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4 Best Places Hotels Get Their Bedding

Are you wondering where hotels get their bedding? If YES, here are 4 common places hotels get their bedding. Hotel rooms ideally are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort owing to the high-end furniture and bedding in the rooms.

A good number of people concur that hotel mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets feel much more luxurious than a bed at home, and a lot of hotels use some variation of cotton for their bedsheets, typically a high thread count, long-staple cotton.

Have it in mind that hotels choose cotton sheets for a vast range of reasons, including durability, softness, and breathability. Note that a budget hotel won’t opt for the most expensive and luxurious bedding available, but a 5-star luxury hotel will not mind an expensive bedding that can help boost their image.

Cotton is breathable and soft to the touch, which ensures it feels great on the skin and doesn’t leave guests sweating all through the night. In addition, since hotel bedding will be used by dozens of guests over the course of its life, it also needs to be steadily re-washed so that it can be used again and again. Owing to that, the ideal bedding for hotels to buy needs to be durable.

Have it in mind that hotels institute different maintenance procedures for their towels and bedding, but it includes steady washing.

Hotel staff begin with treating the items for stains—well-stained towels and sheets are boiled or soaked in hot water with baking soda and laundry detergent. After that, the items are expected to go through three separate wash cycles with cold water.

The average cost of hotel bed sheets is around $200, but will surely depend on its style, quality, and size. Some hotel bedsheet cost under $100 while others are over $400, though $200 is a good price for durable and soft sheets without being extremely costly.

Where Do Hotels Get Their Bedding?

Note that hotels have various options in terms of where to sources their bedding. However, the ideal option for any hotel will more or less depend on the size of the hotel company, their location, and specific needs, primarily in terms of quality and desired appearance. Nonetheless, here are few ways hotels get their beddings;

  1. Direct From Manufacturer

Have it in mind that buying beddings direct from a manufacturer comes with certain advantages. The main one is price. Aside from just price, hotels can afford to have a huge input to the manufacturing process. It entails that they can create unique bedding, according to their desired style.

However, there are certain challenges with buying directly from a manufacturer. First and foremost, every manufacturer has a stipulated minimum order value in which companies will need to purchase their products.

This might not even pose a problem for hotel companies that have thousands of rooms, but for smaller independent establishments, they might not have the incentives to order thousands of bedding items. Secondly, most hotels may not have adequate storage space – even if they did want to ‘stock up’ for the future.

  1. Distributors

Sourcing beddings from distributors is without doubt one of the most common options for Hotels in the United States. This is because most manufacturers will always demand an extremely large minimum order value while distributors will have a reduced minimum order – both in quantity and in value.

Owing to that, it is quite easier for small hotels that have just one or two establishments to source beddings through a distributor. Have it in mind that they can then acquire just the exact amount they want without overspending or maybe ending up with much more than they need.

Although there are so many choices and businesses to pick from when it comes to global distributors, however hotel establishments that source their beddings this way will have much less input to the manufacturing process.

  1. Online

In recent years, there has been a growing prevalence of online distributors and bedding suppliers. Note that shopping online can indeed be a great convenience for hotels, however, most online stores won’t be able to offer payment terms, other than an immediate charge.

And this entails those hotels are often best getting in touch directly with the online distributors. It’s always advisable for hotels to speak directly with the distributor. That way, they can properly negotiate a better price for the specific bedding needed.

  1. Self-manufacture

Note that most hotels that have the capital, incentives, and resources of multi-million dollars, are known to carry out the manufacturing of their own bedding. For instance, companies like Marriott International Inc and Sheraton Hotels are known for designing their own products.

The advantage of designing their own bedding is that they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each time they need to replace or renew their sheets.


Rather than shopping from a department store, hotels are known to source bed sheets directly from hospitality bedding manufacturers or mattress wholesalers. Hospitality bedding manufacturers specialize in offering high-quality products for hotels, as opposed to a department store selling different products. Price vs. quality is the biggest contender when hotels are looking for the right bedding.