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6 Places to Rent a Car Hauling Trailer at an Affordable Rate

Do you run a car hauling business and you need to hire a trailer? If YES, here are 6 places to rent a car hauling trailer at an affordable rate. Car hauling trailers are used by transport companies, car dealerships, repossession companies, and sometimes individuals who are looking to hire cars or other heavy equipment. However, acquiring a car hauling trailer can be an enormous expense especially for a single user.

So if you decide to use a hauling trailer to tow belongings, you will find there are several advantages to renting a hauling trailer. For one – you have multiple types of trailers to choose from, so you don’t have to settle for just one type of trailer.

Renting a trailer also means you don’t have to store it or be responsible for its upkeep. This also goes for trailer accessories and towing equipment (such as tow dollies, hitch accessories, etc), many of which can be expensive to purchase. With several truck rental companies offering everything from moving trucks and car haulers to tow dollies and cargo trailers, you can easily find exactly what you need for the upcoming DIY move without having to look far.

Howbeit, note that if you’re in need of a trailer or towing equipment, many truck rental companies will expect you to also rent a truck from their company in order to properly attach and transport your belongings. If using your own car to tow belongings, make sure that the vehicle is heavy and large enough to properly handle the load. Here are where to find a car hauling trailers in the United States.

Where to Rent a Car Hauling Trailer at an Affordable Rate

1. U – Haul

If you don’t want to spend money on car shipping, you can rent a car or motorcycle trailer to tow your ride. Your vehicle sits on top of the trailer so your tires don’t suffer wear and tear while on the road. U – Haul’s car hauling trailers can hold vehicles up to 5,290 pounds.

To put this in perspective, a Ford F – 150—a heavy – duty pickup truck—weighs anywhere from 6,000 to 7,000 pounds. However, it is pertinent you first check up on your car’s specs to see if it’s towable before you book a car hauling trailer with U – Haul. Renting a trailer through U – Haul is cheaper than renting with any other company we reviewed. That’s because you can reserve a U – Haul trailer without having to pay the full price of a truck rental.

2. Penske

Penske’s car trailers boost of a three – point tie – down system to keep your vehicle in place and prevent shifting. They also come with a ramp to make it a little bit easier to load everything from your mom’s new Mercedes to your beat – up Toyota you bought in college.

Penske’s car hauling trailers are ideal for cars with all – wheel drive or rear – wheel drive—they also have a lower weight limit than U – Haul. However, before you reserve, consider whether or not Penske is the best option for your car type. Penske offers no set rental rates. It bases the cost of its car trailers and tow dollies on availability.

The more car carriers and tow dollies it has at your location, the cheaper they are to rent. The less available they are, the more expensive they’ll be. Also note that it is hard to nail down exactly how much Penske trailers cost because the company isn’t transparent about its cost factors (on top of its variable rates).

3. Enterprise Rental

Coupled with pickup trucks, Enterprise offers several vans and moving trucks for rent. These include: a 24 ft. straight truck (recommended for moves of up to 10,000 lbs.), a 26 ft. straight truck (recommended for five – plus room moves), a 16 ft. cabover truck (recommended for moves of up to 7,500 lbs.), a 15 ft. parcel van (recommended for moves of up to 5,000 lbs.), as well as several cargo vans. The company also offers towing packages to those who also rent their ¾ ton and one ton pickup truck rentals.

The company’s customer service includes free pick – up and 24 – hour roadside assistance to customers. The truck rental company also offers customers the option to purchase personal accident insurance and supplemental liability protection.

4. Budget Rentals

Budget’s car trailers secure your car above the ground on a trailer attached to the back of your rental truck. Just like with Penske, you don’t have the option of attaching a Budget trailer to your personal vehicle. But there’s another caveat: you can only pull a Budget car trailer with Budget’s 26 – foot truck. Although this trailer’s weight limit is fairly comparable to the other two companies’ offerings, Budget still has the lowest weight capacity of all three.

However, just like Penske, Budget doesn’t have flat rates for its car trailers and tow dollies. But unlike Penske, Budget determines the price of each car trailer and tow dolly based on the number of days your move takes and your mile count—this means you won’t get sky – high prices based solely on where you live.


This is an equipment rental and leasing marketplace. Suppliers have additional inventory available not listed on KWIPPED. This quoting and collaboration platform is an incredibly easy and efficient way to source from a wide range of supplier network.

There are a range of different types of car hauling trailers available to you at any time. There are some that have wooden bases, and those that have steel plating, and they are available in various configurations that could hold one, two, or more vehicles.

6. Big Trailer Rentals

Big trailer rentals have several car trailers to choose from. If you are looking for a 1 or 2 car trailer rental, this company’s trailers are built to accommodate all types of vehicles. For instance, the open 2 – car trailer rentals range in size from 18’ to 34’ in length and their enclosed car trailers are 16’ to 28’.

The enclosed trailers are popular for hauling cars, especially sports cars, antique cars, trucks, and luxury vehicles. These trailers protect vehicles from the outside elements and the ramp enables low profile vehicles to be loaded much easier.

Whether you’re in need of a moving truck, trailer, towing equipment or all three, these companies mentioned above are top of the chart. However, before hitting the road with your moving truck and trailer, make sure to follow certain safety precautions. While driving a moving truck is fairly straight – forward, towing a trailer can be a bit trickier.