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5 Places Hotels Buy Their Towels at an Affordable Rate

Are you wondering where hotels buy their towels? If YES, here are 5 best places hotels buy their towels. Have it in mind that the very first thing guests tend to notice when they enter a hotel bathroom is the soft fluffy towels.

Therefore, choosing the best bath towels for your hotel can more or less influence customer perception of the hotel. As the owner or manager of a hotel, it is imperative to ensure that customers always enjoy a wonderful experience staying at the hotel.

Note that good and quality hotel towels can mean the difference between a wonderful customer experience and an unpleasant one. However, you need to understand that choosing a bath towel for a hotel is not as straightforward as buying one for the home. You will have to consider the quality of the material and thickness of the towel.

One of the initial considerations a hotel will have to make when buying a bath towel is the weight of the towel. Note that towel weight is normally measured in grams per square meter. The higher the weight, the more luxurious it will feel to the guests.

Towels with lighter weight are an economical choice for gyms and motels. For higher-end companies like hotels, spas, and resorts, heavy towels are a perfect choice because they feel soft and plush and add some sort of luxury to the overall experience of the guests.

Another factor to consider when sourcing towels for hotels is the fabric. It is imperative to get a towel that is made of pure cotton. However, note that there are various types of cotton and the feel and durability of the cotton towel will depend on the type of cotton.

Well renowned cotton towels include Egyptian cotton towels, Turkish cotton towels, Pima and Supima cotton towels. A high-quality bath towel feels softer to the hand when compared to a low-quality one. Also, have it in mind that a towel with a double ply is twice as durable when compared to a  single ply towel.

Therefore when sourcing towels for your hotel remember to only consider 100 percent cotton towels. While Cotton/polyester blend can also durable, it is less absorbent when compared to cotton. For maximum quality durable towels, always go for a towel made with pure cotton.

Where Do Hotels Buy Their Towels?

Ideally, hotels are faced with numerous options when sourcing the best towels for their guests and hotel experience. Howbeit, the perfect option for any hotel will have to rest on the size of the hotel, its location, and preferred concepts. However, here are few places hotels buy their towels.

  1. Self-Manufacture

Have it in mind that some bigger hotels with substantial capital, incentives and resources prefer to make and design their own towels and hotel products. For example, companies like Marriott International Inc and Sheraton Hotels design and make their own products. with this method,  they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each time they need to replace or renew their towels.

  1. Direct from Manufacturer

A good number of hotels, especially larger ventures, source their towels and other supplies directly from manufacturers. Aside from the fact that they purchase premium quality, there are other advantages to buying from this source, especially for hotels.

The primary one is a fair price. In addition to a fair price, manufacturers also offer hotels the platform to have a massive input in the manufacturing process. This means that they can create unique towels, according to their desired style.

  1. Distributors

Distributors are indeed the most common source of towels and other hospitality products for Hotels. Have it in mind that most brands sell their products to distributors for hospitality venue owners and professionals to purchase from. The easiest way to locate these local distributors is to ask the brand directly if they have any distributors in your area.

Even though there are plenty of choices and businesses to pick from when it comes to global distributors, however hotel establishments that source their towels and supplies this way will not have any sort of input in the manufacturing process.

  1. Private Label Manufacturers

Note that this method allows individual hotel owners and mainly smaller hotels to create their own exclusive design and have their hotel logo printed on the towels and supplies. Have it in mind that this is a unique option for smaller hotels that are looking for a competitive advantage against their competitors.

Also note that it helps build customer loyalty, and by cutting out the middleman in the distribution process, hotels can spend less and also cut down on purchasing costs.

  1. Online

In this modern age, there are so many online distributors of towels and other necessary supplies that hotels can leverage. Indeed, shopping online can more or less be a great convenience for hotels, however most online stores won’t be able to offer payment terms, other than an immediate charge.

These hotels often need to get in touch directly with the online distributors. Therefore, when looking to source towels using this means, it is recommended to speak directly with the distributor. This will help the hotel to negotiate a better price for the towel needed.


In the hospitality business, it is imperative to understand that selecting the best towels requires certain consideration. You will have to consider weight, fabric, loops, durability, and design. Note that the best quality towels for hotels and resorts are ones that are made of pure cotton.

Endeavor to buy a towel with Supima or Egyptian cotton as they are the most durable and soft to touch when compared to other towels.