Are you wondering where hotels get their linens and sheets? If YES, here are 4 best places hotels get their linens and sheets in 2023. Aside from being super comfortable, hotel sheets are always expected to be plush and offer protection from frequent washing.

All good hotel sheets will also need a soft, welcoming feel that invites guests to relax. Luxury hotels in the United States strive to provide their guests with unrivaled comfort, yet the high turnover rate also means that bedding must be easy to care for and resistant to steady washes.

Hotel sheets are without a doubt a broad category, and you may come across numerous types of sheets between hotels. Although Tencel, linen, and polyester sheets have all been used in hotels, hotel sheets these days are mostly made of cotton or cotton blends.

Have it in mind that cotton quality is mostly analyzed by the length of its fibers, commonly known as the staple. While they are quite pricey to cultivate, longer-staple cotton plants are able to produce stronger, finer threads that become stronger, softer, more breathable sheets.

Although the linens and sheets may differ in style, breathability, or feel, but linens and sheets found in luxury hotels are always expected to be soft and comfortable. With few exceptions, they also tend to be very breathable, which is ideal for most sleepers and especially those who sleep hot.

However, one of the issues with hotel sheets is the price tag. And while higher hotels can afford to buy the best sheets, the price-points sometimes blow smaller hotels or motels out of the water. Another consideration is the color scheme.

Hotels are known to go for generic white sheets that are easy to care for and match with any room. Howbeit, for establishments that prefer more vibrant colors or patterns, they will have to custom make or expand their search to sheets that aren’t marketed as hotel sheets.

Common Places Hotels Get Their Linens and Sheets in 2023

Hotels always need an abundance of linen goods and other sheets to operate efficiently. Whether it is pillows, bed sheets, comforters, or blankets, all hotels must have relationships with hotel amenities suppliers. Here are some places hotels get their linens and sheets.

  1. Direct from Manufacturers

Have it in mind there are numerous manufacturers in the United States that make and/or distribute hotel linens and bedding supplies to paired customers and hotel businesses. A good number of them may choose to focus on luxury or high-end bedding products or even offer a wide range of choices.

Although there are numerous foreign manufacturers of hotels sheets, there are also dedicated domestic manufacturers that produce textiles in the USA as well. Companies that run or manage hotel businesses may also be, in part, hotel bedding suppliers and will often have signature branded linens exclusively found at their establishments.

  1. Distributors

Distributors are also a good choice for hotels looking to buy linens and sheets. This option has always been ideal for businesses like hotels that need a lot of bedding but not as much as very big hotels. But since wholesale bedding from distributors and manufacturers are cheaper compared to buying from department stores, these businesses can save on overhead.

  1. Online

Some hotels also source their supplies from numerous online suppliers of linens and sheets. These businesses offer wholesale hotel sheets in twin flat sheets, twin fitted sheets, queen flat sheets, queen fitted sheets, king flat sheets, king fitted sheets, and standard or king pillowcases.

Hotels have a fast turnaround time when it comes to their guests. Therefore it is also vital for hotels especially chains to remain consistent when it comes to the décor, atmosphere, and bedding. This is where bulk bedding comes in. Sourcing and buying wholesale bedding online helps to keep the Hotel business consistent while providing all the clean bedding required for the establishment.

  1. Self-Manufacture

A good number of high-end hotels make and design their own sheets and linens. Hampton Inn uses a custom sheet specifically built for use in Hampton Inn Hotels. The Sheraton Signature Linens collection is very popular as a comfortable hotel bedding.

Both lines of Sheraton Hotel sheets feature 300 thread count cotton and the Sheraton Signature Collection uses Percale Cotton while the Sheraton Deluxe Collection uses Egyptian Sateen Cotton and offers guests a silky smooth and unique feeling sleep experience.

Also note that the Hilton Cotton Stripe Linens are a set of hotel linens that comes with a 300 thread count Egyptian cotton and white-on-white mini stripe pattern. According to reports, these sheets are made in Italy and sold in King, Queen, and Full sizes.

The full set includes 2 pillowcases. The Ritz-Carlton Classic White hotel sheets are made by famed sheet supplier Frette and feature a 400 thread count combed sateen cotton that consumes sleepers in soothing cool luxury.


Ideally, hotel sheets are made to be durable and to last longer than the average sheet set. Since they are meant to be used frequently at the hotel, they should be resistant to frequent washing. Since it’s not necessarily mandatory that manufacturers will offer warranties on sheets, it is therefore advisable to do your research ahead of time. To buy good and affordable wholesale sheets and linens, hotels more or less look to specialized businesses that can supply bedding in large quantities.