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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Utah

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Utah, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Utah but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

If you live in Utah or considering moving to Utah, you will probably need a source of income if you do not already have one. Running your own business is one of the guaranteed ways of making money in Utah and some of the viable businesses you could invest in include-:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Utah, USA

1. Baby Proofing Services

When little babies are growing up, they become very curious. They want to explore and move around the home to discover new things. This curiosity is natural and encouraged as it helps to build their awareness and also help them to understand their environment. However, this may be dangerous and lead to domestic accidents if the home is not baby-proofed.

If you have a pool in your house for instance, you would want to ensure that it is doesn’t become dangerous to your child. You would also want to keep the staircases and kitchen safe for your little one. Child proofing experts provide these services to their clients and considering the number of new babies born in Utah every year, you won’t have trouble getting clients to patronize you.

2. Bill Auditing Services

Bill auditing services are mostly needed by large companies and even private individuals. You see, debt is a big problem for a lot of people in Utah and one way through which debts build up is through utility bills.

People sometimes receive their utility bills without bothering to check in details whether the information contained therein is accurate. You can offer one of such services and help people audit their phone bills, energy bills and other utility bills. You can also take things a little further by offering consultancy services to people who want to reduce their debt burden.

3. Building/home inspection services

Another good business idea to consider in Utah is starting a building/home inspection business. This kind of business involves helping to examine the conditions of people’s homes or new buildings. Such inspections are conducted by experts and the results are forwarded to the owners for perusal and action. To start this kind of business, you would need adequate training and experience.

4. Computer Bulletin Board

People have been making money from setting up bulletin boards for decades but not so many people own online-based bulletin boards. Online bulletin boards make it easier for people to announce events cheaply, advertise products and services among many other things.

One advantage which computer bulletin boards have over the physical one is that it has a wider reach. Physical bulletin boards are only targeted at people who visit or pass through the area but online bulletin boards can be accessed by the millions of people who visit the internet daily.

5. Contractor Referral Services

This is also a very good and convenient business idea. You can make money from referring good contractors to people who need their services. For instance, if someone wants to carry out a building project, he would need the services of various types of contractors.

Searching around for these contractors is usually hectic and if you are not an expert in these fields, you may end up with the wrong set of contractors. This is the problem you would help to solve with your contractor referral services.

6. Debt Counseling Services

Another smart business opportunity for residents of Utah is to start a debt counseling services. So many people in Utah are struggling with their debts and need help with debt management. As a debt counselor, you can make money from showing people the way out of huge debt burdens. You can offer debt management services along with counseling services too.

7. Errand Services

Errand service is also called personal concierge services by some people. It involves helping people perform small, simple tasks that they cannot perform by themselves due to time constraints.

Errand services providers perform a lot of tasks like helping clients with grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, dropping off and picking the children from schools, sending and picking up mails, scheduling meetings, writing letters and sometimes, reading mails and sending messages. These are just some of the duties performed by errand services providers.

You can make money with this business in different ways. The first way is through the commissions or wages you would charge your clients. Another way is by establishing a good relationship with service providers so that they can offer you attractive discounts.

If you help clients with grocery shopping or dry cleaning for instance, you could get discounts from the dry cleaning companies which would allow you to pay lesser prices for services and keep the balance for yourself.

8. Gift Basket Sales and Delivery

Gifting is an age long tradition. People give and receive gifts all the time but gift shopping is not the easiest task in the world. It is not uncommon to find people in gift shops with absolutely no idea of what they want to buy.

You can start a gift sales service which would sell pre-selected gift items suitable for different occasions so that people can pick up gift items easily. You could also start a delivery service to make it easier for the gifts to get to whoever it is meant for with ease.

9. Micro Farming

Micro-farming is also a profitable and less capital-intensive business. A lot of people run away from farming because they feel it is too stressful and labor intensive but with micro farming, you can still reap all the benefits of agricultural business without having to go through the stress of large scale farming. With less than an acre of land, you can start growing food crops, herbs, rearing livestock or even poultry farming.

10. Nanny Finding Services

Working parents need nannies to mind the kids sometimes. That’s not new. What seems new however is that with the rate of crime in the world and other dangers like terrorism, kidnapping, pedophilia and other ugly criminal trends, parents are becoming more careful with the type of people they employ as nannies.

They turn to people who offer nanny finding services for help; nanny finders would scout for, interview, conduct medical screening and background checks on nannies which they would have on their payroll and dispatch for services for jobs regularly.