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5 Best Places Hotels Buy Their Art at an Affordable Rate

Are you wondering where hotels buy their art? If YES, here are 5 best places hotels buy their art. Hotels all over the globe are beginning to adopt this newest trend in their establishments: displaying astonishing and unique pieces of art in their hotels.

Before then, hotel art was more about letting them flawlessly blend with the background as another piece in the puzzle, but more hotels now tend to invest in art that seeks attention and stand out from the environment. The time and era when art was an ornamental piece for hotels are long gone – it has now become a vital element that grows the experience of every client during their stay.

One of the exciting trends in the art is that it’s used to buttress company values. A hotel that reveres ambitions can decorate its reception area with paintings of the classically inspired nouveau sanctuary or sweeping geometric figures.

Note that hotels with little or no artwork give clients the idea that they barely care about them. Meanwhile, hotels with strategically placed art not only exhibit class and luxury but also create an environment that is comforting to customers. In addition, well sourced and strategically placed art ensures that employees feel motivated.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to spend hours picking the right art for your hotel guests, and maybe thousands of dollars to acquire one. There are numerous ways hotels source arts, and there are even rental services that work with workplace interior designers to select hotel wall art collections at reasonable prices.

Common Ways and Places Hotels Buy Their Art

Modern hotels are no longer interested in being just some simple buildings with beds and rooms, these days they are turning into spaces filled with artworks and sculptures to spruce up the décor. To get that one-of-a-kind art for their establishments, here are basic options available to hotels and their management.

  1. Art Institutions

A good number of hotels collaborate with museums, galleries, and other art institutions to bring top-notch artworks to their interiors. In the United States, some galleries and art consulting companies have understood the potential of rotating art exhibitions, and are now providing the services of renting curetted art pieces to hospitality venues.

Have it in mind that rotating art every few months allows hotels to ensure that their spaces stay fresh and offer something new to their guests every time they come back to the venue, therefore growing brand loyalty.

  1. Local Artists

Note that top-notch art collections aren’t limited to luxury hotels only. In recent years, even smaller, affordable hotels are beginning to also use art to ensure a lasting impression on their guests. Artworks from local artists can fascinate guests, aid them to know more about the local culture, understand its history and also get a visual connection with the place they visited.

Owing to that, rather than buying art from established art manufacturing companies that create artworks in a bulk, many hotels prefer to acquire artworks from interesting local artists and designers whose works extensively portray the atmosphere of the visiting area.

  1. Art Supply Sales Representatives

Art supply sales representatives are experts known to sell art products on behalf of art manufacturing companies and wholesalers. These experts are quite familiar with those goods, and can easily demonstrate art supplies and offer customers their opinion on its benefits.

Since they are always familiar with their fellow artists’ buying habits, it puts them in a good position to service the various artwork needs of hotels and restaurants. It also makes them more qualified to sell art supplies than most people are, and hotels in this modern era tend to leverage their expertise and vast networks.

  1. Art Advisors

Art advisors (or art consultants) are more or less the curators of an art collector. These experts are always tasked with developing their client’s art collection in alliance with the clients’ goals and concepts.

Art advisors offer various services to hotels looking to decorate with artworks, from simply educating management to suggesting and sourcing art for every part of the establishment. Notably, art advisors leverage their expertise to help a client make better, more informed purchases that will stand the test of time.

  1. Art Curators

An art curator is not the same as an art supply sales representative. Art curators are known to work in galleries and other retail businesses and sell photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other works of art to the general public and collectors.

These experts learn how to analyze and describe art in a way that makes it easy for individuals and corporations to get convinced and acquire artworks. On average, curators can earn over $40,000 per year, with a chance of earning more depending on the commission structure.


Note that the world around us is becoming increasingly visual, and there is an enormous pressure on hotels to make their venues aesthetically exciting. Owing to that, hotels are branding themselves as art hotels, hiring curators and collaborating with museums to bring unique art experiences to their guests.

When carefully and expertly incorporated into a well-designed concept, hotel artworks offer the venue that unique atmosphere that guests will always remember.