Are you wondering where hotels get their pillows? If YES, here are 4 best places hotels get their pillows in 2022. In very simple terms, hotel bedding is synonymous with luxury. Since hotels are expected to see to the various needs, preferences, and sleep positions of guests, hotel pillows need to be as versatile as they are durable.

A good hotel pillow should feature mid-range firmness and loft, be allergy-friendly, and also resist wear and tear. Although there are numerous types of pillows for hotels, one thing that remains consistent across almost all hotel pillows is their luxurious feel, which balances plushness and support.

Hotels often tend to choose a pillow size that corresponds to their mattress size for a tidy look and convenient fit. Note that the loft of a pillow affects how far the pillow lifts the head, and for ideal spinal alignment, stomach sleepers will need a low-loft pillow or no pillow, back sleepers require a medium-loft option, and side sleepers can choose between medium- or high-loft pillows.

Since hotel pillows are primarily designed to accommodate as many sleepers as possible, they often feature a medium loft. The fill for Hotel Pillows tends to differ, with some using real feathers and/or down and others using polyester or microfiber down alternative.

Nevertheless, any type of high-quality material can make a pillow feel luxurious and supportive. Also, the prices of pillows vary, starting at less than $10 and reaching upwards of $1,000. Hotel pillows tend to fall within the middle of the range, averaging around $60 and $150.

Common Places Hotels Get Their Pillows in 2022

Hotel pillows are sold through manufacturer websites, department stores, housewares stores, and hotel chains. However, hotels source their supplies differently due to price, minimum order volume and many other factors. Nonetheless, here are ways and places hotels get their pillows.

  1. Direct from Manufacturer

In general, most hotels buy their pillows directly from the manufacturers. This is primarily because they buy at such a large scale, often negotiate contracts with these companies to get the best rates, and also make input in the designing processes.

There are numerous hotel pillow manufacturers in the United States with services and capabilities including custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, private label manufacturing and mattress recycling. They also make other bedding products such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, bed bases, rollaway, headboards, beds, cots and mattress covers.

  1. Self Manufacture

Note that some hotels, especially hotels chains, make their own line of pillows. In 2009, Wyndham started with its own brand, called WynRest, for its full-service brands. Best Western Hotels and Resorts had two precise pillows made for its brands, marketed as Comforel and DreamMaker.

Langham Hotels and Resorts boast of a signature Langham Blissful Pillow, which is 50 percent duck-down and 50 percent duck-feather. The pillows are sold at some of the company’s hotels. Margaritaville Hospitality’s hotel guest rooms have Paradise Pillows, while Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, well renowned for its cheeky bathrobes, have also gotten some cheekier pillows.

At the Kimpton Palladian Hotel in Seattle, beds feature signature celebrity pillows. Guests can ask to sleep with pillows designed with the face of their favourite celebrity, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Chuck Norris and Tom Selleck.

  1. Distributors

There are plenty of distributors of Hotels in the United States. These businesses market their services to hotels and offer a variety of different sizes and styles of hotel pillows. These suppliers know the business and also know how to reach their customers. Whether a small hotel or a luxurious one, they offer bulk wholesale pillows at reasonable prices.

Although there are so many choices and businesses to pick from when it comes to global distributors, however hotel establishments that source their pillows using this method tend not to have that much input to the manufacturing process.

  1. Online

Owing to the advancement of technology and the Internet, people can now do business and perform transactions online, and hotels are also not left out. Have it in mind that shopping online can offer great convenience for hotels, but it also comes with certain downsides.

Even the biggest and best shipping companies and online retailers have their bad days, so there’s no way to be certain that orders will arrive on time. In addition, items get lost, detoured, damaged, or delivered to the wrong address more often than you can imagine.


Hotels tend to use various types of pillows depending on their goals and budget. Although there is no universal hotel standard, a good number of hotel pillows contain down and/or feathers or a down alternative. Note that most hotel pillows feature a mid-range loft and firmness so that guests can enjoy some support and cushioning irrespective of their body type and sleep position.