

However, note that this sort of incentive and compensation package won’t be the same across the board and will have to depend on the company as well as the terms and conditions of the signed contract.


A private military contractor refers to a military professional who leverages their expertise and experience from being part of the military to offer a vast range of services to private institutions and government agencies. To ensure you command better income in this line of business, it is pertinent to sharpen your skills continually.

Don’t also forget that just as with every other enterprise, you have to put in the effort and work overtime to become really valuable on the market and in this case safer as well. Nevertheless, the daily income of a PMC is noted around $400, but it varies massively.