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50 Best Amazon Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a business on Amazon but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 50 best Amazon related business ideas for beginners to make money online.

Amazon is one of the largest E-commerce websites in the world today with over 362 million products sold, and more than 183 million monthly visits. Amazon is undoubtedly an ecommerce giant and if you want to record quick success doing business online, what better way to do it than to pitch your tent with this success story?

There are more ways than one to make money through Amazon. Even if you don’t have a single dime to invest, you can still find several ways to make money from Amazon. Below is a list of 50 lucrative Amazon-related business ideas that you can make money from.

Best Amazon Business ideas

1. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon has a platform that allows its members to buy and borrow digital books from its kindle store. You can write your own books and self-publish them on Amazon for an opportunity to earn good passive income.

2. Amazon M-Turks

Amazon Mechanical Turks is an Amazon platform where people can complete small tasks that take between a few seconds to minutes to complete. You may be asked to fill out a Captcha form, respond to a survey, or write a short article for a little pocket money. Amazon M-turks can earn you some good income in your spare time.

3. Fulfilled by Amazon

Fulfilled by Amazon or Amazon FBA as it is popularly called, is a program on Amazon that allows you ship your goods to an Amazon Warehouse so that every time you get an order on your Amazon store, Amazon handles the entire packaging and shipping. With Amazon FBA, you can sell stuffs on Amazon even if you work a 9-5 job.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to Amazon FBA but with a slight difference. With dropshipping, you don’t have to spend money to stock up your Amazon shop.

What you need to do is to look for wholesalers who can sell the goods at very cheap rates, and who can ship the goods directly to the buyer so you only have to act as a middleman, and keep the difference in what the customer paid for the product, and what the wholesaler charged for it. This also allows you to earn income on a passive basis.

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program for Amazon. You can create a blog, or a social media page to advertise Amazon products, and earn commission each time someone buys a product using your link.

6. Amazon Createspace

Amazon Createspace also allows you to self-publish your own books but unlike the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform where you publish ebooks, Createspace allows you to publish hardcover copies of your books.

7. Amazon Handmade

On Amazon Handmade platform, you can sell your handmade goods especially arts and crafts. If you are good at making jewelry, drawings, paintings, home decorations, and other impressive artwork, you can earn some cool money selling them on Amazon.

8. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground provides an opportunity for apps, games and software creators to list and sell their products.

9. Website Developer

A lot of Amazon affiliates use websites and blogs to promote their businesses. You can start a business that is targeted towards Amazon Associates so that you can create blogs and websites for them.

10. Price Comparison Website

Another idea is to start a price comparison website where you can help people find the cheapest prices for different items that they may wish to purchase on Amazon. You can earn some good commission through affiliate marketing on a price comparison website.

11. Product Photography

You can also start a product photography business. One of the important requirements for making good sales on Amazon is a good photo of the product. You can start a business that is focused on helping Amazon sellers capture, edit, and upload professional photos of their products online.

12. Niche Specialist

Prospective and existing Amazon sellers are always looking for lucrative niches on Amazon to dabble into and a lot of research goes into figuring these out. You can start a business that helps people find good niches for their business.

13. Ebook GhostWriter

Most people want to make money from Amazon Kindle Publishing and Createspace publishing but very few of these people are talented writers. You can earn some impressive income from starting a Ghostwriting business where you write books for authors who do not possess enough talent to write their own books by themselves.

14. Graphic Designer

You can also make money from designing book covers, drawing book illustrations, graphs, and promotional materials for Amazon Kindle and Createspace authors.

15. Web Flipping

Another lucrative idea is to create an amazon affiliate or product review sites, develop and build traffic for the sites, and then sell them off to other Amazon Associates who do not have web designing skills.

16. Web Hosting Services

You can also start a web hosting service targeted at Amazon Associates and other people who do business on Amazon.

17. Delivery

Millions of people purchase stuffs on Amazon on a daily basis and even though Amazon has its own in-house delivery service, not every Amazon seller uses it. You can make money from setting up a delivery service where you pick up goods from sellers, and deliver them to buyers in a timely fashion.

18. Become a Middleman

What you need to do here is to search for people who need specific products online [you can find a lot of listings on craigslist’s and other classified ads platform or even on social media], search for the products on Amazon, add a little markup, and sell the product to the interested party.

19. Amazon Wholesalers

You can also become an Amazon wholesaler and sell products at wholesale prices to other amazon sellers.

20. Used Clothing Seller

You can sell your own used clothing on Amazon, or go to thrift stores and buy cheap clothing items, package them, and list them for sale on Amazon at good rates.

21. Antique Dealer

Amazon also allows you to sell antique items including home decorations and household goods, artworks, furniture, office supplies, and other antique goods.

22. Ticket Seller

Another business you can start and make money from on Amazon is selling tickets to events, or entry tickets to recreational centers.

23. Luxury Items Dealer

You can sell luxury items on Amazon too. You can sell items like designer shoes, bags, luxury wristwatches, jewelry, clothing, and so on.

24. Amazon Vehicles

You can also sell vehicles and vehicle accessories on Amazon. You don’t necessarily need millions to start selling cars on Amazon, you can just approach a car dealership, get into an agreement with them to earn commission for any vehicles you are able to sell, take photos of the products, list them on your amazon store and wait for the customers to start filing in.

25. Amazon Consultant

You can become an Amazon consultant. Your job would be centered on helping amazon sellers increase sales on their stores, or increase profitability in their business.

26. Amazon Auctions

You can also start an auctions business on Amazon where you auction goods that people would be interested in on Amazon.

27. Sell Paintings

If you are good with paintings or you know anyone who can sell them to you at cheap rates, Amazon is a great place to earn some income selling those paintings.

28. Sell Fitness Supplies

Fitness is a very lucrative niche on Amazon. Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and you can earn some impressive income when you set up your own fitness store. You can sell various fitness supplies including exercise equipment, gym and sportswear, vitamins and supplements, and other fitness supplies.

29. Sell Used Phones

The used phones niche can also earn you good income on Amazon as a lot of people who are unable to afford brand new phones or phone contracts often buy used phones on Amazon. People from other countries outside the US also buy them too.

30. Sell Electronics

You can also start an electronics business on Amazon. You can earn good income from selling things like smart TVs, music players, speakers, and other related electronics.

31. Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon prime pantry is a program that allows you to sell groceries on Amazon. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own Grocery Store but cannot afford a brick-and-mortar store, you can start selling your groceries on Amazon pantry.

32. Wedding Supplies

Brides, grooms and wedding party planners are also amongst the highest groups of visitors on Amazon. You can start your own wedding store too where people can buy their wedding supplies like wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride outfits, party decorations, gifts and other wedding supplies.

33. Selling Stock Photographs

Another business idea that you can explore on Amazon is selling of photographs on Amazon store. If you are not able to take photographs yourself, you can buy stock photographs on other platforms and resell them for a profit on Amazon. Bloggers, book publishers and graphic artists are some of the major categories of people who would patronize your stock photography business.

34. Selling Gift Baskets

It’s also possible to sell pre-packaged gift baskets on Amazon. A lot of people who wish to send out gifts to their friends and loved ones are sometimes confused on the type of gifts to buy hence they are always happy to lay their hands on pre-packaged gift baskets with impressive items to gift their loved ones.

35. Private Labeling

For the private labeling business category, you will have to look for manufacturers who can make some products to your specification and label it with your own Business Name as though you were the manufacturer, then you can resell the products to other people on Amazon at wholesale prices.

36. Slimming Products

Selling slimming tea, slimming capsules, food supplements, body wraps, hunger patches, and other products that enhance weight loss is also a lucrative niche on Amazon.

37. Magazine Publishing on Amazon Kindle Store

Another Amazon related business idea that you can pursue is publishing and selling your own magazines on Amazon kindle store. You can publish and sell health magazines, business magazines, kids magazines and comic books or any other type of magazine that is guaranteed to get you a lot of audience.

38. Pet Shop

You can also start a pet shop on Amazon to sell pet supplies like pet food, pet trackers and tags, pet chains, and other pet care items.

39. Industrial Supplies

Another idea you can explore is selling of industrial tools and machinery on Amazon.

40. Amazon Book Promotion

You can also start a business of rendering book promotion services to Kindle and CreateSpace authors. You will make money from drawing the attention to book lovers to the works of your clients on Amazon book store.

41. Cd’s and Vinyl

You can sell Cd’s and Vinyl on Amazon as well. Some popular music categories you can explore include classical music, classic rock, rap and hip-hop, and country music. You can also sell themed music such as wedding music, Christmas and holiday music, and other hot music collections.

42. Amazon Digital

On Amazon Digital, you can sell digital contents like games, digital videos, and other digital wares. You can also sell digital services on Amazon too.

43. Amazon Software

Amazon Software allows you to sell various types of software for small businesses, students, office management software, engineering and educational software amongst others.

44. Amazon Book Reviews

This business is also targeted at Amazon authors. What you need to do here is to read the works of your clients, and offer a critical review of the book so that interested readers can make a buying decision based on the reviews. If you love reading books, this is a very good business for you.

45. Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine is Amazon’s in-house review program that doesn’t necessarily earn you direct cash but allows you earn lots of free products that you can resell and convert to cash.

Amazon Vine members are given products to test so that they can give a review as to the quality and usefulness of the products to potential buyers. To become an Amazon vine member, you have to be a very active Amazon Customer as membership is by invitation only.

46. Amazon Virtual Customer Service

Amazon also employs customer service representatives who can work from home to respond to customer’s inquiries, and solve any challenges customers may have. You can apply to become one of Amazon’s Virtual Customer Representatives.

47. Amazon SEO Services

Another way to make money on Amazon that doesn’t necessarily involve buying and selling, is offering SEO optimization services to help Amazon book and product sellers to rank their products and stores very high on the Amazon search engine.

48. Freelance Writing

Many amazon sellers don’t know the first thing about writing a compelling product description. You can make good money from offering freelance writing services to such sellers.

49. Gardening and Farming Tools

Another lucrative niche that you can explore on Amazon is selling of gardening and farming tools. This is a very popular niche because a lot of people are dabbling into home gardening and farming.

50. Phone Accessories

You can never go wrong with selling phone accessories on Amazon, after all, almost everyone uses a mobile phone.