You have discovered that there is a huge market for bottled water in your locality. And you have decided to cater to that market by starting your own water bottling plant. That’s a great step towards achieving the ultimate goal of personal and financial independence.

The success of your water bottling plant will boil down to many factors. And notable among those is location. Yes, the location of your business can make or mar your chances of success. So, choosing a good location is vital to the success of not only your water bottling business, but to the success of any other business you can think of. Without wasting time, here are 10 tips for choosing the best location for your water bottling plant.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Water Bottling Plant

1. Study the demographics of the area

Never assume subjectively that a certain location is perfect for your business. You need to really study the demographics of the area. By doing this you want to not only study your target market but also consider your manpower requirements. Your ideal location should be as close as possible to your target market and should be able to provide you with the right employees you need to run and grow your business.

2. Consider visibility

Make sure your plant is visible from major roads and can be easily located. While you don’t necessarily have to be right in the heart of the activity, you want to ensure that your target customers have no difficulty discovering and assessing your bottling water plant. Hide your business away from your prospects, and see it die quickly.

3. Evaluate security

Security is another important factor you should consider when choosing a location for your water bottling plant. Here, we are not talking about just your personal security, but also the security of your employees, your customers, and your suppliers. You may need to do some historical checks and watch out for vital indicators. An area notorious for violence and crime isn’t suitable for your bottling plant.

4. Analyze competition

If the competition in your chosen location is too fierce, you may be forced out of market very soon after launching your business. So, if you don’t really have strong selling points that will quickly push you far ahead of them, you better find another location with less competition.

Analyzing the competition can also give you valuable insights. For example, if your competitors themselves are having a hard time keeping themselves afloat, then that’s enough indication that the location isn’t good enough.

5. Get to know your neighbors

Before settling for a particular location, always consider what businesses are operating nearby, as these can affect the image of your bottling plant and give wrong impressions to your potential customers. For example, your bottling plant will probably not do well if it’s located beside a Waste Management plant because both establishments give contrasting images of cleanliness. However, your business will most like do well if located beside another business with the same target market.

6. Consider the costs

Aside the base rent, you should consider all costs involved in choosing a location. Does the rent cover the cost of security, building maintenance, and utilities? Would you spend on transportation? You need to consider these and compare with other location options you have.

7. Power provisions

Virtually all manufacturing businesses depend directly or indirectly on power. And your water bottling plant is no exception. Make sure that the location you are considering has enough power for your business needs, both in terms for power supply, number of power outlets, and circuit capacity. Check whether the electric facilities in your location are powerful enough to withstand your equipment—especially the big ones that sap energy.

8. Accessibility

Being visible is one thing, being accessible is another. A visible business might not necessarily be easily accessible. Your location should have good roads linking it with your target customers and enough parking space.

9. Consider your space and facility requirements

Check whether the area will be enough for your business. While it may be tempting to acquire a location because the rent is cheap, you must ensure that it meets your requirements in terms of space and available facility.

10. Consider possible plans for expansion

This may not be an immediate concern, but you need to factor it in when choosing a suitable location for your water bottling plant. If you are sure your business will require more space in the future, you have to check if your location can provide such.